Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013

Boullier defends Grosjean after Monaco crashes

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Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013In the round-up: Lotus team principal Eric Boullier defends the under-fire Romain Grosjean after his crash-strewn weekend in Monaco.


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Lotus still backing Grosjean to come good (Reuters)

Eric Boullier: “He did a great job over the winter and fixed all the problems he had last year. But there is some frustration some time when he knows he can be fast. He just needs to build himself saying he is fast, and he can deliver some big results.”

Q&A with Force India?s Vijay Mallya (F1)

“If you only want three or four teams in Formula One running three cars each you should proceed in the way it is now. But I think Formula One also needs the smaller independent teams as well, so everybody must also look at the common interests – not only the individual interests.”

Mercedes secret tyre test: Lewis Hamilton more worried about his poor Monaco performance than his team’s potential punishment (The Independent)

“We were required to do some work, we did some work, it was good fun. Right now I’m not concerned about it, that’s for the team to worry about.”

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013Analysis: How Pirelli Montreal change will handicap ??tyre-swapping? teams (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“In Monaco Mercedes used the swapping technique for the first time ?ǣ or at least it was the first time that it was spotted by keen-eyed observers. It would thus be very easy to speculate that Mercedes took the opportunity of the Barcelona test to try swapping the rears around.”

Test row is with Mercedes, not Pirelli – Horner (ESPN)

“When it enters the world championship it’s the team’s responsibility to comply with the regulations. Irrelevant of what the contracts say it’s the team that is there to comply. The issue isn’t so much with Pirelli, it’s more that a team has purposely tested a current car at a current circuit in our view in breach of the regulations.”

Jenson Button expects Mercedes to get ‘slapped wrist’ in tyre row (The Guardian)

“I don’t know what they can do, if anything at all. Maybe a slapped wrist. I think the teams that protested just wanted clarification because we’d all love to do 1,000km to understand [the tyres] a bit more because we’re all so limited on testing.”

How the International Tribunal works (Autosport)

“The IT’s punishments are limited to fines, bans or the alternative sanctions laid out in the International Sporting Code (ISC). The ISC says available sanctions are listed in the order of severity: reprimand, fines, obligation to accomplish some work of public interest, time penalty, exclusion, suspension or disqualification.”

Maximizing Monaco (Toro Rosso)

Jean-Eric Vergne: “I think Adrian Sutil did an excellent job in overtaking Button and Alonso at the hairpin and I think that was probably the only place I would have been able to try as well. But because Adrian had caught them out there, after that they were always shutting the door really quickly, so there was never a good opportunity.”

The wheels fall off (The Economist)

“The new wheels are a response to drivers’ complaints about the excess degradation, and were created after the FIA refused Pirelli’s offer of reverting to the tyre compound used the previous season. The problem is that the manufacturer appears to have given one team, Mercedes GP, an unfair look at the incoming tyres.”

2013 Monaco Grand Prix (Caught in my headlights)

Monaco Grand Prix cartoon (thanks to Mark Friesen for the tip!)



Sebastian Vettel, Infiniti, Paul Ricard, 2013

Sebastian Vettel in his role as director of performance for Infiniti at the Paul Ricard circuit in France yesterday.

Comment of the day

@Tmf42 on Kamui Kobayashi:

Kobayashi is one of the more prominent victims of the Toyota/BMW scorched earth. He always finished ahead of his team mates in the drivers’ championship with the exception of 2012 and even there he was just six points off Perez despite his two second places. He is probably not the fastest guy but drove very consistently.

Great loss for F1, but there could be a real chance for a seat at Lotus next year if Webber decides to retire and Raikkonen moves to Red Bull.

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On this day in F1

Alain Prost scored his third win in the first four races of 1988 in Mexico, with team mate Ayrton Senna seven seconds behind.

It was the usual 1988 McLaren rout, Gerhard Berger almost a minute behind in third for Ferrari, with everyone else lapped at least once.

Philippe Alliot was fortunate to survive this monumental accident during practice:

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