Sergio Perez, McLaren, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013

Raikkonen fumes at Perez over “stupid move”

2013 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, McLaren, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013An unhappy Kimi Raikkonen blamed Sergio Perez for costing him points in the championship with a “stupid move”.

The pair collided at the chicane which left Raikkonen with a puncture but he Lotus driver was able to recover to tenth place to claim a point.

“It was a really disappointing day,” said Raikkonen. “Because of one stupid move from Sergio we?ve lost a lot of points to Sebastian [Vettel] in the championship and you can?t afford to lose ground like that.”

“He hit me from behind and that?s about all there is to it. If he thinks it?s my fault that he came into the corner too fast then he obviously has no idea what he?s talking about.”

“It?s not the first time he?s hit someone in the race; he seems to expect people to be always looking at what he might do, then move over or go straight on if he comes into the corner too quick and isn?t going to make it without running into someone.

“Not the ideal weekend but there?s nothing we can do about it. At least we got one point back at the end.”

Fernando Alonso also raced wheel-to-wheel with Perez and was ordered to give up a position to the McLaren driver after cutting the chicane to stay ahead of him.

“His approach reminds me of my own in 2008 and 2009,” said Alonso, “because when you are not fighting for the championship, you can take more risks, while for me today, it was important to finish the race and bring home as many points as possible.”

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. I dont know what the stewards were doing today, they were rewarding Perez for driving others off the track. It started first with Alonso, it was wrong that he had to give that place to Perez.

    Then Perez obviously gained confidence and saw that the stewards were doing nothing, and he only got worse as the race progressed.

    Perez’s own words afterwards confirms it. Where he said should Kimi should have avoided the accident by skipping the chicane. When you are supposedly doing an overtaking move and the other driver has to go off the race track for you to complete your move then it isn’t overtaking and the move isn’t on to begin with.

    You cant just point your nose and dive into any little corner and expect the other driver to yield by driving off the track race. That is simply wrong, and not racing at all.

    Perez didn’t try this little move at any other place on the circuit, because if you push others off the track at other places there is walls and you will crash.
    Kimi was taking a normal defensive line, as the driver in front he had a right to choose his line. And he was driving a defensive line because Perez had already tried his little trick earlier. Perez knew that the space was always closing.

    Perez would never have been able to make the chicane in the first place, even if Kimi wasn’t there. There would never have been an overtake on the cards if Kimi didn’t yield completely by going off the race track. So that tells you this move was never there to begin with.

    The FIA is basically telling Perez that it is okay to push other drivers off the track. This can not end well, Perez would have been better off getting a penalty, or a reprimand at the very least. Now he will just keep on doing this.

    1. “I dont know what the stewards were doing today, they were rewarding Perez for driving others off the track. It started first with Alonso, it was wrong that he had to give that place to Perez.”

      What are you people watching??? Was it a different race? Alonso cut the chicane to maintain his position.

      1. If Alonso maintained his line in the chicane, Perez would have crashed into the side of Alonso’s car. The gap was never there to begin with.

      2. If Alonso did not take avoiding action he and Perez would have crashed. The FIA made the wrong call, that is why they could not do anything about the situation with Kimi, because they would have to admit they were wrong in the first place.

        1. Alonso has a brake pedal. You press it for a bit longer in that situation…

          1. F1 drivers brake as late and as hard as possible.

      3. Alonso had nowhere to go. He could either have crashed into Perez or cut the corner, and that is what he did.

        1. @wsrgo he was already at turn-in: he could’ve easily braked more, and if not then he still should’ve given the place back. Perez forced him wide through skill.

          1. @vettel1 I’m not saying Alonso shouldn’t have given the position. It was hard racing, but fair and within the rules.

  2. To me that kimi was just taking his normal line, albeit knowing perez was going to do that. Nobody has to give anybody any room. That’s not a rule. Kimi just decided he didn’t want to race perez and started driving his normal line rather than give perez the respect enough to race with him.

  3. Kimi finished in the points after surging up from 16th to 10th by the final lap. Sergio DNFed with brake failure that was no doubt induced by a lack of front downforce caused by Raikkonen turning in on Perez and squeezing him into the armco on the run-up to the chicane – just as he tried to do the first time Perez attempted to pass him. Tell me whose race was ruined more – the guy who still has a 23-race points scoring streak intact, or the guy who had his best race of the season wasted?

    1. This logic is just flawed. Just because one has more to lose doesn’t justify reckless aggression. BTW, Checo just might have wrecked Kimi’s chances of challenging Vettel for WDC. Does that automatically mean that Checo’s at fault? Please try to assess the incident on its own merit, not by it’s ramifications on results.

      1. Look, if you can’t beat Perez (who was in the 5th or 6th best car) and you had the 3rd best car you don’t deserve to be challenging for a championship.

        1. So you’re in fact saying, that Alonso wouldn’t be a worthy champion either? If not Räikkönen or Alonso, there would only be Vettel left.

          This Monaco race wasn’t indicative for car performance anyway, or we wouldn’t have seen the whole field (even the bottom two teams Caterham and Marussia at times) drive lap times within a second of each other for large parts of the race.

          It became very clear to me soon after the start, that the upper half of the field was suffering under the conservation mode, that Mercedes was driving at the front. Later in the race it was made public, that Red Bull would need to preserve their tires and so the top four places were filled with the two best cars of the weekend. They did all they needed to keep the rest of the field behind them, but never got close to their top performance.

          Kimi in fifth place could do nothing about them in the end, but do what everyone else was doing: follow the car in front of him as close as possible without wrecking your car or tires. He might not have tried to pass Webber or Hamilton before him, but with the third-best car of the weekend, a finish on fifth wouldn’t have been out of place.

  4. “You can’t just point your nose and dive into any little corner and expect the other driver to yield by driving off the track race. That is simply wrong, and not racing at all.” Precisely. That is not racing.

  5. It wasn’t too long ago Perez completely shut the door on Kimi in a more aggressive manner.

  6. Perez will hit some cars in front of him at every race. He’s kept on being unprofessional like that in all of a few past races. Just an low-class driver that doesn’t deserve to be on F1 track. He’s not quick, he just can’t control his car and forces a passing by threatening to collide. Cheap trick.

  7. I really don’t think you can say this was one guy his fault… Yes, the gap was small and he was late, but Kimi was moving around in the braking zone BEFORE the turn-in-point came. At the point of braking, you can’t do what you want. When the other guy is with his front wheels at the rear of the car in front, contact is inevitable at that point when Raikkonen steers in because Perez can’t make himself dissapear under braking. You can’t brake harder than the limit. By my knowledge, changing from racing line in the braking zone isn’t allowed.
    I’m not saying Raikkonen is in fault here, but he is the only one who could have avoided the accident. Turning in on Perez in the braking zone might not have been the smartest thing he did recently.

  8. The thing about Perez is, McLaren’s order to let Button through enraged him. It motivated him to make an inch-perfect pass on Button later. He realised that the chicane was his strong point, he could do it again.
    He saw Alonso struggling in front, and dashed up the inside of the Ferrari. Only here he was further behind, and Alonso had started turning when Perez filled the inside line. Seeing Perez, Alonso had to take evasive action, and cut the corner, went straight through. Charlie Whiting ruled that Alonso should give the place back. It was hard racing, but fair. Thus Perez got the confidence that he was indomitable at the chicane, and could pass anybody and everybody. All he needed to do was just barge up the inside of the car in front, and his rival would be forced to cut the chicane, and would have to give it up.
    But that was expecting too much. Looking at the replays of the incident with Raikkonen, it is hard to imagine what Perez was hoping to achieve. He was just too far back, and simply lost it. You can’t just barge up the inside and hope the other guy goes straight through. The onus is generally on the overtaking driver. Raikkonen wasn’t aware of Perez’s barge, he was taking the same defensive line going into the corner that he had been taking for the last 10 laps or so.

  9. I am a major supporter of both drivers, for different reasons.
    Kimi for his sportmanship, clean driving and his denial to the bloodsucking media.
    Sergio for his racing aggression and the fact that he is the only driver, after so many years, to remind me of Ayrton Senna.
    This gif is from another user
    You people should watch carefully again.
    Look at the two cars in front of RAI.
    This is the racing line! Kimi is nowhere near the racing line and he is clearly trying to block PER.
    In addition, you simply just CAN’T turn on a __
    | turn like this \
    It’s easy to blame someone, the hard for most people is to look at the actual facts.

  10. I wouldn’t be all in flames concering Perez though- he’s clearly learning a lot, his style is agressive and he was proved right twice before making a bad call concerning Raiko, a call which is clearly a racing incident and that’s it.
    One can always admire more experienced drivers like Button (who seems to know how to avoid young crazies), and bemoan a loss of points for Raiko in this one, but it’s moves like that that will teach Perez how to become a great driver, and keep racing interesting for us to watch.

  11. So now everyone know more than the F1 officials. If Senna, Nuvolari, Bandini, Piquet, Gerhard, Villeneuve, Reutemann would have been cry babies like Kimi (who thinks nobody should pass him) then, Formula One wouldn´t exist anymore. In fact, if these cry babies continue being jerks this sport is going to loose its freaking attraction.
    KImi, this sport is about passing and over taking, you don´t like it? Take up golf.

  12. Seems once the faster driver put the car’s nose besides your car, you MUST leave room to the coming car. Right? that’s what Alonso did when Sutil passed to him. That’s what same Perez did once Button did it to him in the same chicane and Perez lost his place. And actually there is a reason, if the front car is going slower the back runner will be approaching to it. So, front car have exactly the same choice… take same path, brake little late, and don’t give room to the car chasing you. But it’s much easier to think… I am WDC everyone else has to respect me? Definitely NOT. I agree Perez went too far. 6th and 8th would be much better to bring points to home for McLaren. But McLaren will be sure Perez understand that. The other reason I see Perez was catching Kimi was because Kimi was with Yellow Tires which are little slower than Red ones. But definitely Perez was giving the extra that a Hungry driver needs to show. Many people already mentioned why if even Hamilton driving like that was getting podiums or wining races… The reason is… he had more competitive car. Even Lotus… may be thinking that if McLaren finalize Perez Contract.. they could probably replace Grosjean or Kimi if Kimi moves to RB or Ferrari next year. The more competitors or media talk about you… the more they are afraid of you!… What would Perez will be capable to do if McLaren still improving the car little bit more. And Perez still accommodating himself to the Car Driving. By sure, more excitement moments! F1 is about racing and not about just strategy. Alain Prost still my Hero because a combination of Speed and Strategy… not just speed, not just strategy but Senna was the Faster driver taking the Pole positions and running away at the beginning of the race… but later, Prost was catching up all front runners because his car settings were expected to work much better with low weight because less fuel in thank, but every single driver use to pass in an aggressive way and not even polite in 80’s – 90’s era. Those who think it is not nice to drive like that… watch NASCAR where you will NEVER see any take over like Sutil, Perez, Hamilton.

  13. You want dangerous passing moves look a Chilton’s that is stupid get a punch in face, or Grosgean’s both punish by stewards. Perez is kicking this guys butt and they can’t take it, Perez took every chance was giving to him, Kimi open the door and hit Perez trying to close it late, kimi hit Perez not the other way around.
    I only wish Mclaren can make the car been fighting for win, Perez could have pass all Mercedes and red bulls easily !

  14. Perez should be pounched in the face several times for this flagrant ramming in Raikinon’s car and several other similar and quite unacceptably stupid moves at the Monaco GP 2013.

  15. Perez= Stupid
    Grosjean = Nincompoop
    I mean Perez in a Mc Laren is equal to monkey with a knife in hand. Can swish…. in any direction on any one.
    Grosjean is just not for F1 . . He is for Rally Driving.
    McLaren have got wrong partner for Button.
    Lewis was and will always be the right man for McLaren.
    As far as the incident goes, I echo Kimi’s words.
    That wasn’t a professional move and also not professional on the part of BIASED STEWARDS.
    Perez should be penalized.

    1. By the current rules once faster Car wing is alongside the slowest back tire, the driver in front most leave room, Kimi didn’t leave it, in fact hit Perez before the turn, Kimi lost his cool under pressure ! 6 was better than 10 or nothing risking damaging cars to defend what was lost

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