Caption Competition 32: Hamilton and Moss

Caption Competition

Stirling Moss, Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone, 2013

Past and present British F1 stars Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton met up at Silverstone recently to promote the next race on the calendar, the British Grand Prix.

Submit your funniest caption suggestion for the picture above in the comments and a selection of the best will be chosen for next Saturday’s round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

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147 comments on Caption Competition 32: Hamilton and Moss

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  1. Andy Hunt said on 19th June 2013, 15:20

    So anyway Stirling, did you drive a racing car or a Dover to Calais Ferry with this wheel?

  2. Thiet-Ky (@rkei-nkrew) said on 20th June 2013, 8:06

    LH: “This isn’t a trophy!”

  3. Umar Majid (@um1234) said on 22nd June 2013, 1:10

    You would never have made it into F1 with that hairstyle

  4. Umar Majid (@um1234) said on 22nd June 2013, 1:11

    The steering wheel is alot bigger compared to mine
    Oh yeah, my balls are bigger than yours aswel

  5. Victor. (@victor) said on 22nd June 2013, 12:34

    I bet they can’t change this in 3 seconds.

  6. For Sure (@forsure) said on 22nd June 2013, 16:55

    Vroom! Vroom! Lewis Hamilton pretends to be a stunt pilot while his company-appointed grandfather Stirling Moss looks on.

  7. mkw11 (@mkw11) said on 24th June 2013, 16:20

    SM: Hi I am Dr. Evil and this is my Minime.

    LH: That’s one heck of a Minime but it won’t fit into my girlfriend’s purse.

  8. Johnny Higgs said on 30th September 2013, 2:35

    …and so, Lewis, if you stay detached from women like my old steering wheel here …… then they wont drive you around the bend !!!

  9. HAM-“And what is this called, Grampa?”
    MOS-“It’s called a STEERING WHEEL you fool!!!!!”

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