Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monaco, 2012

Monaco “still a daunting place”, says Webber

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monaco, 2012In the round-up: Mark Webber says he is “comfortable” at Monaco having won there twice but still finds it “daunting”.

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Webber hoping to get back on familiar track (The Telegraph)

“I’m comfortable on street circuits, although I can’t translate it to Singapore yet. I don’t know why. As for Monaco, it’s still a daunting place, a very challenging venue. I’m not saying you are on holiday there.”

Di Resta dreams of finishing on the podium in Monaco (The Sun)

“During the winter testing we were a bit confused as to how quick we were. We were a bit shocked to be in front of McLaren and that?s been an improvement.”

Raikkonen: no surprise to be second (Autosport)

“We wanted to win more races already, but it hasn’t happened. Looking at it afterwards, you’re never happy – even if you win all the races, you’re probably not 100 per cent happy.”

McLaren needed deal with major carmaker ?ǣ Whitmarsh (NBC)

“We?re going to be doing all we can to win races with Mercedes this year and next, but inevitably moving to Honda in 2015 gives us a bedrock of being one of the big teams.”

F1 Online: The Game Service is closed (Codemasters)

“The decision to discontinue the game?s development and operation was taken as the service did not attract the required number of active players during its beta phase to make it a viable ongoing project.”

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The Art of Driving (McLaren)

“Even though I was wearing a fireproof balaclava and a helmet padded with fire-retarding padding and sound-proofing material, and even though my Cosworth V8 was revving at high decibels just a few inches behind my back, I could still hear the sickening impact of Clay?s Ensign smashing into that concrete barrier.”


Comment of the day

@William-Brierty almost believes Lewis Hamilton will win in Monaco:

Just because Rosberg has out-qualified Hamilton in the past two races, don?t think he enters the Monaco Grand Prix as Mercedes? best chance for victory. Do not underestimate Hamilton, especially at a track that he was unbeaten at until he found himself in a seat next to a certain Spanish chap.

Hamilton will be on pole, that to me is a certainty, but the victory? Well, I personally don?t see why not. Historically, Mercedes have been quick in a straight line so they cannot be overtaken regardless of how bad their tyre issues become.

So only a bad start or the undercut will allow another car past a Mercedes, but this is Ross Brawn we?re talking about, and not the clowns that invited the undercut on Hamilton by both Alonso and Vettel last year.

For me, the ingredients are all in place. Its a track that is very special to Hamilton, a track where Mercedes were quickest last year in the woeful W03 and its a track where degradation is minimal.

For me that makes Lewis Hamilton the favourite for the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix… which probably means Alonso will win.

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On this day in F1

Following a 13-year absence, Formula One returned to a shorted Spa-Francorchamps circuit on this day 30 years ago.

Alain Prost started from pole position, lapping the 6.9km circuit in 2’04.615. He won the race, the opening stages of which were led by Andrea de Cesaris for Alfa Romeo.

Patrick Tambay finished third for Ferrari ahead of Prost’s Renault team mate Eddie Cheever.

The original start of the race was abandoned:

Here’s the restart:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty