Drivers ask FIA to give them a say in rule-making

2013 F1 season

FIA Drivers' Commission, 2013Drivers urged the FIA to ensure racing is policed consistently and to give them a voice in the rule making process at the first meeting of the governing body’s Drivers’ Commission.

The practice of having an experience racing driver on the stewards’ panel, which F1 introduced in 2010, is to be expanded to other FIA championships.

Former F1 driver Karun Chandhok pressed for drivers to have a greater role in developing rules for racing series, noting examples of recent sticking points in other series: “For example, the qualifying format in [the World Endurance Championship] which is complicated and potentially dangerous as it requires two drivers to do two laps, or even the engine situation in Formula Three which is a bit messy, or the Formula Four situation.”

World champions Nigel Mansell and Emerson Fittipaldi were among the former Formula One drivers represented at the meeting along with Emanuele Pirro. There are no active F1 drivers on the commission.

Among the ten other driver representatives are multiple World Rally champions Sebastien Loeb and Marcus Gronholm and three-times World Touring Car champion Yvan Muller. Former Marussia test driver Maria de Villota, who lost her eye in a crash last year, is also on the panel.

Fittipaldi said the formation of a Drivers’ Commission was a “historic moment” for the FIA.

2013 F1 season

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Image: FIA via Twitter

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15 comments on Drivers ask FIA to give them a say in rule-making

  1. BasCB (@bascb) said on 30th May 2013, 9:48

    Well, I think its good to have a drivers commission as well to institutionalize integrating of the views of participants on track into the rule making and thinking about approach.

  2. dragoll (@dragoll) said on 30th May 2013, 9:52

    I like the concept, however, why will this work better than the current F1 Drivers Association that have brought around many changes over the years, mainly in terms of safety? Surely having active drivers having a say is important? Just like its important for current teams to have a say.

    • bag0 (@bag0) said on 30th May 2013, 10:10

      Beacuse the F1 Drivers Association is concerned only in F1, and have their boundaries, but this comission has representatives of most of the FIA championships (not sure if all), thus it can push the FIA to change rules in any of the championships.

  3. Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 30th May 2013, 11:01

    Loeb’s pose in that picture.

    “I’m a winner, I’m the champion and I’m beautifull” xDD

  4. Fisha695 (@fisha695) said on 30th May 2013, 16:11

    IMHO the drivers & teams need to have no power as when they do it just makes things more messy. See all the threats of an F1 breakaway series as well as the CART, ChampCar, Indycar debacle that went on for decades for example of that.

  5. Spawinte (@spawinte) said on 30th May 2013, 16:16

    You can tell they are racing drivers by the fat necks.

  6. Lari (@lari) said on 30th May 2013, 16:37

    Woah, Loeb is not much taller than Todt, I thought he was taller! Trying to count the pose in also :) And is that Marcus Gronholm (ex-rally champion) at 3rd from right or am I seeing stars?

  7. MagillaGorilla (@magillagorilla) said on 30th May 2013, 18:00

    Why does this FIA group look like a group that would oppose James Bond, or better yet be a Marvel superhero team.

  8. Bobby (@f1bobby) said on 30th May 2013, 22:35

    Maria looks cool with her eyepatch!

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