Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Monte-Carlo, 2013

McLaren defend Perez over Raikkonen collision

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Monte-Carlo, 2013In the round-up: McLaren sporting director Sam Michael says it’s better for Sergio Perez to be too aggressive than too risk-averse.


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Ruthless Perez unfazed by critics (BBC)

Michael: “I’d rather he did that than be criticised for sitting there when he could have had a go. He’s stamping his authority on the sport and showing he has the ability to do that. It’s not always going to come off, just as it hasn’t with other people. Of course you can argue he lost a fifth place, but once he’d committed to that move, Kimi [Raikkonen] threw it away as well as him. Kimi always had the option to turn away from the corner.”

Waiting for the Canadian Grand Prix (Ferrari)

“In the case of Massa?s car, this involved building it around a completely new chassis, following his accident in the race.”

??En el d??a a d??a hay que tener especial cuidado al volante?? (El Pais, Spanish)

This picture of Maria de Villota’s crash helmet gives a frightening impression of her crash last year which resulted in here losing her right eye.

Mercedes-Pirelli-Test in Barcelona (Motorsport Total, German)

Pictures from Mercedes’ disputed test at the Circuit de Catalunya following the Spanish Grand Prix.

2013 Canadian Grand Prix – Preview (FIA)

“Gravel and grass around the outside of turn eight and the apex of turn nine has been replaced with asphalt.”

Sam Michael on MP4-28: “At least the bits are starting to work…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“That?s main thing, just to see progress, and we?ve definitely seen that. Montreal is obviously a very different track, and you can overtake a lot easier.”

Monaco 2013 – race edit (F1)

Video highlights from the Monaco Grand Prix which include some new team radio chatter from Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

Prost: test limit biggest 2014 challenge (Autosport)

“Today, it is going to be only three tests at the beginning of next year. That is going to be one of the biggest challenges, it’s very difficult.”

Analysis ?ǣ Set up sheet explained (ScarbsF1)

“This set up sheet appeared on the Lotus Media site. It was from Kimi Raikkonen?s debut test at Jerez for the team in a R30 (from 2011). It shows some of the set up detail that the teams go into.”

Hamilton and Rosberg explain how KERS works (F1 Fanatic via YouTube)


Comment of the day

Daniel2 on how the FIA should react to the Mercedes test controversy:

Regardless what the Pirelli contract with the FIA says, that document can hardly create exceptions to the sporting regulations, that all teams have to follow. That?s my opinion.

The if/how/when/why of it doesn?t matter all that much. Fact is that Mercedes did a three-day 1,000km tyre test with their current car and their two championship drivers during the season. Disregarding the second party to that test (Pirelli), what?s left is a clear violation of the rules. That?s what they should be punished for and the penalty should first render Mercedes? (alleged) advantage null and void and add more on top of it, to show not only Mercedes but also all other teams, that they can?t just think of ignoring the preexisting rules.

Now, the Pirelli participation in the test is a whole other matter. Maybe they had a general understanding with the FIA, that tyre tests during the season could be possible under certain conditions. But all I’ve read so far suggests, that these were non-specific inquiries from 2012 and the tyre supplier did certainly not ask any of the other teams for a post-Barcelona test. It seems clear, that not all teams had the opportunity to respond positively to that certain test.

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On this day in F1

Michele Alboreto gave Tyrrell their final Formula One win in the Detroit Grand Prix held 30 years ago today.

The slow street track gave the Cosworth-powered teams a chance to put one over their turbo rivals and they duly filled the podium, Keke Rosberg taking second for Williams ahead of John Watson’s McLaren.

It was the 155th and last win for the DFV engine which had first been introduced to Formula One 16 years earlier. Here’s an onboard lap with Eddie Cheever as he struggles to apply his Renault RE40’s immense power on the wet track during practice:

Image ?? Lotus/LAT