Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Warsaw, 2013

Massa says Ferrari still need to improve in qualifying

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Warsaw, 2013In the round-up: Felipe Massa reiterates Ferrari have progress to make in qualifying.


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Massa in Warsaw: We know we must improve in qualifying (Ferrari)

“We have seen an all-round improvement this year, from the car to the way the team works and we have shown we are competitive, but clearly we can still improve, especially in qualifying.”

Whitmarsh: you go from hero to zero very quickly (The Telegraph)

“The team are in the midst of a run of 62 consecutive point-scoring finishes, a distinction that Whitmarsh is desperate to protect. ‘You think you?re going to throttle somebody if they?re responsible for ending it. That?s how we?re hardwired.'”

Horner hopes for strong Webber (Sky)

“At the end of the day there is pressure to perform, but that exists for all the drivers. Monaco is a circuit that Mark in particular enjoys and excels at so hopefully he can have a very strong run there.”

Fans remember F1 legend Jim Clark at Duns (The Scotsman)

Jackie Stewart: “He was a class apart as a driver. He was so smooth and unspectacular, but so, so quick. He was one of the few people to drive a Lotus in those early days that didn?t break it, because he was so gentle.”


Felipe Massa driving at a demonstration run for Ferrari in Warsaw.


Comment of the day

Did F1 really need to make radical changes to the rules to improve the racing after 2010? Tayyib says no:

Go back to the 2010 season and I still maintain to this day it was the best season I ever saw. Yes we might not have gotten such unpredictability overall but we got a handful of brilliant grands prix.

I don’t understand why there seems to be an attitude among the media and the casual F1 fan that we need to get 20 or 19 amazing races. In the Premier League you get six of seven brilliant matches out of 10 months of playing every weekend.

In 2010 we saw a great Australian Grand Prix, a class Montreal race (and I don’t think that was tyres as much Montreal is always a good race) a dramatic grand prix at Spa, high pressure and intensity at Monza between Alonso and Button, drama at Korea. Don’t forget the dollops of controversy, Turkey, Silverstone and Hockenheim and unbelievable championship battle that went to the wire.
Tayyib (@M0nzaman)

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The non-championship Rome Grand Prix at the Vallelunga circuit was won by Bob Anderson in a Lola 50 years ago today.

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