FIA to “strengthen” controls on testing

2013 F1 season

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2011The FIA has pledged to “strengthen” how it regulates testing in Formula One following Mercedes’ punishment for conducting a test with Pirelli ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ferrari also conducted a test for Pirelli in April and it emerged during yesterday’s Tribunal hearing they had previously done so during 2012 as well.

“The FIA wishes that lessons are learnt from this case and from the decision handed down,” said the sport’s governing body in a statement today. “To this end, the FIA will make sure, in association with all F1 teams, that its control of the testings is strengthened.”

“It is recalled that the notification of the FIA International Tribunal’s decision opens to each of the parties concerned the possibility of bringing an appeal against this decision before the FIA International Court of Appeal within seven days,” it added.

The FIA admitted following the hearing that Mercedes “had no reason to believe” it was breaking the rules by conducting the test.

Mercedes and Ferrari Pirelli tyre test row

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Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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8 comments on FIA to “strengthen” controls on testing

  1. Manished said on 21st June 2013, 14:07

    FIA is a joke.

    jean todt should step down

  2. crr917 (@crr917) said on 21st June 2013, 14:09

    Several years after testing ban was introduced FIA will actually start to police it? About time :)

  3. Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 21st June 2013, 14:17

    “…the FIA will make sure, in association with all F1 teams, that its control of the testings is strengthened.”

    This seems to be very much like an empty phrase for me.

    My guess is that the Pirelli mailboxes are now full of team letters requesting the tyre supplier to organise a test ‘for it to better prepare for 2014 with its compounds’.

  4. Aditya (@adityafakhri) said on 21st June 2013, 16:38

    Ross Brawn’s mindset:
    if you found a loophole or something ambiguous in the regulations, you gotta be first to give it a go. FIA won’t really punish you and the other team won’t gain anything as you learned before.

    • DaveW (@dmw) said on 21st June 2013, 16:45

      Yes, Brawn has a troubling mindset. But I compare it to Ferrari’s:

      We don’t need any loopholes. We run our secret tests when we please. Even when FIA tribunal exposes them in an official process, they just do the three-monkeys routine and move on to other team’s delicts.

      Notice that Keith put a picture of a Ferrari under the story talking about clarifying testing rules? He’s sly like that.

    • Great victory I say after reading to all the statements it seems fair that Mercedes weren’t heavily penalized.

  5. RACERNORRISKI (@racernorriski) said on 21st June 2013, 20:33

    Does anyone remember when Bridgestone built tyres for Ferrari / Schumi based on private tests????? What happened to RACING in F1? Now we just grouse about FIA (which are a pretty lame organization at best … even back in the day if you watched the Senna movie) and tyres. Let them race, I say!!! Also tired of reviewing after the race and tired of penalties for allegedly getting in someones way during qualifying, and so on and so on. LET THEM RACE. Thanks RnR

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