Charles Pic, Caterham, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013

In-season testing to return in 2014

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Charles Pic, Caterham, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013In the round-up: In-season testing is set to to return in 2014.


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Four in season test sessions return in expanded 2014 F1 calendar (James Allen on F1)

“The package envisages the end of the Young Drivers test session, a reduction in straight line aerodynamic test days from eight to two, while promotional days are also cut to two. In their place, the F1 teams will remain in place for a two day test with one car after four European Grands Prix. Barcelona and Silverstone will be two of the venues. Eight of the eleven teams voted for the new measures which meant that it had the majority required to pass.”

Hamilton admits braking affected race (Autosport)

“We haven’t cured anything. It has been a long period of time since Barcelona where there was big trouble there. We have picked up a couple of techniques and worked on it, which helps.”

Title fight wide open – Red Bull (BBC)

“While the points look healthy at the moment, Fernando [Alonso] we’ve seen put another strong race in here and you can’t afford for any complacency. The margins can rapidly be eroded.”

Button: Gap to front ‘massive’ (Sky)

“We did a one-stop, a few cars did and they made it work, but they did prime and then option which I think was a good way of doing it. The problem for me was on my option run at the start of the race, everyone came out and was overtaking me, so it was a bit messy for me.”

McLaren endure a weekend to forget (Reuters)

Martin Whitmarsh: “Qualifying was poor and then in the race, looking back at it with the data we’ve got, we made mistakes. We weren’t quick enough, that’s the starting point. But I think we should have been able to get into the points.”

Helmut Marko Q&A: Red Bull turned down Pirelli test (F1)

“It is correct that we were offered such a test. We decided that by committing such a breach of regulations, we – as championship leaders – would be confronted with consequences and thus did not follow that route.”

Whitmarsh: Bahrain GP will open 2014 F1 season (The Telegraph)

“The idea of having a test in mid-January, probably in Jerez, logistically is straightforward. Then having a gap by which you can respond to the issues and then testing in some warm weather in the Middle East seems to be attractive to the teams.”


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@Irejag believes grid positions penalties should be made more effective:

Since Grosjean is technically only going to be moving down three spots on the grid today, he should have the remaining seven grid slots on the penalty carry over to the next race.

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Dave Walker was born on this day in 1941. The Australian driver raced Lotus’s highly unconventional turbine car on his F1 debut at Zandvoort in 1971.

The following year he partnered Emerson Fittipaldi and achieved the dubious distinction of being the only driver who failed to score a point in the year his team mate became world champion. That marked the end of his F1 career.

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