Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

2013 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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287 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix”

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  1. I don’t understand why anyone went on to options on the red flag restart. No one drove anywhere near the speed potential of the primes let alone the options. Why choose used options if you’re just going to drive 1:21?

    1. Thinking about this a bit more, these were the sort of times they were doing on the inters at the end of Q2. Seems a bit wrong.

  2. 5/10
    The first half earned a 3, the second an 8. However, the action was mostly provided by erratic driving (Grosjean, Chilton) and although some drivers tried to make it interesting (Sutil, Perez) the overtaking was minimal in normal conditions and accidents were the major talking point of the race. Raikkonen moving from 16th to 10th in the final lap was unseen so that does not help me give a precise rating.
    Overall, there was action but not what I expect from a Formula 1 race. Some drivers couldn’t tell they weren’t in go-karts anymore.

  3. I think it’s worth pointing out to those who are arguing about the GP2 graduate drivers, mainly Perez and Maldonado, being reckless and ruining the race, that not all GP2 drivers are like that.

    I mean, it’s definitely not like a graduate WON the race or anything…

    1. A previous GP2 generation winner won todays race. He has been in f1 since 2006

  4. Solid 6. Not the best race I’ve seen, but not terrible.

    All the secret tyre test drama aside, Rosberg still had a lot to prove and he did that by winning wire to wire with so many safety cars involved.

    Also laughing really hard at everyone mocking Checo for being squeezed by Kimi because he ran Kimi wide once. As much as the F1 fanbase screams and wishes for more drivers like Gilles, Ayrton, and such – they’re the loudest to scream that drivers like Checo and Pastor are “dangerous and unfit for F1” when they actually show that aggression.

  5. IMO Perez should get a penalty for the next race. Three times he set himself and his opponent up for a crash. Button and Alonso got out of it with their car still in one piece. RAI was not so lucky.

    1. Raikkonen got 2 times out of his way (both going trough run off area) but 3rd time was the charm it seems. Perez needs to learn to judge the move alot better before doing it. He can’t just think always that “oh well, they will move out if this overtake attempt goes south”, which seemed like his mindset today.

  6. 3.

    The first half of the race was mind numbing but that is to be expected at the Monaco Grand Prix. The second half was better but that is not saying much. Usually watch races over and over again when I have time but I am not going to do that with this one. Monaco is the worst Grand Prix on the calender and has been for some time.

  7. 6/10 – if Vettel can drive 3s faster in the penultimate lap than you know that no one ever drove close to his limit. I’m getting really tired/annoyed by F1 this year – but Rosberg drove excellent and we saw some good action in the 2nd half, so it wasn’t a total waste of time.

  8. Formula Pirelli sucks!

    All of this ridiculous tyre saving stuff is getting really tedious & is seriously hurting the racing now.

    After been quite supporting of Pirelli in 2011 Im not hoping they get kicked out of F1 & we have a tyre supplier come in who makes tyres that drivers can actually race on!

    1. Yeah that’s the key point today, tyres… and also the weather, snow is no for racing.

  9. 6. Boring as hell at the start but got better towards the end. However the only actual racing came from Perez and Sutil.

  10. I know a lot of people on here are decrying Monaco as a place that just doesn’t fit with F1, and has lost its place in Grand Prix racing. I disagree. Monaco may create processional racing with a healthy dose of crashes, safety cars and red flags, but that’s part of why it’s such a unique spectacle.
    Monaco has a setting and atmosphere that has been a part of motor-racing longer than anybody reading this comment has been alive. F1 wouldn’t be the same without it, and I got a great kick out of watching a huge train of cars separated from each other by a few feet drive around a windy street circuit. I don’t understand those that would say F1 would benefit from having Monaco removed from the calendar.

    1. Roman coliseum has more racing tradition than Monaco, but they used to race there with horses I would not try to drive an F1 car over there.

      1. Notice I said motor-racing. With motors. Not horses.

        1. What I tried to explain is that some places were suitable for for racing in the past but they are not anymore. Monaco was a good circuit in the past (till 1950s) as the roman coliseum was before Xist but nowdays nobody will organaize a race over there.
          Monaco should disappear from F1 seasson inmediately it is just impossible to race there, just wachting todays GP everybody will conclude that.

          1. No, what you did was say that F1 cars can’t run on ancient Roman horse-racing course, as if that has anything to do with Monaco being suitable for Formula 1.

            It is also not ‘impossible’ to race in Monaco, it’s just that the racing in Monaco is different to almost anywhere else on the calendar. The drama in Monaco comes from elsewhere – from seeing cars dart between barriers at high speed (something that was more common in the 80’s and early 90’s and is now a rarity) and the incredible precision drivers use to negotiate the circuit. The difficulty in overtaking (and yes, there was overtaking, but maybe it’s not the DRS-a-thon that you’re used to) and the severe penalty for errors, coupled with the circuit’s history, and its importance to F1’s identity are all reasons to keep it on the calendar.

            Finally everybody clearly doesn’t agree with you, look at the rate the race figures in this very article. Most people gave the race a score of 7 or above.

    2. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      26th May 2013, 17:22


      Monaco is a great circuit. Just because it doesn’t allow for 50 overtakes in a race doesn’t mean it doesn’t produce good racing.

      Personally I don’t really care for the glitz and glamour, but the history of the place makes it special. It should stay on the formula 1 calendar for as long as those streets exist.

  11. I gave it a 7, but it’s a 7 only as far as Monaco GP races go. Otherwise it would probably be a ‘passable’ 5. This race shouldn’t even be in F1 anymore. There are plenty of other historic circuits that can be part of F1, not this one. This Monaco GP is slow, boring and dangerous.

    The race was also a good example of how tire management is killing this sport. Except for 2 or 3 drivers near the end of the race, everyone was concerned with keeping a comfortable gap from the car in front, managing the tires and generally racing in ‘time-trial’ mode – aiming at keeping a certain lap time rather than actually racing the guy in front.

    The race also showed that classic overtakes are much more exciting and rewarding to watch than countless motorway overtakes. It’s the only good thing this race had: DRS was nearly useless. However this isn’t really something that has do with any merits the Monaco circuit may have; it has to do with the nature and limits of DRS as a technology (in that it works only if the straight lines are long enough).

    In the end, the Monaco GP was boring 10 years ago, it was boring 20 years ago and it’s still so boring to this day that not even artificial methods of bringing excitement, like DRS and designed to degrade tires, can make it any less of a chore to watch.

  12. Best race of the season so far. 10 out of 10. But few people getting negative marks from me:

    The Red Bulls, especially Mark Webber: only 7 out of 10 for not pushing hard enough. Why didn’t Vettel unleash his speed earlier? And while I can sort of understand that for SV given his position in the championship, what was Webber doing? Why wasn’t he attacking Vettel? Surely he isn’t obliged to protect him from behind after Malaysia. Maybe he was fed up false info about his car on the radio to prevent the attack? Really, can’t understand it

    Chilton: 4 out of 10. A silly rookie mistake could’ve ended much worse than it did. IMO should’ve been black flagged for it

    Grosjean: 3 out of 10, really he needs to get himself together, otherwise come the end of November he’s history, and that would be a shame because he is fast

    Perez: 2 out of 10. Rubbish attitude really. Has to develop better judgement because at the moment he’s shaming Mclaren

    But worse of all: the TV coverage director: 0 out of 10. Was absolute and total rubbish the whole weekend, but in the race he somehow managed to do worse than that. Missed huge amounts of action and never even showed KR’s charge from 16th to 10th in the last 7 laps. What a moron!

    Now to the good stuff:

    Nico Rosberg-what a perfect drive! I always thought that his precise style is perfect for Monaco, even though I still prefer his father’s style :)

    Sutil-underrated Monaco specialist

    Vergne-I’m a big fan of the guy. His once a year Monaco special helmets are perfect, first Alesi and now Cevert-love it! For that only he deserved to have a good race and did. Great defense against Di Resta as well at the end

    Raikkonen-always races cleanly but never gives up. James Hunt would like him very much IMO

    1. I agree about the TV director. Kimi’s last two laps must have been electrifying!

      I’m in two minds about Perez, he had some great, daring moves that I really enjoyed. However I think he still has to get better about judging when to go for it. His lunges on Alonso and especially Kimi were seemingly without a huge amount of thought and more of a have-a-go attitude. That’s his main problem, if he can use a bit more intelligence in such situations he can be a great racer.

      1. @collosal-squid I agree about Perez. He has potential but is yet to find the balance. So as Grosjean, he needs to get his act together, even though the clock isn’t ticking for him at the same rate(=has more time but not unlimited)

        1. @colossal-squid Sorry for messing up your name :)

        2. @montreal95 No worries :)

          Perez, Grosjean, Maldonado… all with potential and all frustratingly crash prone! Like you said these guys have time to get their acts together but come next year I can’t see these three crash kids all being on the grid. I think it’s likely at least one of them won’t stop crashing and will be booted out (regardless of whether they bring in sponsorship or not). It’ll be interesting to see, and I like Perez and Grosjean enough to want to see them succeed!

          1. @colossal-squid Same as I. But I wouldn’t mind the other driver you’d mentioned being jettisoned into the distance

    2. @montreal95
      Not sure why you praise Rosberg and say the opposite about the Red Bulls. They, along with Hamilton, were all four driving a lot more slowly than they could have (probably 3-4 seconds or so) purely to achieve the aim of a one-stop race. It made total sense for all of them, but I found it incredibly annoying as a spectator.

      It did not make sense to Vettel to attack Hamilton or later Rosberg because Rosberg was just as fast, and there is no way to overtake easily. So the only way to do it is to drive very closely to the car in front, hoping for a slight error, and then pounce immediately (like Sutil did with Button and Alonso). However, if you are marginal on tyres, which Mercedes and Red Bull were probably, driving closely to the driver in front of you will destroy your tyres that you would be sure to need a second pit stop, which would have meant dropping 10 or so places.

      So it made no sense whatsoever for Vettel, Webber or Hamilton to attack.

      I blame the tyres for this race “drive as slowly as possible without being overtaken” and I will continue to do so until they are fixed.

      1. @mike-dee Because, Vettel should’ve pressurized Rosberg to try and force him to overheat the tires. Vettel did the fastest lap of the race, which was 2 seconds better than anything Rosberg did, on the penultimate lap. Imagine what a fight we would have if he unleashed such speed earlier. But he chose the conservative approach which isn’t surprising given his position in the WDC. But I’ll laugh my $$$ off if he loses the WDC by less than 8 points. By the same token, given Webber’s position in the WDC his circumspect approach isn’t understandable at all

        The supersofts were marginal but the softs were not and the second set of supersofts shouldn’t have been either since the fuel load was much reduced. As it was proved by FL of SV on lap 77/78

  13. 8
    I liked it, it was refreshing to have such a different race. I enjoyed seeing bold moves and risky overtakes. Obviously I don’t want to see 20 races in which overtaking is next to impossible, but I think that Monaco has to stay in the calendar.

  14. Monaco isn’t so much a race, as a test of skill. The gamblers spice up the race, but invariably don’t complete it. The sensible guys just go round and round and round and… finish more-or-less where they started.

    As entertainment, that makes it hard to rate, because without the likes of Perez, this GP would have been excruciatingly processional. Yet I’ve no desire to encourage that sort of over-aggressive driving.

    My highlight would only have been seen by those watching the timing screens: On lap 70 Kimi was forced into the pits and comes out dead last. He then proceeds to work his way up into a tenth place finish.

    That’s 5 overtakes in 7 laps. On a circuit famed for the difficulty of its overtakes, that’s some achievement, regardless of the calibre of the cars in front.

    1. @Tims It’s both a test of skill and courage. Hence the difference between where Perez and Sutil ended up. Both had courage but one had way more skill for a combat. Also Kimi drove from 16th to 10th in 7 laps and didn’t hit anyone in the process. Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton fought a few times during the race and did it cleanly.

  15. 7 because of Rosberg. It was exciting for me from start to finish. Finally. (my other favourite is Massa.)

  16. WHAT?! i assume you must have been watching something other than the Monaco GP.
    It was nothing but a Pireilli borefest.
    They should be ashamed.
    drivers at the back of the field were doing 3-4/secs/lap quicker than all the main field, because they were happy to just sit at a conservative pace to manage their tyres.
    is that F1 racing? NO

  17. 6 for me. Being Monaco I was waiting until the pitstops for the teams to play out their strategies and see the race unfold, but the safety cars and red flag ruined that.
    Nico otherwise drove perfectly, he’s crushing Lewis so far this season.

  18. 7 for me. Second half was good, but the first 30 laps or so were very thin on the action. Safety car situations helped and so did the red flag, but I can’t help but feel that Perez and Chilton were let off lightly.

  19. Just boring. Horrible race even for Monaco. Gave it a 2. Dull first have of the race. Second part only spiced by moves from those that didn’t care about scoring points. No attacks from the guys leading the championship apart from Ham’s couple of shy tries on Webber.
    Not even strategies could play a role in this race. All did the same saving tires in the first half procession.
    Worst Monaco GP Ive ever seen

  20. I gave it a 5. To be honest, Monaco doesn’t rate very high in my book to start with. It was not THAT bad today though, so 5 is OK.
    To start with ,it is not a proper circuit. I understand that it is precisely that what gives it its character. But the fact that any minor contact has to be dealt with under SC is too big a nuisance. And that chicane after the tunnel ? Each year we see someone go straight. If they wanna have a chicane, make it impossible to go straight, please ! Put some gravel here, or a pond, or a hole, or a picture of Mr Ecclestone: something that makes it punishing if you abuse it !

    I am not a lover of that glamourous, glittery mood neither. OK this Charlotta or whatever she’s called is a rather pretty lady, but the city being an exception where only rich people are accepted and are allowed to escape every man’s tax duties is a bit sickening. If you ask me, I’d rather have a fantastic scenery with anonymous F1 lovers, like in Spa, than celebrities or Scheiks that don’t give a damn.

    And finally, where did the excitment come from today ? Hmm ??? Safety car periods. And shunts. Apart from that, we saw 1 nice move from Perez and … errr … let me think … crashes ? Oh, and yeah some more safety cars !

    I am glad this one is behind us. Bring on Silverstone, Spa, Monza, even Hungary !

    1. If they wanna have a chicane, make it impossible to go straight, please ! Put some gravel here, or a pond, or a hole, or a picture of Mr Ecclestone


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