Start, Montreal, 2010

Ecclestone wants changes to Canadian GP venue

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Start, Montreal, 2010In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone wants the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to expand its paddock.


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Future of Canadian Grand Prix under threat (Metro)

“Ecclestone is especially keen for changes to the pit area and paddock, where floating platforms are used to extend the area. The enlarged paddock area, together with other repairs, would cost around ??10 million.”

Pirelli to stop tyre upgrades after Canadian Grand Prix practice runs (The Guardian)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “Ideally we’d like to change the harder compound to give us more guarantees of being under three stops. But that sort of change needs the agreement of all 11 teams.”

Button downbeat on McLaren’s Canada chances (The Guardian)

“Overall, Canada has been a pretty good circuit for McLaren. We’ve won there the last three races, but this time around we’re not going to set the world alight simply because we are going to Canada.”

Sam Michael Q&A: ??Hard racing? Perez has McLaren support (F1)

“We?re developing the car – the car is getting better, though not as fast as we would hope. We?re not returning to form as quickly as we?d like, but we are moving in the right direction. We?ve got some tests to do which we have to fit in around the new tyre test on Friday – the only thing that could throw a curveball for all the teams this weekend is the weather.”

Bridgestone rules out F1 return (Autosport)

“Since our participation in F1, Bridgestone has achieved a significant improvement in brand awareness in Europe and in other areas all over the world.”

Horner defends Ferrari tyre test (ESPN)

“What do we expect from the FIA after our complaint? That the matter be analysed quickly and fairly.”

Awkward questions over Alonso’s title challenger (BBC)

“An ex-F1 driver I know believes he can see the beginnings of decline in Alonso. ‘Of course he is still phenomenal,’ this driver says. ‘But there are just the odd signs, little things here and there, perhaps a slight dimming of commitment, stuff like that

10 Reasons To Follow Formula One (Forbes)

“International appeal of the audience. In Monaco during race weekend I heard French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, English, Japanese and any number of Eastern European dialects. The ability to spend time in such close proximity with others from abroad is valuable to anybody who wants to better understand the world.”


Comment of the day

@GeeMac asks if it’s been too long since we saw a new lap record:

While I have no desire to go back to the kind of racing that we had in 2004 and while I do completely understand and agree with the various changes which have been (and which will be) made to the technical regulations since 2004, it really does leave a bad taste in my mouth when I read pre-race build up articles like this and see that the lap record was set in 2004.

I know that lap records mean absolutely diddly squat in the grand scheme of things, but knowing that this years cars have no chance of beating that lap record makes me sad.

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