Ferrari play down benefit of their Pirelli test

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013In the round-up: Ferrari play down benefit of their own private Pirelli tyre test after the Bahrain Grand Prix because it was conducted using a 2011-specification car.

Team radio

There was a very positive response to Tuesday’s article covering all the team radio messages that were broadcast during the Monaco Grand Prix. This is always welcome so thanks everyone for the feedback.

Lots of people asked in the comments whether it would become a regular feature and whether it might be expanded to include other sessions during a race weekend. Both are possible but in order to do the latter I will definitely need help from people who can spend a bit of time transcribing the messages.

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F1: Ferrari Downplays Its Own Pirelli Test (Speed)

“The key point is that Ferrari only ran a 2011 car on behalf of Pirelli, in stark contrast to the later Mercedes test at the same venue with a 2013 machine. Thus there is no question of Ferrari having contravened the FIA sporting regulations by running a current car.”

F1 in no rush over IPO (Sporting Life)

CVC Capital Partners co-owner Donald Mackenzie: “It may happen this year, it may be next year, but we’re not in a big rush.”

Teams may stop Pirelli from changing tyres for Silverstone (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“It?s believed that three teams have been reluctant to agree, in some cases specifically because ?ǣ as outlined here this week ?ǣ they would lose the advantage they currently gain by running the steel-belted right and left rear tyres the wrong way round. That will no longer be relevant with the Kevlar tyres.”

Sauber: Monaco masked improvement (Autosport)

Monisha Kaltenborn: “What’s very important is that what we implemented in Barcelona was a good step ahead.”

The Racer’s Edge Episode 12 – Monaco debrief with Pastor Maldonado (Peter Windsor via YouTube)

Helio Castroneves And Dario Franchitti: Their Love-Hate Relationship With Tesla And Why They Don’t Respect Formula 1 Drivers (Forbes)

Castroneves: “Every sport has politics, but [F1 is] so bad. Who you know, who you contact?ǣthat?s what it?s all about. They don?t care if you are good. They don?t care if you are a great person. It feels like Hollywood business. But that?s exactly what it is. Politics absolutely is the problem. Today I respect probably only five drivers there.”

Lotus F1 overhauls IT system in preparation for 2014 (Race Tech)

“The Lotus F1 team has determined that a complete overhaul of its IT infrastructure ?ǣ both trackside and at its Enstone, UK, headquarters ?ǣ is going to be necessary to meet the 2014 new F1 regulations challenge, while also generating new sources of competitive advantage.”

Resource management in F1 (Joe Saward)

“Action is required to stop the next bust cycle. If only Red Bull is standing in the way of such a change then the sport must accept that Red Bull must go, although that is not likely as it could still gain just as much exposure from the sport at a much lower price.”


Comment of the day

@Robbie expects to see more conservative tyres from Pirelli next year – if they decide to remain in F1:

Pirelli took it a step too far for this year, but in general they did have the green flag from F1 to do this, and the teams had data on them going back to last September and nobody predicted these tyres would be delaminating.

Lack of testing surely is an issue but they don?t seem too motivated to increase the costs of racing in F1 by adding testing and as I say last year they had the same amount of testing and the tyres were ??fine? or at least, not as problematic.

Why did they gamble without proper testing? Probably because they thought they could spice things up even more so than last year and didn?t think the gamble was going to be that big such that tyres would be delaminating. I would hope it is a case of lesson learned, and that given that new tyres are on the horizon, and next year the new engine/chassis combos should provide enough spice, I think Canada may be the last race we?ll see tyres potentially delaminating.

Unfortunately I suspect delta time running will still be quite prevalent for the rest of the season, but that?s the mode F1 seems to want to be in right now. Yet this form of ??racing? seems so unpopular not just with the drivers (whose comfort level F1 never seems to care about) but with so many fans that I?m pretty confident we won?t see this type of ??racing? next year.

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Louis Rosier won the non-championship Albi Grand Prix in a Ferrari 375 on this day 60 years ago.

Jose Froilan Gonzalez was second for BRM ahead of Maurice Trintignant in a Gordini.

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