2008 French Grand Prix start, Magny-Cours

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2008 French Grand Prix start, Magny-CoursThe 2008 Formula One season saw a different champion crowned for the third year in a row, the last appearance of the French Grand Prix and the final championship run on grooved tyres.

It was a memorable season for many reasons, but how well do you recall it? Put your F1 trivia knowledge to the test with F1 Fanatic’s newest quiz.

Here are 20 questions on the 2008 season to tackle – but make sure you enter your answers before the five minute time limit expires:

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33 comments on “Take the 2008 F1 season quiz by F1 Fanatic”

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  1. 17/20

    Far better than my usual score, but 2008 remains my favorite F1 season to date (since watching around 1991-92).

  2. 19/20. I realized after watching the questions again that I answered #17 wrong.

  3. 8/20 – I’m useless, but I have an excuse (I didn’t really follow F1 at that point because I wasn’t very old)!

  4. Keith,

    It’d be really nice to have some answers to these questions too!

    1. Chiz (@a-flying-toilet)
      14th June 2013, 8:48


  5. 20/20! Probably helped that I re-watched the entire season just a few months ago…

  6. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    14th June 2013, 9:32

    not sure to be happy or not :)
    ah, the 2000’s, the good old days…

  7. David not Coulthard (@)
    14th June 2013, 18:52

    10/20. Finally somewhere “high”er up!

    The Canadian GP was the 1st GP I saw, I think, or perhaps Monaco. But I got the Rosberg question wrong!

  8. 20/20. I sorta cheated on 2 questions, but at least I admit it. Best finale, but 2005 is still the season I remember most, after starting watching F1 in 2000 when a certain German seemed unbeatable. That is probably the source of my Alonso love affair…

  9. 20/20. Pretty good. I didn’t think that I remebered this season so well

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