Murray Walker, McLaren MP4-12C dealership event, 2011

Murray Walker diagnosed with ??mild? form of cancer

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Murray Walker, McLaren MP4-12C dealership event, 2011In the round-up: Iconic British Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker has revealed that he has been diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer.


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Murray Walker: F1 commentator diagnosed with cancer (BBC)

Murray Walker: “They’ve caught it incredibly early. It’s treatable, the doctors say my condition is mild and I’m very hopeful.”

Pirelli warns blocked tyre changes will mean four-stop races (Autosport)

Paul Hembery: “We would have needed to change the hard compound to avoid that, but to do that we would need the agreement from all the teams and we know that is not going to happen.”

??145 British Grand Prix tickets leave sales in the slow lane as fans rebel against price rises (Independent)

“The cheapest tickets for next?s Sunday?s race at Silverstone start at ??145 ?ǣ among the highest of any Grand Prix. This appears to have priced out many F1 enthusiasts as the downturn bites, with a course spokesman admitting to The Independent yesterday that sales ??aren?t that strong.??”

Ellinas to make test debut with Marussia this week (

“Ellinas will conduct a scheduled straight-line aerodynamic evaluation with the team at the UK?s Kemble Airfield on Tuesday.”

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff says team ‘can do no more’ ahead of Testgate Tribunal hearing (SkyF1)

Toto Wolff: “On Thursday the judgement comes and we will see whether we can live with it. We have no feelings, neither a positive nor a negative. Our belief is we have done nothing wrong.”

Jenson Button says women will drive in Formula One again (Guardian)

Jenson Button: “It is possible. The big issue is that I don’t think women are given the opportunity at an early age. There are a couple of women racing in Nascar, have actually won races. I think it will change over the years, get women in [at] lower levels but it is a very demanding sport. It is specific training and taking time to get race fit. I personally think it’s possible.”


Comment of the day

After news that Williams stand to lose ??20m after Jaguar pulled the plug on a joint supercar project, F1Fanatic reader @Colossal-Squid has sympathy for the Grove team.

Terrible to hear of more bad news for Williams. Not only are they having the worst season in their history but ??20m isn?t exactly pocket change for their organisation either. I really hope Williams can find some success and soon. I can?t imagine F1 without Williams, and I equally can?t imagine that a team as big as Williams can survive long while losing both on the track and off it.

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Denny Hulme, the 1967 world champion, was born on this day in 1936.

Hulme lost his life when he suffered a heart attack while competing in the Bathurst 1000 in 1992. At the age of 56, he was the first Formula One world champion to die of natural causes.