Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013

Hamilton “struggling” with brakes

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he is lagging behind Nico Rosberg because he is “struggling” with the brakes on his Mercedes.


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Lewis’ issues may take time – Brawn (ESPN)

“It’s been this way since the first race and even in winter testing I was struggling. The set-up I have on the car in terms of brake cylinders and the steering wheel is very different to what I had before. I was very comfortable after being there [at McLaren] for years and I was used to it being always the same. That’s been a slight weakness for me this year in the first few races and particularly in the last three I’ve been pretty poor. This one was one of the toughest for me so far.”

Lewis has brakes on (Sky)

“Hamilton prefers the combination of stopping power and pedal feel of the Carbone Industrie discs over those of the more common Brembos. The Brembos are said to give more feedback through the pedal, allowing easier modulation. But Lewis found at McLaren that with the right size and design of brake master cylinder, he could get the modulation he needs together with the higher braking power of the Carbone Industrie discs. He has been struggling to get that same combination at Mercedes.”

Pirelli future won’t hinge on test row (Autosport)

Christian Horner: “Yes, they have pushed the boundaries with the product and they know they need to pull that back a little bit, but the issue is not with Pirelli. The issue is with the way this whole thing has been handled and conducted, and that is the disappointing thing.”

F1 backers feel the heat, as communities oppose plans (Bangkok Post)

“Residents of 20 communities, including Phrang Puthorn, held a meeting on Monday, angered by reports the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and the Tourism and Sports Ministry will apply to host a Formula One event on the streets of Bangkok in 2015.”

Monaco GP on NBC is most-watched F1 race in U.S. since 2007 (NBC)

“NBC?s live broadcast of the Monaco Grand Prix this past Sunday morning was watched by nearly 1.5 million viewers, making it the most-watched Formula One race on U.S. television in six years, and up 241% vs. last year?s race, which aired on SPEED, according to Fast National data provided today by the The Nielsen Company.”

Cutaway Insights – Episode 6: GPS Transmitter (Sauber via YouTube)

Behind the scenes of an FIA Formula One crash test (FIA)

“On impact the front of the nose cone explodes in a cloud of carbon-fibre, the first few hundred millimetres reduced to a scattering of razor sharp shards on the floor. However, the rear section has retained its integrity and all the energy has been dissipated by the collapse of the tip of the nose.”

The Finishing Line – with Sauber?s Nico Hulkenberg (F1)

“The most memorable overtaking move of my career was…
NH: Not quite sure, but overtaking Lewis Hamilton and Romain Grosjean in one move at Korea in 2012 was good.”

Dominance and controversy (True Racing)

“Rudolf Caracciola did not complain about Von Brauchitsch disobeying team orders, but their friendship did suffer. For Mercedes, it was the latest cause for friction between drivers, as allegedly Von Brauchitsch and Caracciola had agreed to work as a team against Hermann Lang, the ‘poor guy’ who had started out at Mercedes as a humble mechanic.”


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Bill Vukovich won the Indianapolis 500, which counted towards the world championship. On a searingly hot day several drivers handed their cars over mid-race.

Among them was Carl Scarborough, who stopped after 80 laps and later succumbed to heat exhaustion. He was the second fatality of the event: Chet Miller had died earlier in the month during pre-race practice.

Here’s a short recap of the race. This was the second round of the 1953 championship which had begun in Argentina over four months earlier:

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