Pirelli medium and hard tyres

Pirelli abandon new tyres as teams block plans

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Pirelli medium and hard tyresIn the round-up: Pirelli will not bring modified tyres to the British Grand Prix after teams failed to reach an agreement on their introduction.


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Teams block Pirelli’s plans to change Formula 1 tyres (BBC)

“The Italian company wanted to change the construction of the rear tyres following a series of failures this year. But the change was controversial and was blocked by some teams, who feared it would affect their competitiveness.”

New Jersey race on track for 2014, according to race promoter (Autosport)

Race promoter Leo Hindery: “We are on track for June 2014. It was nobody’s fault but mine [that it didn’t happen in 2013], it’s a Rubik’s cube that has had to come together.”

Sergio Perez feels his driving is being more closely examined after move to McLaren (Sky)

Perez: “If you look at my race last year in Monaco (with Sauber) I started last, and I made five or six moves into the chicane, and yet nobody commented on those.”

Pirelli wants help in the future following Mercedes test row (Autosport)

Paul Hembery: “It is very hard when you are being criticised: you know you can solve things or change things, and you are not allowed to. That is something we don’t want to have to go through again.”

Holy City turns racetrack for F1 Peace Roadshow (France 24)

“The Ferrari and Marussia Formula One teams were burning rubber in the first Jerusalem F1 Peace Roadshow on Thursday, roaring around the Holy City at speeds of up to 240 kilometres (150 miles) per hour.”

Ecclestone backing Pirelli over Mercedes Test (Speed)

Ecclestone: “Pirelli were doing the right thing, obviously. They couldn?t get out of a tire problem. If there had been proper testing, which there should be, they wouldn?t be in this problem. It?s only because there?s no proper testing that they?re in this problem.”

VIDEO: Ferrari F138 update package (F1.com)

“Ferrari’s impressive form in Canada – second for Fernando Alonso and a battling eighth for Felipe Massa – came off the back of a package of major updates that was successfully introduced to the F138 ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona (which Alonso won). In this video we take a closer look at the key areas in which the Scuderia have made changes.”


Comment of the day

With the dates of the Silverstone Young Drivers Test confirmed, @JackySteeg is going to try and attend, whether allowed to or not…

A friend and I tried to attend a GP2 test during the 2011 GP2 pre-season at Silverstone but we were kindly told we weren?t allowed into the circuit because it was an active construction site (the new wing was still being built).

But we parked on the roads in Silverstone Village, walked around the outside of the circuit and found plenty of gaps in the fence that we could view the cars through. No real places to sit or anything but we still had a reasonably good view from the grassy verge by the road. It was an unseasonably warm spring afternoon so it was actually a lovely day out! And as far as I know, these gaps still exist.

Obviously there may be better security for a ??closed?? F1 test but I?m definitely going to try to attend, even if I have to sit on a grassy roundabout again!

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How quickly could an F1 car catch a road car on the motorway from a standing start? @andae23 knows the answer…

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On this day in F1

John Miles turns 70 today. The former Lotus driver was Jochen Rindt’s team mate in the fateful 1970 season, when Rindt lost his life in Italy and later became champion posthumously.

Miles’ car was withdrawn at that race, and his place was taken by Reine Wisell thereafter. He did not return to F1 but continued to work with Lotus.