Stirling Moss, Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone, 2013

Caption Competition 32: Hamilton and Moss

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Stirling Moss, Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone, 2013

Past and present British F1 stars Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton met up at Silverstone recently to promote the next race on the calendar, the British Grand Prix.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion for the picture above in the comments and a selection of the best will be chosen for next Saturday’s round-up.

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

147 comments on “Caption Competition 32: Hamilton and Moss”

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  1. Further proof that you should be careful what you wish for, as Mercedes take Lewis Hamilton’s request to simplify his steering wheel a bit too far.

    1. Very good also!

    2. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      15th June 2013, 13:39

      Love this one!

  2. This looks interesting Sir… Could you please tell me from which pipe you stole this tap when you were a lad?

  3. “Of course you can drive it Lewis, you’re not a woman are you?”

  4. beep beep..

  5. “Try this… It’ll go faster than the one your racing on”. “But I can’t sir, This car doesn’t comply with the F1 rules” “Look buddy, just say it’s a sort of a test thing for Pirelli”

  6. Gav (@foxtrotoscar21)
    15th June 2013, 12:45

    So this second Pirelli test is definitely legal now it’s not the Mercedes W04..?

  7. Lewis preparing for the punishment Mercedes are about to receive from the FIA

    1. Haha! I like this one!

  8. My car is better, but how do you get your overalls so white?

  9. Moss: So I told Kimi, power steering problems…Finn please!

  10. You think F1 is difficult now? Well back in my day, we didn’t even attach the steering wheel to the car.

  11. Moss: “Lewis, my boy, as long as you can control that wheel in your hand, you’ll never need to bother about any others on the car.”

  12. Am I holding the steering wheel upside-down?

  13. “…and then I overtook Glock in the last corner to win the championship by a single point. Do you know how it feels like?”
    “You must be joking…”

    1. Hahaha gooood one :D

  14. And I thought the set of wheels I pulled were big!

  15. ‘Compared to mine, this is wheely basic’

  16. SM: “At night i take it home and use it to make pizzas”
    LH: “By the looks of it you make a fair few”

  17. So where did you store all the secret Pirelli information?

  18. Hamilton: But what is this??!!!
    Moss: what the… you broke my wheel man!! get out of my car.

  19. Dave Edwards
    15th June 2013, 13:37

    Stirling: “You fool – they said to turn up in blank overalls…”

  20. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    15th June 2013, 13:38

    “Is this a toy for my dog?”

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