Rosberg: Retirements have hurt points tally

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Melbourne, 2013In the round-up: Nico Rosberg says he’d be closer to team mate Lewis Hamilton in the championship if it hadn’t been for his two retirements.


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Lew better watch your back (The Sun)

“A lot of things have come into play. I have had two DNFs for example, which have been very hurtful to my points tally. It would be great to finish ahead of Lewis, but the priority is really doing a good job and making sure I get as many points in the championship as possible.”

Jackie Stewart film ‘shelved’ over false claim that Formula 1 legend’s wife had an affair with his co-driver (The Mail)

“It was going to be a big film ?ǣ but they wanted to say that I?d had an affair with Francois Cevert… and I wouldn?t let them do it, because it wasn?t true.”


Comment of the day

Thoughts on the Le Mans 24 Hours from a reader who was there:

Am just back home from the track (I live in Brittany) ?ǣ hadn?t planned on going to the race until a week before, as unbeknownst to be, my girlfriend had entered a competition and won some tickets for me so I couldn?t say no! First time there since 2006, and it?s still great to hear the Corvette V8???s thunder and marvel at how the Audis just whistle by, but I could swear their turbos have got louder since their original diesel racers.

I was just before the Esses de la Foret at the start and saw Lapierre?s move up to third, awesome! The race in itself seemed to have fairly few twists overall ?ǣ the conjunction of a puncture on number three and an alternator problem on the number one sending it from first to last in class was probably the biggest turning point for the front-runners, meaning it was up to number two to hold off the Toyotas.

So congrats to Loic Duval and Allan McNish, and of course the Great Dane Tom Kristensen on his ninth win, to Audi for their 12th (the match will truly be on between them and Porsche to see if the Rings will tie Porsche?s 13 wins)! What struck me also was the reliability rate: only two cars out before midnight (+ a third that had hardly seen the track but hadn?t yet retired, the number 28 Gulf Middle East Lola-Nissan), still nearly 50 cars on track at seven in the morning and 43 running at the end with 42 cars classified, that?s got to be a record!

Somewhat surprising result in GTE Pro: I wasn?t sure whether Porsche would figure, let alone get a one-two! Aston Martin will probably be disappointed with third in class, having seen Fred Mako crash the number 99 mid-morning, but most of all they will be saddened, as all race fans are, at the loss of their lead GTE Am driver, Allan Simonsen.

I hadn?t seen the crash as I wasn?t in front of a big screen and and there was no worry in the trackside commentaries immediately afterwards, so when a friend away from the track called me with the news, I was taken aback. I gave the news to an uncle I had met up with, and he was saddened too ?ǣ his daughter being a fan of Aston Martin, he had got the whole team?s driver autographs (except Bruno Senna), including Allan?s.

Amidst the tragedy, it seems somewhat fitting that the race winning crew should have a Dane and a driver called Allan.


Stoffel Vandoorne, Fortec, Formula Renault 3.5, Moscow Racing, 2013

McLaren young driver Stoffel Vandoorne added a second victory at the Moscow Raceway in Formula Renault 3.5 yesterday having also won on Saturday. He takes a three-point lead in the championship over fellow McLaren junior race Kevin Magnussen.

Red Bull’s young driver Antonio Felix da Costa posted his third no-score of the year leaving him 47 points adrift of Vandoorne in the title race.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Andrew Smith, Daniel and Inc0Mmunicado!

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On this day in F1

Fernando Alonso claimed a surprise win at home one year ago today, winning the European Grand Prix from 11th on the grid.

But was that the last we’ll see of the unloved Valencia Street Circuit?

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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  • 54 comments on “Rosberg: Retirements have hurt points tally”

    1. JimmyTheIllustratedBlindSolidSilverBeachStackapopolis III
      24th June 2013, 0:14

      now the glove is on the other ear aye nico?

    2. Fantastic COTD, nothing else I can really say to that.

      What has happened to Da Costa this year? He’s not been so frightening to the level that we saw last year.

      And Nico has stated the obvious really… ;)

      It was also a great win for Hinchcliffe in the IndyCar too, really like that guy!

      1. Yes, always nice to read from the people that was on track.

        Don´t know but Da Costa better look for his groove and get it back. The Doctor isn´t very patient as we all know. ;)

        1. I remember how many people mentioned Da Costa was already unbeatable even before the season started, either he has missed a trick over the winter, or being a far out favorite does not sit well with him.
          Or its possible that both Stoffel Vandoorne and Kevin Magnussen came into the season with incredible form.

          1. A bit like Rosberg really, got unlucky in the first race and has had 2 mechanical failures.
            I’m not saying that he would have won all 3 races but he also wouldn’t be 80 odd points adrift.
            that being said, both the mclaren jrs have had incredible form all year.

          2. I must say he has been incredibly unlucky this year. The team makes mistakes, the car fails, the tyres fail, I mean… it’s getting ridiculous. It’s almost like there’s a plot against him. The pressure can be getting to him, I admit, but he has been under huge pressure at other times and he has been better than this.

            1. I haven´t follow his career so I wouldn´t know. Hope he can find his form and get the team sorted, not at all his fall, but I was under the impression that Arden (Horner and Webber´s team) was one of the best to be in. Bue maybe being a new team in a different formula hadn´t turn them well.

              Best of luck to Da Costa

        2. Bad luck as played a big role.

    3. Caption the second picture on that article about JYS’s film…

    4. I remember there were reports a few months ago of the Valencia Street Circuit falling into disrepair. “Unloved” certainly seems fitting, and I just don’t see it returning.

    5. Good on the Stewarts for not caving in to the Hollywood cash for rubbish gravy train. Many times real stories are more interesting than bad fiction. It is an insult from the would be director Pohlad that the only way the audience would be interested in this movie is if is tawdry. Can’t he make a good movie without that?

      Speaking of F1 movies, just bought Grand Prix special edition 2 disc set for under U$4 yesterday. Haven’t watched it for years and I’m looking forward to it. It came out when I was just a kid who had got into F1, Jim Clark, etc. Not too tawdry though. LOL

    6. Oh Nico please…. If my grandma wouldn´t of have died, she would still be alive. Get over it!

      1. Here we say something else. I don’t know if it is appropriate to say ;)

        1. @sigman1998
          private message me for the saying in your country! XD

      2. He just wanted to highlight a fact that has impacted his points tally.

        I wouldn’t call names on Lewis if he said he did stand a major chance to win last years championship with a bit more “luck”…

    7. Nico is right, but it’s really important to finish, that’s why Ham has those points, because he shows consisted results~.

      As for Felix da Costa, it’s time for one of 2 things, or he wake up and get the results, or he has to be substituted. It hurts for me for saying that, because i think he has the talent, and beeing portuguese, we don’t have anyone else aside him.

      1. Nico is right, but it’s really important to finish, that’s why Ham has those points, because he shows consisted results~.

        It’s not as if the DNF’s Rosberg had in Australia and China were his fault.

        1. Maybe so, but in the end, beeing his or the team mistakes, Hamilton is in front in the championship, but if it wasn’t so, Hamilton was behind for sure…Don’t forget Malasyia too where Nico was way faster than Hamilton…

        2. Either way, we have to remember that LH is still settling in to a new team. It’ll be next season when we see what his pace and consistency are like. People seem to forget this when comparing LH & NR.

          1. @3dom Agreed. LH is new to the team and is doing very well based on that. We also should remember, as Funkyf1 points out below, that NR was told to hold station behind LH in the first race, and obeyed that team order when he was clearly faster. I’m more of an NR fan than LH but I think they are both doing well and should be very close to each other most of the time and will make a fomidable team when the car gets sorted.

      2. As for Felix da Costa, it’s time for one of 2 things, or he wake up and get the results, or he has to be substituted. It hurts for me for saying that, because i think he has the talent, and beeing portuguese, we don’t have anyone else aside him.

        Don´t you think you are being a bit to harsh? His teammate is in 19 position…

    8. Not sure if any of you followed the recent cricket champions trophy held in England. Rain played spoilsport there. It would rain for a minute, then it would be dry again for 10 minutes after which it would rain again for 15 minutes and then it would be dry again. Then rain again in 20 mins.

      If it rains similarly at Silverstone next weekend, we are in for a cracker of a race.

      1. I hope not! Last year I was a drowned rat and I really don’t fancy a repeat this year!

        1. Sorry mate, but I do hope it rains, makes it much more entertaining watching it from the telly at home :-)

      2. It will definitely rain now that Pirelli are bringing the harder test tyres to Silverstone. Everywhere they go, the rain follows…

    9. Da Costa needs some better weekends fast otherwise he’s going to fade in the title race. He clearly has some immense speed, now he just needs to show it!

      1. He’s had some bad luck until now, while Vandoorne and Magnusen have had some pretty consistent seasons so far. Le’ts just hope that things turn around a little bit in favour of Da Costa!

        1. He has had some bad luck, but he’s clearly not the “wünderkind” everybody thought last year.

          Frijns said it last year, it’s fine comming into a series late and drive without pressure, but when you’re fighting for the title, it’s a different story. So far Da Costa in my oppinion hasn’t delivered and I think it’s at least partially due to the pressure.

    10. As a father, especially after this sad weekend at Le Mans, I can understand Rosbergs mum:

      He added: “She still does not watch because she is frightened. It is a pity as it would be nice for her to celebrate too.
      “She missed my win in Monaco. She did the ironing instead. She might also go for a walk or something, but she would not watch the race.”

      1. Maybe she can’t stand her son being told not to pass Lewis when he is obviously quicker than him.

    11. Apparently Red Bull will carry out a test with their current drivers as well. They would accept a reprimand as penalty:

      1. haha, only because now the rules have been made clearer by Mercedes being found guilty of infringement, they would knowingly ignore the rules and definitely would not get so lenient a penalty. That ship has sailed for them.

      2. Impressivly childish if true! :D

        As @bascb said, a main reason for the punishment being leinient was because the FIA admitted some responsibility. If Red Bull decided to carry out a test now, there would be no fault to be put on the FIA and Red Bull would get a much harsher penalty.

        It’s all talk though anyway – there is no way Red Bull would risk getting banned when they already have the fastest car and driver.

      3. @bascb @petebaldwin what trouble would they get in? Yes Merc were let off because FIA still have an issue with contradicting themselves and creating the opening that allow these issues. Which is something I said on this blog and other forums. What was the main issue of FIA allowing this contradiction was the use of the 2013 spec car, not the use of current drivers; if 2013 drivers were the issue, then Ferrari would still be in hot water so RBR should be clean to run Vettel and Webber.

        If penalty is pursued by the FIA, then it would be in the best interest of RBR to have Ferrari also be punished as well and for more than just using a main driver. There is still the issue of 1000km plus, paying for the test themselves making it not look as if Pirelli were in charge of the tests. So…

        1. The FIA stated that they believed Mercedes to unknowingly break the rules and that they believed they had gained permission to test.

          Red Bull will know that they don’t have permission and that they are knowingly breaking the rules.

          If they are intending to use an old car, they are wading into yet another grey area. Ferrari got away with it but I wouldn’t want to try that as any other team!

        2. The drivers used had nothing to do with it (apart from increasing the amount of bad faith others see in it), as testing rules does not say anything on what drivers can or should be used for testing or filming, or straight line testing or doing a promotion event @magillagorilla.

          I do not know how much you understand normal legal procedures, but its quite normal that when a person (or company) does something that is against the law, but the law until then had been unclear to an extent, a court finds them guilty but at the same time makes clear what the rule allows and does not allow.

          So after that verdict, there is no unclarity anymore and anyone who would try to do the same as the first person had done would now be doing so while being perfectly aware of doing something against the rules. And therefore they would be intentionally breaking the rules and get a far more severe penalty.

    12. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
      24th June 2013, 10:36

      Has anyone else listened to this? If that is the soundtrack to the new era of F1, then I may have to watch races on mute, playing a F1 V10 soundtrack in the background. Honestly though, it sounds like a racing car with a sore throat!!!

      1. @william-brierty There was a lot of discussion of it when it was on the site last week.

      2. Agreed, sounds awful, but I’m still optimistic hoping it will sound better on track in 2014

      3. Maybe by round 2 they will add huge chrome exhaust tips for some street cred

        1. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
          24th June 2013, 11:31

          +1 :-)

      4. Doesn´t sound that bad. Give it time , it will grow up on you…

      5. @william-brierty to be honest I don’t actually mind the sound considering these engines will be vastly more sophisticated that those that precede them. However, I don’t like the change to the rules to accommodate the extra weight: it should remain at 640kg, otherwise it is just hindering efficiency!


      I will not argue that there is a sour aftertaste remaining after the Testgate scandal. However, in these straightened times I have to question the wisdom of hounding Mercedes any further, especially when we hear reports that the board at Daimler are looking for an excuse to withdraw from F1. Next year no less than 4 teams are scheduled to use the Mercedes engines, Renault are unwilling to supply more teams and I doubt Ferrari would come to the rescue. In fact, I think Ron Dennis would rather eat his own fingers than stick a Ferrari motor in a Mclaren. So, if Mercedes were forced into a postion where they felt they had no alternative but to call time on the F1 program the ramifications would be far reaching indeed! 4 teams without power plants, safety/medical car supplier would be required, huge voids in circuit sponsorship and so on.

      Does Christian Horner really want this sort of thing on his CV? Imagine being the guy that brought about the demise of not one but 4 great teams. If I was paying him I’d be seriously considering telling him to pipe down a bit. Mercedes has been shamed publicly, the punishment is irrelevant to some degree and I think tearing the sport apart would be pretty detrimental to the Red Bull image. I know Brawn is claiming they are whiter than white but anyone with half a brain knows that just isn’t true so I think the Bulls would be well advised to just let it lie now before we get into dangerous territory.

      1. jimscreechy (@)
        24th June 2013, 12:29

        I’m inclined to agree with you @coefficient.

      2. I am pretty sure that its not something they are seriously considering at all @coefficient, otherwise they could just as well pull out of the sport from next year onward really.

        Such a move might actually make sense, pulling out after winning 4 championships in a row. After all, its much the same as with Audi winning le Mans after LeMans, the rewards for doing so get less and less for Marketing.

      3. Hm, the more I read and think about it, is it a coincidence that the 2 teams who are loudest here are the ones that Pulled out of the FOTA and signed with bernie to break the teams negotiation position for the Concorde Agreement?

        As now the FIA is the one holding out for more money, I can imagine Bernie not being all that unhappy to have these two make a lot of noise to try and hurt Todt, who will be up for election for his second term soon.

      4. @coefficient imagine also having “4 time constructor’s championship-winning team principle” on your CV (assuming they win this year) and likely more. Awful! ;)

        1. @MaxJacobson
          Well, that is his record but any future successes if measured against the likes of Torro Rosso rather than Mclaren and Mercedes would be hollow victories. What is the point in winning a race on a Stallion when the rest of the competition are on Donkeys? We’d be back to the Schumacher/Ferrari era of snorefest seasons and small grids.

          F1 has other problems too, I’m already being put off by this current dull format of “oh no sir, after you, I’m on a different strategy so can’t ask too much of my tyres” and “please do this lap time for x number of laps and then this lap time”. Imagine how dull it would be with only a couple of quick teams and everyone else way behind. I want to see the top drivers in a mouth frothing frenzy, seat of the pants, swashbuckling desperate battle for victory pushing the cars to the limit in close quarters.

          Ya see, for me F1 is lacking balance. Yes it needs great and interesting technology but it also needs its romance and that is sadly lacking. This “romance” comes from the fans perception of the drivers being locked in mortal gladitorial combat, on a knife edge giving it everything for that final advantage. F1 does not conjour up this sort of emotive response anymore because we know the drivers are operating as a component in the car rather than thrashing the living daylights out of it and forcing it to do their bidding. The passion is no longer evident.

          I’ve found recently that the British Superbikes Championship is possibly the most exciting racing out there at the moment. No nonesense, gutsy racing on dangerous circuits and dangerous bikes. Nothing can hold a candle to it for thrills currently, least of all F1.

    14. FlyingLobster27
      24th June 2013, 12:27

      Second COTD, thanks Keith! As a regular visitor, it’s probably high time I got an account on here. ^^
      If I may add another aspect I forgot to mention, it was the weather. While it spiced up the race (we saw a few cars slide off at the Dunlop curves on the damp track), from a spectator point of view, it really wasn’t nice sitting in the fresh wind and drizzle. Not June weather at all; actually, where I live we’re still pretty much stuck in Autumn.

    15. I just read this nice piece with an interview with Sutil, where they ask him about Hamilton’s recent remarks about his McLaren years having held him back.

      Seems Sutil is defenitely the more level headed of these two. But maybe teammate Paul die Resta should heed Sutils words too:

      If you say you’re the best,” Sutil said, “it’s the beginning of the end. Because if you believe that, you stop working on yourself.

      1. Taking this quote into the context of the interview which is largely about Sutil’s relationship with LH, I would say he is taking a bitter shot at LH moreso than speaking a truth. I think it is of pretty common belief that in order to be a succesful F1 driver you need a pretty big ego, so I think it is highly possible for the best F1 drivers to believe they are among the best AND work hard on themselves to ensure that and prove it. And I think that is the case with most pro athletes…they constantly practice and try to learn and improve and in many cases HAVE to believe they are the best to ensure psychological strength. That’s not to say Sutil isn’t right that some might stop working on themselves if they think they’re the best, but I think that is far more the exception than the rule when it comes to top athletes. And LH doesn’t say he IS the best, but that he is among the best, which means he himself likely knows there is room for improvement, and in fact admitted it in recent weeks with regards to braking. Sutil is no longer an LH fan.

      2. I have to agree with @Robbie. If you haven’t done competitive sports to a high level, it is quite impossible to know the ego that sportsmen have. This ego is necessary for them to stay at the top; but they know they have to keep working hard to stay there; and this is what drives them. That is why the best sportsmen/women are obesseive about what they do, whilst still believing they are the best in their field. Serena Williams said in her documentary that she hates losing more than she loves winning. her main motivation is the possibility of losing – which is the worst thing that can happen to a highly competitive athlete, rather than the joy of winning. Which is why i find it funny when people complain about sportsmen who sulk when they come second or third; because they came there to win, not to come second/third. Onnly a loser is happy losing. Show me a happy loser, and i’l bet you he is not, and will never be the best in his field.

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