Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Monte-Carlo, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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287 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

  1. andae23 (@andae23) said on 26th May 2013, 17:06


    Quite an excellent race I thought: this is Monaco, so you can expect most drivers will be waiting patiently for the leading car to a mistake. But that’s not what we saw today: several drivers, notably Perez, Sutil and Raikkonen, really gave overtaking a go. Perez’s initial passes into the new chicane were great, as were Sutil’s clever passes into Loews. And I just saw Raikkonen’s passes round the outside of both Ste Devote and the Loews hairpin to take that final point and keep his record of consecutively scoring points alive!

    Just some (obligatory) words on the tyres: I’m afraid the thing that made this race so great was Mercedes backing up the field, turning the race into a high-speed traffic jam. Watching the race it really felt exciting, but thinking about it after the race it probably was a bit less exciting for the drivers than I thought it was.

    All in all: not a great race, a lot of rookie errors (Grosjean, Chilton), but still one of the best Monaco races we’ve seen. A good Monaco race is a high-speed traffic jam dog fight and although the battle for the lead was far from that, it was still very entertaining!

  2. Lamalas (@lamalas) said on 26th May 2013, 17:12

    3/10 Boring and to easy to predict, I prefer races like the last one in spain where the strategies made it all intresting over this any day!

    I actually expected it to be an intresting race beforehand but the safety car/ red flag put everyone on the same strategy…

  3. Mr win or lose said on 26th May 2013, 18:05


    This race was a joke. The drivers were nursing their tyres all the way to the chequered flag, the race control was inconsistent and in the end the cheating Mercedes team won.

    • Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 26th May 2013, 18:44

      Which ‘bad looser’ faction are you? Red Bull or Red Car?

      • Mr win or lose said on 26th May 2013, 19:49

        I’m not a bad “looser”. I think it’s highly suspicious when a tyre supplier allows one of the teams to run a secret tyre-test to sort out their tyre problems. Probably Mercedes would have won the race even without that test, as overtaking was almost impossible and they had the power to control the pace in order to save their tyres, but this has little to do with racing. Even Van der Garde was at some point the fastest man on the track. Please bring back refuelling. :(

        • SLUSHIE said on 27th May 2013, 5:07

          I don’t see what the big deal is about the tire test. None f the tires used in this test were current tires, so none of the information gathered about the tires would benefit them… until next year/whenever/if-ever those tires are actually used.

  4. Dragon (@dragon88) said on 26th May 2013, 18:24

    Ok, Monaco is very picturesque and glamorous and all of that, but the races here (unless it rains) definitely lack excitement.
    It’s a track that essentially doesn’t allow overtaking. Now some of you will go ‘Ah, but Sutil and Perez passed people!’. Sure, because they have absolutely nothing to lose. When Hamilton was on Webber’s gearbox he couldn’t get past and couldn’t risk much, because he would lose a heap of points that may even prove crucial to the World Championship. Same thing when Alonso had Raikkonen in his sight following a restart (can’t remember which one).
    If you are a top guy who has a chance of fighting for the Championship, you are just not going to risk it. Monaco overtaking manoeuvres end up in disaster too often.
    And I think that’s not good enough. Motor racing is all about overtaking, racing wheel to wheel. That doesn’t exist in Monaco. Processions is what happens here.
    I find it outrageous that Mercedes could impose a ludicrously slow race pace – so that Van der Garde was a second quicker than Nico – and nobody could go past. It’s just not how F1 is supposed to be.
    If Tilke came up with a track as narrow and twisty as this, he’d probably be stabbed 46 times by angry fans, commentators and drivers.
    The bits that were worth noting were the crashes, which is surely not how it’s supposed to be. I can’t give it more than 4.

    Now let’s move on to a proper track.

    • David-A (@david-a) said on 26th May 2013, 21:43

      Motor racing is all about overtaking, racing wheel to wheel.

      That’s only part of motor racing. Completing the set distance in the quickest time (by being the quickest car and driver combo) is what motor racing is about, overtaking may happen as a consequence. Monaco doesn’t allow for much overtaking, but as shown by some drivers, it isn’t impossible. Overtaking isn’t the be all and end all of F1 anyway- the unique challenge of being fast on a tough circuit for the drivers is what F1 is about.

      • Dragon (@dragon88) said on 26th May 2013, 21:55

        I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. F1 isn’t about finding out who would be fastest between the isles of a supermarket by qualifying first and then backing up by 4 or 5 seconds as the others can’t overtake him anyway. Racing is about driving on tough circuits (I agree there), but those tracks have to be suited to F1 racing. Monte Carlo clearly is not. And as you said, the fastest driver-car combination should win. On any other track, Rosberg would probably not have won today, as they were clearly not confident about their tyre wear. If Vettel could have overtaken them he would have pushed much harder than Rosberg did, and I believe the Mercs would have fallen back into the field. I think either Vettel or Raikkonen would have won.

        And as I said, the only people that even attempted overtaking manoeuvres this afternoon were drivers that had absolutely nothing to lose. Drivers that are into the Championship fight will never attempt overtaking here, because it’s too risky. And that’s not right.

  5. rajaaryan said on 26th May 2013, 19:01

    this is the most boring race ever..monaco should be removed from the f1 schedule and should be replaced with some good tracks ..same with bahrain ..monaco is just a 78 laps parade where cars maintain the position they start from ..**** load for a grand prix…looking forward to canada ..ps -wnt be seeing monaco grand prix from next year onwards ..the races are getting boring by the year

  6. moekron said on 26th May 2013, 19:12

    Mexican pay driver freaks out and costs Kimi massive point loss.

    Agressive pay drivers need to be re-trained

  7. Tayyib (@m0nzaman) said on 26th May 2013, 19:26

    Yes! Nico! YES! YES! YES! and YES again. Brilliant all weekend and a deserved win. He was a cut above every one this weekend, he really is bringing it to Lewis. On the race I wouldnt say it was a joke, I give it a 6. There were good overtakes from Perez, Sutil, DiResta and scrapping in the midfield was ok. The first half was poor it picked up later. Perez was gutsy but he was never going to pass Kimi. The penalty on Alonso was harsh did they expect him to disappear. Seeing people say Monaco GP should not be on are ridicolous and it almost seems as if we cant please people. If there is a lot of overtakes e.g. Turkey 2011 guys complain, if theres not you say its dull if tyres create chances and there is drivers coasting your unhappy. Who actually has a solution? IMO the tyres were annoying today as well, theres managing a situation and just driving slowly. That makes me very annoyed. Nico drew a battle line today Hamilton loves Montreal if Rosberg outdoes him there we got to admit Nico is really stepping up. If Montreals dominated by tyres and the GP is dull then we have a problem. Montreal is never dull!

  8. Steve McGrath (@) said on 26th May 2013, 19:34

    Well done Nico!!

  9. Gazzaguru (@garygushbiz-com) said on 26th May 2013, 19:51

    It’s difficult to give this RACE a decent rating when no-one at the front was racing. No denying there was lots of incidents including crashes and lots of laps behind 3 safety car period – that stopped the audience from nodding off from an otherwise dull and boring processional Monaco F1 GP.

  10. Nickpkr21 said on 26th May 2013, 19:52

    I think Kimi’s fan didn’t like Perez move, IMHO Perez create himself a chance a Kimi crash into him squezzing Perez front wheel first and the wing second getting himself a puncture, Kimi lock the tires trying to outbreak so he knew was there, of course he don’t like it but was beaten just as Alonso was, and stewards agree. Kimi haven’t say nothing and he is one that speaks his mind right away.

  11. Broom (@brum55) said on 26th May 2013, 21:03

    I’d give it a 6 myself. If it weren’t for Sutil or Perez it would be a lot lower.

  12. Antonio Nartea (@tony031r) said on 26th May 2013, 21:31

    Well, call me crazy but I liked it. It was the good kind of boring… And for a Monaco GP, compared to the ones we generally get, I think it had “character”. I was really expecting less overtakes and more conservative drives across the grid. Sure, some people got caught out but that’s what this circuit does to you… Sutil and Di Resta were delightful to watch, par example and they showed fighting for positions and overtaking are doable in Monte Carlo after all.

    Sure it wasn’t a classic all-in-all but I can’t remember more than 2 GPs here that were, in the post 90s era.
    I would have rated 6 if the action were to happen on a different track, but given the fact that it’s Monaco-standards, I’m gonna go ahead and give it an 8.

  13. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 26th May 2013, 21:56

    I wonder if Alonso finished ahead people would be still complaining that much. Interesting to see that almost anybody talked about Alonso’s poor performance.

  14. DaveD (@daved) said on 26th May 2013, 23:16

    I gave it a 5. Good for Monaco, but really hard to pass at Monaco in general. I know that Monaco is all about tradition but I’m not enough of a traditionalist to appreciate it. I like the more wide open tracks for the actual racing.

    The fact that the guys managed some passing saved it for me or I would have given it a lower rating.

  15. Angelia (@angelia) said on 26th May 2013, 23:28

    Terrible race. boring processions and lots of amateur driving causing safety cars. On of the worst Monaco races I ve seen.

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