Bahrain tipped to open 21-race season in 2014

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Start, 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix, Bahrain International Circuit,In the round-up: Bahrain is tipped to host the first race of the 2014 season.


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Bahrain the first of 21 races? (Sky)

“The 2014 calendar is set to be expanded to 21 races with a provisional start date of March 2nd in Bahrain.”

Alonso optimistic for win from sixth (BBC)

“We start in a position that gives us all the chances to win the race if we are quick enough. We need to get it back on the right way and score many points and show the potential in the car.”

Angry di Resta blames gearbox issue (Autosport)

“Here, there has been an error, people have apologised for their error and I accept that. The bit I can’t accept is that it’s two weeks in a row.”

Future of Canadian Grand Prix clouded in uncertainty (The Globe and Mail)

“The main sticking point is the amount poured into the race by the three levels of government ?ǣ while Ecclestone is reportedly willing to accept a modest increase on the $15 million [??9.5m] or so in public money his company receives each year, Ottawa doesn?t seem in a big hurry to add to its share of the pot.”

New Jersey gets serious (ESPN)

“Construction work continued unabated along the Hudson River, and this week the New Jersey race organisers have been a very visible presence in the Montreal paddock. The message is simple: New Jersey is on.”

Sergio Perez Q&A: We are racers, not Sunday drivers (F1)

“Everybody is allowed to have his opinion. This is down to personal preferences. But as Monaco right now is the catalyst for this discussion, I can only repeat what I just said before: I have done nothing wrong. I tried to overtake at one of the few spots where overtaking is possible in Monaco and my opponent has shut the door. So I am not really bothered by any of these comments.”

2013 Canadian Grand Prix – Post Qualifying Press Conference (FIA)

“Q: Lewis, did it all go according to plan? Maybe you felt you could have been on pole.
LH: Pole was definitely there, so it?s a bit unfortunate but that?s the way it goes.
Q: Did everything go according to plan?
LH: No.
Q: Is that what makes you a little unhappy then?
LH: …”

Rolex begins fightback on track to retain top spot (FT, registration required)

“Rolex?s F1 deal is believed to be worth $35m [??22.97m] a year for 10 years, a figure unconfirmed by the company, which declines to comment on it.”

Jenson Button describes the pleasure of seeing others celebrate his wins (The Guardian)

“There is also a bit of footage that my mum sent me. It was filmed in a sports bar in the UK and when I overtook Vettel the place just erupts. It is amazing to see. It does feel really nice because you don’t see that ever: you don’t hear the crowd and you don’t see that kind of excitement.”


Comment of the day

@DaveF1 on Massa’s latest rough patch:

Time for Ferrari to consider giving Massa the sack. Sure he?s been extremely loyal to the team and he’s a nice guy but he’s costing them valuable points in the constructors and doesn?t really take advantage of situations when Alonso is out or having a bad race.

There are many young drivers out there that could probably deliver good consistent performances (Kobayashi, Hulkenberg and maybe even Bianchi or Bottas) and who could learn from Alonso for the next few years and eventually lead the team when Fernando retires.

From the forum

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Happy birthday to Stevo!

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On this day in F1

Jim Clark scored his second consecutive Belgian Grand Prix win 50 years ago today at Spa-Francorchamps.

The race began on a damp track and a thunderstorm erupted halfway through the race. Clark pressed on at a stunning rate, lapping everyone bar Bruce McLaren on the 14.1km (8.7-mile) track. After almost two-and-a-half hours of racing Clark won by just under five minutes. Dan Gurney came third for Brabham behind the Cooper of McLaren.

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90 comments on Bahrain tipped to open 21-race season in 2014

  1. Fixy (@fixy) said on 9th June 2013, 15:38

    he’s costing them valuable points in the constructors and doesn’t really take advantage of situations when Alonso is out or having a bad race.

    Like Japan 2012, when Alonso retired on his own fault and Massa finished 2nd? Or Brazil 2012, when Massa led Webber and Vettel and allowed Alonso to pass both before moving aside to let him pass? Or Spain 2013, when he completed the podium ahead of Vettel?

  2. Dizzy said on 9th June 2013, 17:28

    I know there will be outcry about Bahrain been the season opener but it actually makes good sense when you consider that both Pirelli & The teams want to do the final test in the mid-east because of the higher temperatures.

    It makes zero financial sense to fly everything out to Bahrain for the test, Then fly everything over to Melbourne only to be flown back over to Bahrain.
    Its much better to fly out to Bahrain for the test & then stay over for the 1st race.

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