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Formula One booksFormula One information comes at us so quickly and in such quantities that in can be hard to take it all in.

We can watch Grands Prix on a dozen channels simultaneously. Type Lewis Hamilton’s name into a search engine and you’re offered 87 million pages to read. Twitter drips 140 characters of information into our brains in one-second bursts.

The printed page has much competition for our attention – and when it comes to F1 literature we are also spoiled for choice. But a well-written book can give a depth of understanding of a subject that hyperactive social networks can never approach.

That’s why F1 Fanatic keeps abreast of new Formula One book releases. Well over 100 of them have appeared here over the years.

Now F1 Fanatic offers a single page for you to browse them all at ease. The new book reviews archive has been several weeks in the making and allows you to quickly sort through reviews of over 100 F1 books.

They are indexed by subject as well as title, author and year, allowing you to quickly find books on whatever topic you’re interested in. And you can sort the list by rating to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Head over to the new F1 Fanatic book reviews archive now and find your next motorsport must-read:

How many have you read? What are your favourite Formula One books? Have your say in the comments.


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