FIA verdict on Mercedes-Pirelli test due today

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013In the round-up: The FIA is expected to give its verdict on the hearing on whether Mercedes’ test at the Circuit de Catalunya prior to the Monaco Grand Prix broke the rules.


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Mercedes say FIA treating Ferrari differently over ‘secret’ tyre tests (The Guardian)

Paul Harris (lawyer representing Mercedes): “Ferrari was even more involved in the actual testing than we were, they booked and paid for the circuit. They are not criticised.”

Mercedes challenges Ferrari’s tyre test (Autosport)

“Mercedes also revealed that Ferrari had another testing opportunity in 2012 with Pirelli, when Felipe Massa was used in its pre-Spanish Grand Prix test and that the team conducted more than 1,000 kilometres.”

Update: The above quote has been altered in the original article since the round-up was published. See the link above for the amended quote. Thanks to @wsrgo for the tip.

Mercedes accuse FIA of Ferrari test hypocrisy (The Telegraph)

“Mercedes said they regretted the fact that their drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, wore anonymous black helmets when driving at the test. They said that they did so in order to minimise the need for security. ‘We acknowledge this aspect was bound to raise suspicion and this is regrettable,’ Harris said.”

FIA tyre hearing sees Mercedes blame Pirelli for tests (The Independent)

“Mark Howard QC, speaking first on behalf of the FIA as the body’s legal representative, said [FIA race director Charlie] Whiting’s consent was ‘irrelevant’. Howard said that Whiting was not authorised to amend Article 22 of the Sporting Regulations, saying such a move could only be undertaken by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council.”

Mercedes willing to forego young driver test (Reuters)

Harris: “If… we are in this sort of territory then it is open to the International Tribunal to impose exclusions actual or suspended from events that are under the FIA jurisdiction such as the young driver test.”

Verdict awaited after Mercedes hearing (MotorSport)

“Ross Brawn was adamant initially that Mercedes gained no benefit from the test and that Pirelli had not told the team what tyres it was running, although under question he conceded that inevitably there was some benefit.”

Lauda tried to avoid tribunal (ESPN)

“Red Bull lodged the protest against us with Ferrari, agreed an out-of-court deal with Bernie Ecclestone and to make it happen it needed a letter from Mercedes to FIA boss [Jean] Todt. But our bosses Toto Wolff and Ross Brawn refused. Now they have to live with it.”

Christian Horner Q&A (Sky)

“It’s for the Tribunal to decide, it’s not for us to comment on what the penalties should be, but normally if you commit a sporting offence then it is a sporting penalty which goes with it.”

Mercedes did not get test permission – FIA (BBC)

“Pirelli’s counsel Dominique Dumas argued that as a supplier the company was not subject to the FIA’s authority or jurisdiction.”

Byron Young on Mercedes and tyregate (The Mirror)

“Stripping the team of its Monte Carlo victory could be a step too far and see the car giant walk away from F1 if its reputation is tarnished.”

First day on the virtual track for Massa (Ferrari)

“For Felipe Massa, the time has come to get back into the cockpit of a Formula 1 car, even if in this case it?s only a virtual one: a lot of hours in the simulator and a long time talking to his engineers to analyse the data from the last few races was on the Brazilian?s agenda, starting this morning in Maranello.”

No place in the F1 community for fans who boo or hate drivers (Motorsport Reports)

“The lack of respect for [Sebastian] Vettel (especially) and other drivers is just shocking. Every fan base will always have a few idiots, but in the last few years, more F1 fans have turned into those football fans who say the most vile things as shown above.”


Comment of the day

The Pirelli angle to the FIA International Tribunal is a cause of concern for @MazdaChris:

It absolutely beggars belief that F1 would find itself in this situation. I know that people seem to think that Ecclestone is an omnipotent puppet master, always in control of the situation, but it?s hard to see how this situation is anything but a disaster: FIA having a massive falling out with the only company who could conceivably supply tyres for next year, and it’s just becoming more and more bitter.

With Pirelli citing the Briatore case they?re sending a clear message ?ǣ mess with us and we’ll take you to court. Hardly conducive to ongoing contract negotiations.

Thing I also find interesting is that Pirelli seem to be exclusively interested in saying that they can do what they want and it?s none of the business of the FIA. I think if Mercedes were hoping for Pirelli to come in and defend them, then they?re sorely mistaken.

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On this day in F1

Alberto Ascari won the Belgian Grand Prix 60 years ago today, as he had also done the year before. What’s more, he’d also won every intervening world championship race (bar the Indianapolis 500, which he did not enter), setting a record of nine consecutive F1 wins that remains unbroken.

It was a one-two for Ferrari at Spa with Luigi Villoresi finishing second ahead of Onofre Marimon’s Maserati.

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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139 comments on FIA verdict on Mercedes-Pirelli test due today

  1. Girts (@girts) said on 21st June 2013, 8:00

    That’s a good article about fans’ attitude, it’s sad that some people lack any respect for the heros that all F1 drivers are. I know I have sometimes been angry towards some drivers and I also have my favourites but I would never call any driver names on Twitter or anywhere else.

    That said, I have to admit that those fans, who spend 90% of their time complaining about the lack of respect for their favourite driver annoy me, too. That’s just unproductive and boring. I think that most fans are able to share their opinions “with decorum and civility”, as one website has put it. But I’m not sure if there are many, who can truly raise above their prejudices and who really want to analyse and understand what’s going on in F1.

  2. Alex Brown (@splittimes) said on 21st June 2013, 8:07

    FIA: You broke the rules!
    Mercedes: You said we could!
    FIA: Well, kind of, but you didn’t tell us you actually would.
    Mercedes: But we just lent our stuff to Paul so he could break the rules.
    Paul: We can do what we like.
    Mercedes: And anyway, Ferrari did it too! Honest! And they didn’t even ask first!

  3. LifeW12 (@lifew12) said on 21st June 2013, 9:22

    We need to have Mercedes in the championship, they are offering the only real challenge to the Red Dulls right now. We don’t need another Vettel romp.

  4. JamieFranklinF1 (@jamiefranklinf1) said on 21st June 2013, 9:41

    I have to agree with that last article, I’m not the biggest fan of Vettel, but I still respect that he has a lot of talent, and for the fans in Canada to boo his victory was downright disrespectful. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I always imagined F1 had a little more class about it than that. I could understand if the Grand Prix was won under false pretenses, as in Austria ’02, but Vettel won that Grand Prix fair and square and doesn’t deserve for the fans to treat him like that.

    Again, I understand the passion, and not everyone will be happy to see him win, but come on give the guy the credit he deserves for once.

  5. mcewan7 (@mcewan7) said on 21st June 2013, 9:42

    The blame lies firmly at the feet of the FIA. The fact is that Mercedes reached out to the FIA about using a 2013 car before hand. If the FIA feel that using a 2013 is such a breach of the rules that they have taken Mercedes to tribunal over. Then why the hell was there not a firm ‘NO’ from them in the first instance.

    Their stance from the start should have been no. It wasn’t, it was a yes with conditions. But then we all know the FIA is a joke.

    • Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 21st June 2013, 9:54

      @mcewan7 – The FIA’s stance is that they had no issue with Mercedes using a 2013 car, but that they never actually gave permission for it to be used. They treated Mercedes’ enquiry as a general request for clarification, rather than a direct question of whether it could be used in an upcoming test. Which one it comes down to hinges on the wording of the actual request.

    • Lee1 said on 21st June 2013, 11:15

      It is not just about the 2013 car, It is about using current drivers in that car and also about the fact that neither Mercedes or Pirelli seemed to think letting the other teams know about this was not necessary. It is clear to me that Mercedes were going in to a very grey area with this test so 1) should not have just taken the FIAs Lawyers word as they should have got their own lawyers to look through it too. 2) They should have let the other teams know what was happening ( even if they did not think it was their job to do so) as that would have been the intelligent and correct thing to do. It would have enabled the other teams to question the FIA and also would have meant that Mercedes themselves were being transparent about the test.

      As it is they have made themselves look like they were part of a secret plot (even if this is not strictly the case). It would have just been common sense to let the other teams know.

      We are no in the position where even if they are found innocent they have still gained significant benefits from the testing which the other teams will want to see put right in some way or other. The fact that they are in this position is entirely their own fault.

  6. SeaHorse (@seahorse) said on 21st June 2013, 11:00

    Anyone have any idea on when would the International Tribunal’s sitting commences today? Also whether there would be continuation of the hearing or only delivering the verdict?

  7. Reprimand for MERC and Pirelli. Merc suspended form forthcoming Young Driver Test. Predictable outcome I reckon. But fair enough.

    Reckon Horner is foaming at the mouth though… lol

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