Bob Fernley, Vijay Mallya, Force India, Monaco, 2013

‘Is F1 trying to get rid of teams?’ – Fernley

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Bob Fernley, Vijay Mallya, Force India, Monaco, 2013In the round-up: Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley questions why Formula One is allowing the financial terms for smaller teams to become so unfavourable.


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Fernley says costs threaten some F1 teams (Reuters)

“CVC have got an agenda as bankers to make as much money out of their investment as they possibly can and that involves minimal investment. And that is not in the sport’s interests. It’s the worst combination that you can have. I only question the logic of it. Are we actually trying to stack it in a way that is to get rid of teams so they can bring customer teams in maybe?”

F1 minnows could be driven over the edge (The Times, subscription required)

Fernley: “They have raped the sport. CVC have done an absolutely awful job.”

Hamilton ‘struggling’ to drive car (BBC)

“Winter testing wasn’t too bad and when we changed something in China it felt good and I got pole, so the confidence came. But that is the only race I’ve had that confidence, I don’t know why.”

McLaren ‘our own worst enemy’ (Sky)

“I’m ninth and that’s it. We’re our own worst enemy it seems; you know, when you eventually get the car working well, and I think we’ve done everything right this weekend, we have that issue in Q3.”

Grosjean shrugs off Monaco accidents (Autosport)

“It’s not always easy to know exactly what’s going on, and Monaco is very bumpy and very unpredictable. But it didn’t hurt the confidence, as you could see in Q1.”

Q&A with Mercedes? Ross Brawn (F1)

“We shouldn?t underestimate what Nico [Rosberg] has achieved. He is a great driver and that?s why we have been keen that Nico agrees to a long-term contract with the team. Lewis meets a new challenge and it will take a bit of time. What I think is that it will be pretty even spread between the two of them – at least I hope that is the case, as we don?t want one driver dominating the other. That?s not what we expect to see – not what we want. I think it will go in cycles: there will be periods when one driver gains the upper hand for a few races and then the other one will come back. That will be great to see.”

Williams and Mercedes (Joe Saward)

“The team?s new engine supply deal for 2014, 2015 and 2016 is done.”

2013 Monaco Grand Prix – Post-Qualifying Press Conference (FIA)

“Vincent Marre ?ǣ Sport Zeitung: {…] When you are watching the GP2 races, does it help you. How do you watch it, what do you feel, do you prepare for the race with that?
Nico Rosberg: I always watch it, and especially I learn from the start. See how it goes, grip left and right, how it goes into the first corner. That?s probably the only thing I personally pick up from them.
Lewis Hamilton: The same really. I have a question, though. What corner was it?
It was in Barcelona. It was the third corner.
LH: Round the outside.
Yes, Tom Dilmann [sic] did it. He [Alonso] was saying that he was not thinking he was able to overtake there.
LH: Yeah, it can definitely help sometimes.”

Kimi Raikkonen benefits from F1 U-turn over James Hunt tribute helmet (The Guardian)

“Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone, who had been unaware of the controversy until asked by a reporter, stepped in and resolved the situation.”


Comment of the day

@AdrianMorse asks if GP2 is preparing drivers well for F1:

It has been mentioned recently that for the junior categories, it is useful to have tyres that allow drivers to push very hard, which makes it easier to separate the wheat from the chaff. Could it be that Coletti has ‘simply’ found the sweet spot of these tyres better than other drivers?

Finally, the qualifying format for the sprint race continues to frustrate me. Not only don’t I like the reversed-grid principle (rewarding a driver with a pole for finishing in an arbitrary position), I also don?t like that a misfortune in race one (especially when a driver is the innocent victim of a collision, as many were in the feature race), that you can just as well go home for the sprint race, especially at a circuit like Monaco.

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On this day in F1

The 1963 season got off to a late start on this day 50 years ago in Monaco. “Mr Monaco” Graham Hill scored his first of five wins at the track after Jim Clark spun out with a broken gearbox.

Richie Ginther made it a one-two for BRM with Bruce McLaren third.

Here’s footage from the race:

Image ?? Force India