Stirling Moss, Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone, 2013

Caption Competition 32: Hamilton and Moss

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Stirling Moss, Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone, 2013

Past and present British F1 stars Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton met up at Silverstone recently to promote the next race on the calendar, the British Grand Prix.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion for the picture above in the comments and a selection of the best will be chosen for next Saturday’s round-up.

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

147 comments on “Caption Competition 32: Hamilton and Moss”

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  1. “I like the quick release!”

  2. SM: Why did you pull that out, Its not supposed to come out!!

  3. Ryan (@ryanisjones)
    16th June 2013, 17:03

    Sometimes Lewis – and I’m sure Nicole would agree – you need real wood…

  4. Where is the DRS button?

  5. Hamilton: ”So will I still be overtaken by a Williams in this car?”

  6. HAM: “getting a lot of understeer..”
    HAM: “needs less buttons”

  7. Ben (@scuderia29)
    16th June 2013, 20:54

    Moss “you can borrow my car to test pirelli’s new compounds if you would like lewis?”
    Hamilton “no thanks grandad, theres cameras around”

  8. Honest… it just came of in me hands….

  9. Which bus did you boost this from, grandad?

  10. Lewis “Am I really supposed to hit Niko with this?”

  11. C’mon grand dad, surely you didn’t get any chicks with this?

  12. And you were on a tight budget, yeah? Didn’t get much Sterling back then?

  13. How did you have any grip with these tires?

  14. Listen son, this isn’t a steering wheel, we used four of these as actual wheels. So stop complaining
    about those Pirelli’s and imagine how it is to race with these wooden puppies!

  15. “There’s no buttons here… neither is Jenson!”

  16. No Lewis, you can’t use this for the bus Vettel says you drive.

  17. Sterling to Lewis: “Mine was bigger than yours.. Here, have a feel….”

  18. You have to attach to drive Lewis I hope you know that …………

  19. Stirling- that’s another fine you are due, even I know the steering wheel has to be put back after you get out!

  20. madwinchester
    18th June 2013, 9:05

    That’s right, and then I’d take it with me to the shops so nobody could steal the car.

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