Vettel attacks Pirelli over safety of tyres

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013Sebastian Vettel launched a stinging attack on Pirelli’s tyres in the build-up to the Monaco Grand Prix, describing them as unsafe.

“I think we’ve seen a couple of occasions this year where, I don’t want to talk bad about people, but they have to do a better job on safety grounds,” said Vettel.

The reigning world champion said the tyre delaminations suffered by drivers in recent races had not been caused by debris, as Pirelli have claimed.

“We saw that people suffered the tyre, the surface, the tread delaminating and blowing up,” he said. “Fortunately nothing happened but it’s not because drivers drove over debris it’s because the tyre’s simply not good enough and that can’t be safe.”

Pirelli initially blamed debris for the tyre failures suffered by some drivers in Spain and Bahrain.

Vettel warned against the potential dangers of a driver suffering a tyre failure: “So I think there’s certain thing we need to be careful with because the last thing we want is a big off.

“You can imagine here, end of straight, down to the harbour chicane, you have a tyre coming off, I think it’s something none of us want to see.”

Red Bull have repeatedly criticised Pirelli’s latest tyres since the beginning of the season, saying they do not allow drivers to push to the limits of their car.

The team renewed their criticism after the Spanish Grand Prix, in which most drivers had to make four pit stops, more than Pirelli’s intended maximum of three. Pirelli initially announced plans to change the tyres for performance and safety reasons but the FIA told them they could only do so on safety grounds.

Vettel also added he was concerned about the quantity of marbles produced by the rubber.

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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