FIA says all teams should have had chance to test

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013The FIA has clarified its position in the row over Mercedes tyre test following the Spanish Grand Prix.

The sports’ governing body said Mercedes’ test at the Circuit de Catalunya should have been open for all teams to participate in.

Red Bull and Ferrari brought a protest against Mercedes when they learned of the test. The stewards have referred the matter to the FIA.

The FIA issued the following statement: “At the beginning of May, the FIA was asked by Pirelli if it was possible to carry out some tyre development testing with a team, using a current car.”

“Within the contract Pirelli has with the FIA as single supplier, there is provision for them to carry out up to 1000km of testing with any team – provided every team is offered the opportunity to do so.

“Pirelli and Mercedes AMG were advised by the FIA that such a development test could be possible if carried out by Pirelli, as opposed to the team that would provide the car and driver, and that such tests would be conditional upon every team being given the same opportunity to test in order to ensure full sporting equity.

“Following this information, the FIA received no further information about a possible test from Pirelli or Mercedes AMG. Furthermore, the FIA received no confirmation that all teams had been given an opportunity to take part in the test.

“In addition, with regard to the application of the sport’s rules, including principles of sporting equity, it should be remembered that the International Sporting Code provides that on a basis of a report of the stewards of the meeting, or on its own initiative, the prosecuting body of the FIA may bring a matter before the International Tribunal.

“The Tribunal may decide to inflict penalties that may supercede any penalty the stewards of the meeting may have issued. Such procedure would be followed in pursuance of the FIA Judicial and Discplinary Rules.”

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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88 comments on FIA says all teams should have had chance to test

  1. Todfod (@todfod) said on 27th May 2013, 6:34

    The solution for testgate is simple. Just organise a 1000km test for all teams with their current cars. Leave Mercedes out of it for having done so before.
    Mercedes probably deserve some sort of penalty for using their current car for the test, but I think we are all done with penalties and bans. It ruins the sport. Organising another tyre test for all other teams except for Mercedes seems like a fair outcome that will leave everyone happy

    • dragoll (@dragoll) said on 27th May 2013, 7:38

      @todfod Except that Mercedes won Monaco because of their earlier testing, this makes it unfair. So in this case, I would say you are right, allow all cars to test, but DSQ Mercs from the race and that would be fair. Even playing field again.

      Not that I would like to see Merc’s DSQ, but how on earth can they argue that the 1000km test last week had no bearing on the result in Monaco?

      • Todfod (@todfod) said on 27th May 2013, 7:49

        The test did help.. but wht is the FIA gonna do about it? Strip Mercedes and Rosberg of the win? Re adjust the points tally? That would **** a lot of viewers off… no one wants race results to be upturned a few days after the race… it will all just feel like a sham.

        I was merely suggesting a reasonable alternative .. I think most teams would agree that it is fair enough

      • What?

        Everyone was expecting Merc to go well at Monaco long before this test happend. They’ve been quick there in previous years, an they showed again this year that they have a massivly stronger car in the last sector of Barca, which is a great indicator of Monaco performance due to low speed corners. On top of that, Monaco is historically a low-wear circuit, so not only where Merc expected to be quick, but their deg problems where already expected to be much less intense, in top of all that, the race-pace in Monaco was so slow to make a 1 stop work, (even Button in a terrivle McLaren said the pace of the front guys was so slow), that it futher helped Mercs problems.

        On top of all this, Mercs rivals even expected this result before the weekend, and have even stated AFTER the race that the test that the test wouldnt have had no bearin on this result (given 90% of the test was dedicated to next years tyres – and the rest dedicated to tyres due to be introduced in coming races this year) but, i guess you know more than the actual teams making the protests.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 27th May 2013, 9:10

      Organising another tyre test for all other teams except for Mercedes seems like a fair outcome that will leave everyone happy

      – who knows, maybe this was what Pirelli were trying to achieve all along!
      Pirelli did mention several times how its frustrating not to be able to test, and the teams have voted down in season testing, so I can even imagine that this is a way to force their hand and get most of them to test, if only to be not left behind by any possible benefit gained from testing the tyres done with other cars!

      • Robbie (@robbie) said on 27th May 2013, 20:25

        By all accounts this was a Pirelli test, not a Mercedes test, so I don’t see how having all teams run a 1000km test out of fairness, would help. Data was withheld from Merc, and so how would data being withheld from the other teams help in their supposed test?

        To me I think common sense should prevail here. Pirelli has been asked to make these tires and went a little too far. They need tweaking but they are in general doing as F1 has asked of them. If I’m Pirelli and Merc at this point, and I’m being pressured about this test, I’d simply say that someone had to step up and help Pirelli because the tires so far have been a disaster, so I’d be getting BE in there to talk to the FIA and explain that there was no time to bicker amongst teams as to who was going to do the testing, and better Merc who can show Pirelli best what options work better, especially in the rear, since they like to eat those, and who are a better option than opening the can of worms that doing this test with a current top 3 team would open.

        If this test was advantageous for Merc, then why weren’t all the teams lined up ready willing and able to help Pirelli once Pirelli started to talk of changes to the tires and Ferrari and Lotus got their knickers in a knot over that. RBR has been the most vocal for change. Why didn’t they happily test with Pirelli?

        Perhaps Pirelli didn’t advertise this test from the highest mountain because they had already discussed this option with teams last year, so the teams knew the possibility was there, and as I say going with a top 3 team would have been way more controversial, and going with bottom rung teams would likely not provide them the data they would require. Dilly dallying waiting for the teams to decided would have probably meant no test and we’d be stuck with these tires for the rest of the season.

  2. Paul2013 said on 27th May 2013, 12:43

    Very good response from the FIA, they first gave Mercedes the opp to test for three days their cars and now they realise that it is unfair…

    With guys like these ruling the competition who needs a championship?… the next GP it would be better if they just let us know the team that is going to win the race a cople of days in advance. A press conference or something similar like “Dear all, for this weekend we allowed RDB to test and improve their cars for 3 days so they will win the race, thanks for your atention, regards, FIA”.

  3. Dougy_D (@dougy_d) said on 27th May 2013, 13:01

    After reading through the article and the comments, I still do not understand what MB did wrong?! Why penalise them? The FIA gave permission to run the current car. The only issue is around if Pirelli extending the invitation to other teams. If not, this is an issue between Pirelli and the FIA

    • Dizzy said on 27th May 2013, 17:14

      “The FIA gave permission to run the current car.”

      The FIA never gave Mercedes permission to run the current car. The FIA have said they gave Pirelli permission to run a 2013 car providing the test was carried out by Pirelli & not the Mercedes team.

      Mercedes are in trouble because they never should have been the one’s running the car, They should have loaned a 2013 spec car to the Pirelli test team & left them to run the test using there own test drivers (Algersuari & Di Grassi).

  4. -billadama- (@billadama-2) said on 27th May 2013, 23:06

    Ooooo! Please shut up Pirreli tested on Mercedes because it was the only car with a big tires problem.
    In the qualification they run great but in the race it was the opposite so they decided that the only way to make the rubber more efficient it was to tested on Mercedes I’m sure if Ferrari, Lotus or Red Bull would have the same problem Pirreli would have chose them as the team for testing, so in my opinion the other teams should shut up.

  5. Sam Andrew said on 28th May 2013, 13:37

    It would be interesting if the test was offered to everyone, and the decision to use 2013 cars was made after only Mercedes had accepted the test :)

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