Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Canadian Grand Prix

2013 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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212 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Canadian Grand Prix”

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  1. I voted 8, but I actually wanted to give it a 7.
    It’s a shame that there was no real fight for P1, and it was disappointing to see the top 5 one lap ahead of everyone else. And the two DRS zones were too much. I mean, we’ve been saying that since 2011 and they haven’t made any serious changes. It’s a shame.

    But we saw some awesome battles and drivers pushing hard. Especially Bottas, his defense on Alonso was terrific.

  2. Sorry but DRS completely ruined this race, yes when not considering DRS this looks like this was a great race. But 90% of the overtaking was fake. getting close on straight 1 and then go for the kill on start straight.

    2/10 for me (and I usually rate quite high but this was just not acceptable)

    If I have to justify the 2, that was for the drivers finally being able to push.

    Oh and Red Bull can start shutting up about the tyres now, they are walking away with both the championships!

  3. 5/10. It was a halfway decent race.

  4. It was an entertaining race actually. Liked it. Just missed a lead battle/change and a different second DRS zone to make it even better. On the plus side, an evening race for europeans.

  5. Bit like the curates egg, so a mid-range 6 from me. Started well but drifted off into bore-fest

  6. 1/10 for me. 2011 was too much of nightmare to forget. As for who has the best car at least we can safely say that when tires aren’t taken into account the Red Bull is the best. So FIA please get those old ridiculous tires that get destroyed after 5 laps to spare us from having to watch Adrian Newey lifting another championship.
    Recently in the Lamborghini race we saw his mistake crashing into the barriers at the warm up, I believe if he was 20 years younger would have no trouble taking the drivers title with the cars he designs …

    1. @philby

      “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”

      1. That also applies in reverse: you shouldn’t rate the entire race based on your opinion on the winner.

    2. @philby – Good to see a talented comedian on F1 Fanatic.

      1. @Max Jacobson,
        I didn’t know there were rules for voting

      2. Having PIRELLI altering the tires to suit your ill-designed cars and therefore enabling you to have a stroll in Montreal park isn’t funny at all. And yes I complimented Newey which may sound contradicting but actually it isn’t. Red bull have him design the fastest car despite the tires – because that’s what he does best and better than anyone else- and then have Pirelli comply with your requirements!
        And you are telling me that this farce justifies a higher rating and it’s me who is biased…

        1. @philby

          Pirelli didn’t change the tyres for this race

          1. @ MazdaChris, Not yet obviously, I am not commenting on this race I suggest that this will be the direction of the tires from Silverstone and beyond. So we will see similar levels of degradation to those in Canada something that:
            a) Favors Red Bull and Mercedes and handicaps Ferrari and Lotus and,
            b) Most importantly comes unethically midway through the season punishing those teams who intepreted the rules more effectively and designed their cars meeting the initial requirements.
            If this isn’t a scandal I don’t know what is! In the same time Red Bull in order to avoid being in the spotlight they accuse Mercedes the one team they know they can beat no matter the tires.

  7. 8 as Alo fan and drivers pushing exchanging fastests lap times til the end of the race.
    4 for the battles we have missed with DRS in a circuit like Montreal.
    Voted 6

  8. vettel wins are a snoozefest, no fight for p1 throughout the whole race is just boring.
    kudos to di resta for taking one set of tyres over 50+ laps

    1. @rigi

      I thought Vettel’s championship winning drives at Abu Dhabi 2010 and especially Sao Paulo last year anything but a snoozefest.

      1. @baron-2 like i said, when there’s a fight for p1 during the race i can deal with everyone winning, but vettel always pulls away leaving everyone behind. his fans may think that’s great but to the average viewer it’s just plain boring.

  9. Awesome race. Teams are pushing and Alonso’s battle up is just so exciting to watch, especially vs Hamilton. Still remember his first try that wasn’t quite working so he slowed down a bit and try again. That’s fair racing!

  10. Deja vu: there was some great racing, but overall there just wasn’t any tension or excitement in the race – it felt like Vettel would always win, and the rest of the places were clear as soon as you could use DRS. Just 5/10 for me.

  11. I gave it a 6/10. Good driving from most of the championship contenders but the race itself wasn’t particularly exciting. You’ve got to credit Vettel for driving so well but it’s so disheartening to see Vettel go unchallenged for the entire race, especially when he leads the championship by 36 points. But that’s F1. The problem with F1 at the moment is that the management keeps adding a load of gimmicks to make races more exciting but sometimes races just aren’t exciting no matter what you do. This was one of them and all the DRS zones in the world aren’t going to solve it.

  12. 6 at the most. Need to rethink the tyre issue. Two types of tyres? One type would would provide max grip for 10-20 laps. Force teams to have correct amount of fuel for the race so you don’t have an option to turn down the engine to save fuel. Minimum pit stops of 2 per race. Would increase max attack racing. Where drivers can push to the time all the way through the race.

  13. Finally the guys are able push their cars to the limit.
    Hope Ferrari or Merc will ‘soon’ improve their cars to really compete with Redbull, without depending on degrad tyres.

  14. 9
    It was absaloutely enthralling, and a joy to see the cars snaking about under acceleration, and seeing some proper racing.
    Also, I thought that DRS worked pretty much perfectly, as it seemed to mostly give the person behind a small boost which drew him alongside the car he was trying to overtake.

  15. I gave it a 7/10.

    I was excited to see (almost) all cars push from start to finish again but DRS was way to easy most of the times.

    For next year they should remove the second DRS after the start/finish line… Or remove DRS all together.

  16. Could someone aside from Vettel please take a race again…..I’m sick of this guy winning. They call him baby schumi but at least Schumi was gracious in winning.

    1. @adamking4 I don’t get complaints like this. He’s won less than half of the races this year. He won a quarter of the races last year. How is that excessive?

      And what was ungracious about his performance today?

      1. And he didn’t even win several in a row this year either (we’ve just had Alonso and Rosberg being “dominant” in the last 2 races!), I think thats a bit over the top @adamking4.

        1. He’s won 3/7 races this season, and I personally don’t like him so I don’t like seeing him win. So really, it’s not all that “over the top.”

    2. @adamking4

      at least Schumi was gracious in winning.

      I always found he was the least gracious in winning.

      1. “Sebastian Vettel is definitely the favourite for the title. I don’t begrudge his success, but I find it really annoying that he arrogantly waves his finger after each triumph.” – Jos Verstappen

        And yes perhaps, Schumi wasn’t the best winner, but I still think his actions were a bit more tasteful than Vettels.

          1. Alonso doesn’t win enough for it to be annoying when he does it. And I’m not an Alonso fan.

  17. F1 fans are really impossible to please! If there are crashes then the “driver standards are bad”. If we have rare but great passes then it’s too boring. If there are lots of overtakes due to DRS and Pirelli tyres then ” this is not racing anymore….. drivers are going for delta times….. battles on track last for only two corners nowadays….. tyres suck etc.”. If the drivers can finally push and have great wheel to wheel battles then it gets boring again!

    We can’t really have Brazil 2012 all the time to give all the races a 9! I find it hard to understand how this race was worthy “of a solid 3”, sure, there was no battle for the lead nor action during every lap but still this was for me at least a seven. I do not want want to offence anyone as everyone has a the right to have an opinion, I’m just writing down my own opinions. :)

  18. I couldnt watch the race after lap 35 (damn you soccer), but they did replay Alonso overtake on Hamilton and Massa passing Raikkonen. Overall the race wasnt bad, it was pretty good. Alonso, Webber and Rosberg racing for P3 was very entertaining. Massa and Sutil’s dispute was also interesting. Even Bottas trying to get some positions back. I gave it a 7, I have no idea how the other half of the race went.

  19. I think people are actually blind, they were pushing like hell, with great racing. A race with a Vettel juggernaut winning will never be great, but there was good racing, and stand out performances eg: Alonso, JEV and PDR

  20. Some nice overtaking throughout (some artificial, I know), but the only thing lacking was any sort of challenge to Vettel out front. It was refreshing to see the cars push, and also to see the different strategies pan out, like di Resta moving up from 17th to 7th and lasting until lap 57 on the primes! I was, however, very disappointed to see McLaren’s point-scoring streak come to an end and that Williams couldn’t score again. Hoping for better things from McLaren for Silverstone.

    1. 7/10 btw.

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