Genii Capital sell 35 per cent stake in Lotus

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013In the round-up: Lotus F1 owners Genii Capital have sold a 35 per cent stake in the team to a new investment group, Infinity Racing.


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Lotus owner Genii Capital sells 35 per cent stake to Infinity Racing (Autosport)

Eric Lux: “In Infinity Racing, we have found a partner with the right connections in addition to technological expertise and a global reach in major markets with key sponsors to achieve this goal.”

Fox News pundit behind new Lotus shareholder (Speed)

“Money from the United States, Abu Dhabi and Brunei is backing Infinity Racing Partners, the consortium which has acquired 35 percent of the Lotus F1 team ?ǣ and the man behind has worked as a FOX News analyst.”

Eric Boullier believes Lotus can still challenge at the front despite recent slump (Sky)

Eric Boullier: “We didn’t have five podiums at the start of the season just by chance. It is because the package is competitive – we may struggle sometimes on some tracks, but we know this know and we have to work on this now to avoid this happening again this season on low-energy tracks.”

Jenson Button sure McLaren will be stronger in F1 British GP (Autosport)

“Jenson Button has faith that he and McLaren can still give home fans something to cheer about in the British Grand Prix, despite recent struggles.”

AUDIO: Murray Walker focused on fast recovery after cancer diagnosis (BBC)

“Murray Walker says he is concentrating on “getting back to form as quickly as I possibly can” after being diagnosed with cancer.”

Mark Webber would be embraced by all if he returned to sportscars, says Allan McNish (Huffington Post)

Allan McNish: “If Mark did decide to come we would all embrace him with open arms ?ǣ until the first corner. He wouldn?t want it any other way! He?s a hard charger, he?s intelligent, he?s a thinker, he?s a nice person, he?d be good in the paddock.”

F1 Party to feature ??once-in-a-lifetime? charity auction (

“A host of luxury items and experiences will be sold throughout the night as part of the exciting auctions and raffle, enabling us to raise vital funds towards the work of Great Ormond Street Hospital.”

VIDEO: Jenson Button and Ron Dennis on how to succeed in F1 (Guardian)

“The Formula One driver and McLaren’s executive director discuss the fine margins that separate success from failure in top level motor sport ?ǣ and why coming first is not always what the sponsors want.”


Comment of the day

With Silverstone yet to sell out of tickets for the British Grand Prix, @jlracing thinks the reasons fans are staying away has less to do with the lack of British success this year and more to do with the ticket prices…

I have to say the tickets at Silverstone are very expensive.
I and a friend of mine go to the GP at the Nurburgring in a few weeks time.
We have weekend tickets for standing places in front of the chicane, and they cost us ??76 per person (89 euros).

Furthermore we sleep at a camping for ??60 (70 euros) per person, including parking the car.

So for the whole weekend we pay only ??136.
And even that is cheaper than the cheapest tickets at Silverstone.

From the forum

Comparing Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton’s achievements since 2007.

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On this day in F1

F1’s last race in Detroit, held 25 years ago today, was won by Ayrton Senna.

Alain Prost finished a distant second, giving McLaren their fourth one-two in six races. Thierry Boutsen was a lapped third for Benetton.

IndyCar took over the event from 1989 as it moved from the city track to a course on Belle Isle which the series still uses today. Here are the final laps of F1’s last Detroit Grand Prix:

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