Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

2013 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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  1. More of a procession than a race. I feel bad for Hamilton for losing out on his position under the safety car. Other than that I was just mad about Perez the entire race. McLaren needs to get him under control. Passing Button was the only good thing he did today. Pass on Alonso left him to either slip through the chicane or get hit by Perez. Terrible driving from him especially seen on his attempts on Raikkonen. The defending driver should not be the one who has to move out of the way of some idiot charging through with no intention to avoid the collision.

  2. Another generous 4 from me.A few exceptions to that rule but another tyre conservation exercise where drivers are expected to drive (not race) to a particular and consistent lap time.

  3. At least in Barcelona several teams try to save their tyres, and others did not. Yesterday in Monaco everybody was saving tyres in a precession. Saying that Barcelona was one of the most boring races and Monaco is a”ten” seems to be ilogical for me.

    1. Saying that Barcelona was one of the most boring races and Monaco is a”ten” seems to be ilogical for me.

      @oskar Exactly my thoughts

  4. I hate to admit it, but to be honest the Indy 500 last 20 laps were more exciting than the Monaco GP.

    It wasn’t Rosberg but Red Bull who controlled the pace. They were happy for Rosberg to take his win and did nothing whatsoever to attempt to overtake. Only Perez and Sutil were doing something interesting.

    Max Chilton in the Marussia was even faster than the Red Bulls!! Come on, this was a procession…

  5. Unfortunately, I can’t rate the race. I only watched the first part, until the red flag. Then, had to live for some other commitments. The first part was boring though, I see some of you had fun anyway with the second part. Glad it worked out for some.

  6. A race track where almost the driver stays in the same place where they start is not a good race track. I also like all the glamour surrounding Monaco but at the top of all I like watching a race with several maneuvers and real overtaking opportunities and Monaco do not have anything of that. If I could, I eliminate Monaco from the calendar. F1 had pit-stops, but if you had watch World Series 3.5 before de F1 race, where there weren’t pit-stops, all the drivers’ stays in the same place from first to last lap (44 minutes). This is not racing and I do not want to see scenes like that (Monaco races are very boring). I rated with a 1.

  7. worst race i think i have ever witnessed, a couple of clumsy overtakes aside the whole thing was a slow moving procession, i felt embarrassed for martin and crofty trying to find some kind of interest.

    Race was summed up by radio calls to the two merc drivers around lap 20-25 when being told precisely to what pace to drive and even others being told what gears to use where, I mean why even bother having racing drivers in the first place if you make them drive several seconds off the pace. They were going so slowly at the front that when they did push for a lap or two they were 5 seconds faster. They were so slow that even the caterhams and marussias could keep up with the train, just a shocking ‘race’.

    I’ll give the weekend as a whole a 3 purely because qualifying was good, although that too seemed determined by who can both turn on and keep the tyres in for ONE WHOLE LAP :O

  8. David not Coulthard (@)
    28th May 2013, 15:44

    I love the lack of DRS influence. And the Monaco “processionalism” is something that every season needs – just not nearly as often as Canada 2011 (or, ironically, Monaco 1970).

    And Perez’ overtake on Button….was great.

  9. I rated it 3 which is probably a bit too positive compared to what a 10 would be like. The track is so unsuitable for modern Formula 1 cars that Nico was able stay in front even though his race engineer was designing his pace throughout the race. What is the point if any? For one it provides a boring “show” and secondly it is sad and discriminating to see the great sport reduced this: “OK Nico, now you can start to pick up your pace a little.”

    I’m with good old DC all the way: “It’s rubbish!”

  10. I only gave the race a 5 as I found it rather dull, there were a few moments of excitement which stopped me from giving it a lower score. It wasn’t helped by all the drivers driving so far below their limits.

    I only saw the BBC highlights show but even that seemed like a procession so watching the whole thing must have been worse.

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