It’s time Vettel had some bad luck, says Alonso

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013Fernando Alonso says the amount of points Sebastian Vettel has scored so far this year is “not normal” and his luck will change eventually.

“We have had some unlucky situations this year, like when I had a slight touch in Malaysia which put me out of the race,” said Alonso, “while we have seen for example Hamilton and Vettel touching in Barcelona and they were both able to continue.”

“However, in Monaco it was simply a case of not having the pace. At this stage of the season, we have two more points than last year when we were leading the championship, so in a way we are doing a little bit better than last year.

“What is not so normal is the amount of points Sebastian has scored in the last six races ?ǣ a lot. We need to try and finish in front of him, because everyone has bad luck at some point and it will come to him as well.

Kimi [Raikkonen] had his bad luck in Monaco with the accident, so that we are now only five points behind him.”

Alonso said he’s expecting a “tricky” weekend due to the forecast of rain.

“Anything can happen especially in the wet and we saw in qualifying in Monaco, that when the rain came it was chaotic: it means that if you are not on track at the end if the track is drying, or if you have a problem with a yellow flag or you make a small mistake, then you are out.

“So it will be a case of maximum concentration to do well here and also in the coming races, at Silverstone, Germany and Hungary. So every Thursday it will be a case of saying the same thing, ‘we must score good points.'”

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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86 comments on It’s time Vettel had some bad luck, says Alonso

  1. Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 6th June 2013, 21:52

    How is Vettel’s point situation “not normal”?
    He has a very good car, he is a very good driver and he is doing the best he can. That’s what good drivers do. It’s perfectly normal and, please, don’t talk about luck, it sounds childish.

    But yeah, I’m not surprised. It’s not the first time Alonso wishes bad luck to Vettel, and I guess it won’t be the last.

  2. celeste (@celeste) said on 6th June 2013, 23:05

    Dear Alonso, A samurai wouldn´t say that…

  3. Bazza Spock (@bazza-spock) said on 7th June 2013, 1:05

    Witch doctors everywhere: you know where to point those bones!

    But he’s right, I know most of the drivers subscribe to the philosophy of ‘ you make your own luck’ but vettel has been incredibly lucky over the last few years. The bingle in brazil last year is the perfect example.

    • David-A (@david-a) said on 7th June 2013, 11:09

      Brazil? Bruno Senna out-braked two other cars to get his front wheel next to Vettel’s rear wheel. The fact that Vettel continued could be considered good luck, the fact that he got hit in the first place was not. Vettel’s only “luck” is in winning championships, in which case, the term “luck” applies to every world champion as much as it does Vettel.

  4. Jono (@me262) said on 7th June 2013, 1:41

    would do the championship a hell of good if Vettel DNF’d at Montreal no doubt about that. wouldnt do formula 1 any favors as a sport to have a driver do a 4th straight championship…memories of the schumi bridgstone era zzzzZZZZZZzzzz

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 7th June 2013, 8:31

      @me262 I don’t agree – the Schumacher era was often terribly dull but the Vettel era has seen far better racing.

      • Jono (@me262) said on 7th June 2013, 9:34

        more entertaining seasons largely thanks to DRS & alonso and the rest of the champions on the grid – from processions to passing, sure, its thrilling to see a car that has a sudden drag advantage overtake one that does not, but the fad quickly fades for the true F1 fan :) I would say 2011 ranks right up there with any of schumachers bore-festing years

        • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 7th June 2013, 9:46

          @me262 The article I linked to was written in during 2011. That season was night-and-day better than 2004 or 2002. Yes Vettel had a healthy margin in the points standings but there was far more going on in the races than there was back in the Schumacher days. And I certainly don’t count fake DRS passing as a positive contributor to current racing.

  5. Sumedh said on 7th June 2013, 4:25

    As much as I love Ferrari and appreciate the job Alonso did in 2012, in all fairness, 2013 has been about Vettel so far. He has been clinical in his overtaking (Webber at Malaysia, Alonso at Bahrain) and has done a better damage limitation job than Alonso (Vettel at Australia, Spain vs. Alonso at Monaco). Even when they both had setbacks (Vettel at China with no Q3 time, Alonso at Malaysia & Bahrain), Vettel has come out better than Alonso.

    The number of points Vettel has scored are completely normal and commensurate his good driving this year.

  6. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 7th June 2013, 5:29

    “Luck” does not exist.
    There are just events that are simply fortunate or unfortunate.

    Vettel’s fuel shortage in Abu Dhabi last year was not bad luck, it was just a miscalculation, that could have easily been avoided.

    Similarly, Kimi’s perceived bad luck in Monaco 2 weeks ago wasn’t bad luck, just poor judgement by Sergio Perez. Which again, could have been avoided.

    Alonso saying that “Vettel is due some bad luck”, is assuming that luck eventually evens out, and that Vettel will get what’s coming to him.

    Which simply isn’t the case. Life is unfair.

    Like Hitler, getting off scott-free by killing himself instead of enduring captivity. It’s unfair.

    My direct response to Alonso is: “Less talk, more walk”.

    Vettel is leading for a reason. Consistency.

  7. Daniel (@oji) said on 7th June 2013, 6:23

    I am the only one that read the Alonso quoted lines with his accent ? “Anything can happen especially in the wet […]”. A specific chicane/chicken video comes to my mind… :)

  8. jyoung91 said on 7th June 2013, 13:47

    In life you make your own luck.

  9. astonished (@astonished) said on 7th June 2013, 16:24

    I notice that you now say “better” instead of “good”. That’s a significant qualification of you earlier position. A completely different thing I would say…

    Still, although this last statement is more correct, you can not say that “it is time for vettel had bad luck” is a quote from him. This is what you think is implied in his words, nothing else

    Specifically all the “wishing Vettel bad luck” comments I think are a bit over the line

    Attractive and at the same time precise headlines is, perhaps, one of the most difficult task for a journalist. I guess…

  10. HiPn0tIc (@hipn0tic) said on 7th June 2013, 16:32

    We have had some unlucky situations this year, like when I had a slight touch in Malaysia

    I’m sorry Alonso but that was not the case, the touch was your fault, and not to stop in that lap was a choice, a bad one, but don’t call luck for this…luck has nothing to do to it.

    For the rest, i understand what he’s saying but the way he said it was not the best, gives the impression that’s he’s expecting the worst from the rivals to shine

  11. Palle (@palle) said on 8th June 2013, 0:14

    We have to consider that in southern Europe the terms Luck or Bad Luck, a bit like religion, has more supporters than in Northern Europe. And Alonso is probably trying to talk to his supporters, which are very frequent in this region of Europe. A bit like when Niki Lauda, on German RTL TV, predicts a result favouring German drivers unrealistically, in order to encourage the German viewers to stay tuned! By this Alonso can keep up faith with those of his fans who believe in “Luck”. Lets see if the Ferrari team-workers also believe in “Luck” or work, professionalism and innovation.

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