Drivers change helmet designs for Monaco weekend

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Jean-Eric Vergne helmet, Toro Rosso, Monaco, 2013

As has become a tradition in Monaco, several drivers have swapped their regular helmet designs for different variations.

Two of them are sporting designed used by past drivers. Kimi Raikkonen is using a designed styled on that used by James Hunt as he did last year.

Meanwhile Jean-Eric Vergne is using a helmet close in design to that worn by Francois Cevert. This year will see the 40th anniversary of Cevert’s death.

Sebastian Vettel rarely passes up an opportunity to change his helmet design. is Monaco helmet includes a picture of Stirling Moss winning the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix, famously resisting pressure from the chasing Ferraris for much of the race.

The rear of Vettel’s helmet design features a pin-up girl whose clothes become more transparent when the helmet gets warmer.

Fernando Alonso is using a gold coloured helmet similar to that he wore at this race last season and Paul di Resta is using a special design with a playing cards theme.

Finally, Pastor Maldonado’s references Williams’ troubled start to the season with the slogan “No points no party”. It also features a picture of the patron saint of Monaco, Saint Devota, after whom the first corner on the circuit is named.

F1 pictures

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus/LAT, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Red Bull/Getty, Force India

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72 comments on Drivers change helmet designs for Monaco weekend

  1. Mark McDonald said on 24th May 2013, 5:32

    Vergne’s Cevert helmet is streets ahead of everyone! I love those simple, bold designs from the 70’s and 80’s. The colour schemes seem to get busier every year.

  2. roid said on 24th May 2013, 6:56

    why do drivers always change helmets at monaco? is it for safety reasons?

    • Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 24th May 2013, 12:10

      No, it’s just purely because it is “the jewel in the crown” of the F1 calendar and so a good opportunity to showcase new (or commemorative) designs, as it attracts the most media attention!

    • beneboy (@beneboy) said on 24th May 2013, 12:35

      They normally auction them off for charity. There are loads of events going on around the Monaco GP and plenty of rich people who will happily part with vast sums of money for some F1 memorabilia.

  3. Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 24th May 2013, 9:50

    From all of his Monaco helmets; this has to hamiltons worst. At least now I know what the controlled environment of McLaren is good for.

  4. plutoniumhunter (@plutoniumhunter) said on 24th May 2013, 10:24

    JEV’s design is fresh, yet retro at the same time. Inspiring.

  5. The Blade Runner (@thebladerunner) said on 24th May 2013, 12:01 is saying that Bernie has told Kimi to ditch his Hunt tribute helmet.

    Not sure as to why but there is some speculation about it being an unintentional advertisement for the movie “Rush” or that it obstructs the camera. Either way, extra kudos to Kimi and minus points for Bernie (if it’s true of course)!

  6. My favorite is Daniel Ricciardo’s helmet. I like the color scheme and the vintage Monaco branding on top. the font reminds me of old 1960s tourism posters for Monaco.

    I also like the vintage touch on Sebastian Vettel’s helmet. The pinup girl at the back wasn’t too bad.

    Fernando Alonso’s helmet on the other hand is too garish for my taste. there’s just too much gold happening there.

  7. Michael (@magm13) said on 24th May 2013, 17:40

    I hope this generation of drivers do realise off course, that in 20 or 30 years the youngster-drivers thén will have no way to pay tribute to a Vettel, a Hamilton, a Kimi or a JEV because there will be no distinguished design for them to use…

    The helmet of a driver used to be his brand mark, his icon, and was always recognizable, also at 350 kph! Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

  8. Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 24th May 2013, 20:58

    Wow, Alonso with a golden helmet in Monaco, what a surprise. I certainly didn’t see that one coming.

  9. babubulala (@babubulala) said on 25th May 2013, 23:21

    how come Hamilton and Vettel switched helmet (Hamilton with his standard yellow helmet, Vettel with a silver one) for qualifying? Is it because of the rain that switched to helmets with clear visor? I think the weekend was forecasted to be sunny one, all the special helmets were made with tinted visors.. Just wondering why…

    • xjr15jaaag (@xjr15jaaag) said on 25th May 2013, 23:34

      F1 drivers generally don’t change the visors; they have different helmets with different tint visors on them, so instead of changing visors, they change helmets.

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