Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 Canadian Grand Prix

2013 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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212 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Canadian Grand Prix”

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  1. Steve McGrath (@)
    10th June 2013, 10:14

    I wish DRS & KERS Haters would suggest an alternative. Most people don’t want the procession the Aero dirty air used to create… so… what?? Either you accept that as F1 racing or you do something.
    To say DRS is artificial I sort of get. But all it does is hand back some sort of advantage to the following car that the lead car had thru all the twisty stuff not having to corner thru dirty air. Surely the lead cars advantage is artificial?? Its certainly different to many other Motorsport series. Watch something like BTCC / Oz V8 that is wheel to wheel racing because they don’t have the disparity in pace thru the corners of F1 cars.
    KERS on its own is no use because drivers can go like for like Attack / Defend
    DRS is a good solution though they do need to get the balance right

    1. @stevemc No alternative is needed. The change in tyre philosophy made at the beginning of 2011 was sufficient to improve opportunities for overtaking. Had they just done that and not introduced DRS I believe we’d have seen a sufficient increase in overtaking.

      And even if I didn’t think that I’d rather see far less overtaking than the artificial spectacle DRS has made of F1.

      1. Steve McGrath (@)
        10th June 2013, 12:30

        Yes. Though when the tyres start to fall off the cliff I think drivers are as easy if not easier to overtake as with DRS.
        I like DRS. Its my own opinion. I think I just went on a bit of a rant because there where a lot of comments knocking it…;-)

      2. @keithcollantine Agree very much about what you just said about DRS. I still say the tires are too gadgety. Make them grippy and degrady even…sure, but not so so limiting in how they don’t allow drivers to push. Maybe not so so cliffy.

        And I still say a reduction in wing would go a long way to tighten up the field. That is what really struck me in Montreal…how spread apart they became and how all but 5th place NR were lapped. I didn’t see a ton of difference between this race and an MS/Ferrari era procession, so let’s rethink the gadget era.

        That said, next year the scales should be zeroed so it will be interesting and intriguing to see what the new engine/chassis combos bring. I just wish they would start the next generation without DRS and too-degrady tires, and then tweak it from there if need be by dealing with aero over-dependancy.

  2. 7/10
    It was nice to see lap times drop down so much during the race, di Resta showed tyres have changed (perhaps too much) and there was overtaking all over the place.

  3. 7 from me, but thats mainly because I just didn’t really get into it.

  4. Chris (@aclasschris)
    10th June 2013, 17:24

    Wish it would’ve rained to make the race more interesting. Another snoozefest with Vettel leading every lap – judging by the boos during the podium ceremony, the Canadian fans thought the same. 6/10

  5. The Canadian GP is one of my favourites and it didn’t disappoint this year, I am glad that the BBC chose this race to show live instead of Monaco, Monaco may be more famous and glamorous but Canada is usually the more entertaining Grand Prix.

    I gave the race a 7.5-8 rating. It was like in any number of races over the last few years where Vettel dominated from pole and never looked troubled for the victory, which by itself isn’t very exciting, but there was plenty of action further down the field to make up for it.

    I fear that Vettel may now romp away with the title and we will be deprived of a
    great championship battle which seemed on the table in the first few races this season.

  6. 7 out of 10, absolutely finally we don’t hear drivers complaining about “I CAN’T DRIVE FASTER”… Thanks to the low tyre wear of the circuit… We finally enjoyed a race without tyre problems… Although Rosberg’s flat-spot was because of “I don’t know”… Also good to see some Battle between Lewis and Fernando…

  7. 7’s, 8’s and 9’s??? Some people are easily pleased. It was a dull race, a 5 at best.

  8. I’m going to give it a generous 7, the first section was really good lots of fighting for positions, a few incidents and what looked like a good race developing, after the first pit stop that seemed to die off and everything seemed to settle for a while until the final (or first pending on strategy) stops. Alonso, Webber and Lewis “just let me drive man” Hamilton – possibly looking for a Raikkonen-esque line in T shirt slogans kept me interested during the final phase of the race. I really like the Canadian GP its one I really want to see live before it disappears from the calender but something was missing in the middle, maybe the tyres worked too well, maybe DRS didn’t work quite as well with drivers easing off to avoid be repassed on the next straight. With those two things in mind we F1 fans are fickle creatures seeing that most of us having been cursing the last two items on my list since the start of the season. Finally following the tragedy after the race my thoughts go to the family of the marshal really cast a shad own on an otherwise enjoyable at best race.

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