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Monaco stewards refer Mercedes protest to FIA

2013 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013The stewards of the Monaco Grand Prix have referred Ferrari and Red Bull’s protest against Mercedes to the FIA.

Mercedes’ rivals believe they broke the sporting regulations by conducting a three-day tyre test for Pirelli in the week following the Spanish Grand Prix.

The stewards issued the following statement:

“The Stewards of the Monaco Grand Prix received protests from Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari concerning an alleged breach of Article 22.4 h) (Track and Wind Tunnel Testing) of the FIA Formula One Sporting regulations by Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team.

“The stewards summoned representatives of the protesting teams, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team and Pirelli.

“After hearing and collecting information the stewards will write a report to the FIA who may bring the matter before the International Tribunal.”

The stewards have official classified the results of the Monaco Grand Prix, meaning any future decision will not affect the result of today’s race.

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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70 comments on “Monaco stewards refer Mercedes protest to FIA”

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  1. Why are people talking about a punishment? It is blindingly obvious that this is the FIAs cock up.

  2. I bet the tyres they tested are the ones that come into play in Canada :)

  3. I think in-season testing should be back.

  4. Imagine that you are running Pirelli. Your name is mud in all the F1 press. Many of the big teams are complaining very strongly about aspects of your key, headline product.
    You have to do something, quickly, to head off this expensive PR disaster.
    Imagine you are a F1 driver. You are asked to help Pirelli. You say “but it’s my holidays, man” but then it’s pointed out that there are few people who (a) fit the expensive, custom made seats (b) understand the steering wheel (c) know how to drive the wheels off the car (maybe a bad analogy in this case!) and give good feedback.
    Pirelli cannot provide a driver, nor technical support. They have to get a current driver, a current car, a real team. And not a slow one. Preferably the team with the worst degradation problems.
    So that would be… Mercedes.

    1. (Sorry – rest of my post went missing)…

      However, Pirelli can provide the data logging and tyre technicians.
      It seems likely that Mercedes engineers learned very little from the testing of unmarked tyres. The drivers may have gained a bit of experience of tyres which may, at some time in the future, come into play.
      In any case, it will have had no impact on the Monaco result.
      I think we have to wait and see how this political mess pans out. Pirelli is clearly cheesed off with the FIA and many F1 teams. Ross Brawn will do just about anything to get an edge (he works in F1 – proof enough) and the FIA have the worst reputation for clarity and internal organisation.
      Bring on the popcorn.

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