Four Mercedes rivals say they had no test invitation

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013In the round-up: Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus and Force India have denied being invited to join Mercedes in their secret tyre test ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.


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Mercedes rivals not asked about test (Autosport)

“Leading Formula One teams Lotus, Ferrari and Red Bull insist they were never asked about the possibility of testing a 2013 car for Pirelli after the Spanish Grand Prix.”

Merc rivals: No requests to us (Sky)

“Lotus and Force India have claimed they received no direct invitation from Pirelli to complete a tyre test amid the ongoing controversy over Mercedes’ ‘secret’ running in Barcelona.”

Test was ‘underhand’ – Horner (ESPN)

“What’s wrong is that a team, in an underhand way, consciously tested tyres that were designed for this year’s championship.”

Renault to work on reducing engine costs (Reuters)

Renault chief executive Carlos Ghosn: “We are not going to drop the price for anybody for 2014. But our commitment is every year we will be working hard to make this engine more efficient, to reduce the costs and then try to pass part of the cost reduction to the users.”

Mercedes F1 W04 – dual gearbox casing (F1)

“The new building technique used by Mercedes this year… allows them to move their car’s rear suspension pick-up points – normally attached directly to the gearbox casing – without having to change the gearbox itself and thus incur a penalty.”

Coulthard: “Monaco Grand Prix was rubbish” (BBC)

“When you have drivers clearly racing way below the pace they are capable of, that’s not right.”

F1 noise doesn’t rattle Pollution Control Dept (The Nation)

“The noise of Formula One race cars should not have much impact to sites along [Thailand’s] race circuit, Pollution Control Department director-general Wichien Jungrungruang said yesterday.”

What was behind Mercedes and Pirelli secret tyre test? (James Allen on F1)

“Their recent pronouncements have shown that Pirelli are fed up with being the whipping boy and are getting tougher in their stance; on Thursday Hembery said that Pirelli might not be in F1 next year if the teams, Ecclestone and the FIA don?t get their act together. That would put F1 in turmoil as it would be difficult for a new supplier to come in and tool up to produce F1 tyres at short notice in time for February testing, especially if they too have no opportunity to test the products on a race track.”


Comment of the day

@Calum spotted an interesting Monaco Grand Prix statistic:

They won the Indy 500 in 1915, they won Le Mans in 1952 and again in 1989, and they had won the Monaco Grand Prix before the Formula One era in 1933, 1936 and 1937.

Now Mercedes-Benz can join McLaren in having a triple crown which includes a Formula One Monaco Grand Prix win!

From the forum

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

However we can say happy birthday to Eppie Wietzes who turns 75 today. The Canadian driver started his home grand prix twice in 1967 and 1974, on the former occasion joining Jim Clark and Graham Hill in the works Lotus entry.

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  1. Ben (@scuderia29)
    28th May 2013, 15:54

    coulthard summed up the race in the exact same way i saw it

  2. FERRARI and BRIDGESTONE testing, remember when BRIDGESTONE MADE tires based on MICHAEL’S driving style….. plus the fact that FERRARI got an extra 10 million bucks from Bernie or some form of the FIA just because ……. NEW SUBJECT: when tires/tyres are discussed more than the racing followed by driver tweets, F1 will be lucky to keep up with indy cards after they killed CART… RnR

  3. Monaco GP on NBC is most-watched F1 race in U.S. since 2007
    NBC’s live broadcast of the Monaco Grand Prix this past Sunday morning was watched by nearly 1.5 million viewers, making it the most-watched Formula One™ race on U.S. television in six years, and up 241% vs. last year’s race, which aired on SPEED, according to Fast National data provided today by the The Nielsen Company.

    The Monaco Grand Prix (7:59-10:30 a.m. ET/4:59-7:30 a.m. PT), which was broadcast live on U.S. network television for the first time, was watched by 1.456 million viewers and scored a 1.0 household rating. It is the most-watched F1 race on U.S. television in six years, since FOX broadcast the Canadian Grand Prix in the afternoon in 2007 (6/10/07, 1.494 million).

    Viewership for the race was up 241% vs. last year’s Monaco telecast on SPEED (427,000 viewers), and was up 40% vs. FOX’s four-race F1 average last year (1.038 million), all of which were broadcast in the afternoon.

    NBC tallied triple-digit increases vs. SPEED’s telecast last year among two key demographics, Adults 18-49 (461,000 vs. 127,000, up 263%) and Adults P25-54 (674,000 vs. 160,000, up 321%).

  4. hmmm seems Mr James Allen thinks the same as I do. The funny thing is I don´t see anybody calling him paranoid. I agree Canada is where we will see what Mercedes learnt.

  5. I only came to reading what Horner said, as well as what Button mentions today.

    Strange how no one notices, that the e-mail offering “clarification of what was and was not allowed” is in fact a FOTA mail. Yes, that is right – the organization that both Ferrari and Red Bull chose to leave last year!

    So they feel that Mercedes, not Pirelli, is in violation of an interpretation of the FIA rules from last year by an organisation they no longer felt themselves bound to? Now, I am all for clarification, but to me it certainly points to how the assessment of the situation by James Allen is the only right one.

    Lets hope it does achieve some positives though in getting some definition of what is allowed to test the tyres, and who should be running such a test and who is paying the bills. Then the small teams could run too, with Pirelli fielding the bill

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