Antonio Felix da Costa, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2013

Red Bull ‘considering Young Drivers’ Test boycott’

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Antonio Felix da Costa, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2013In the round-up: Red Bull have threatened to hold their own test instead of appearing at the Young Drivers’ Test following the outcome of last week’s FIA Tribunal.


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Red Bull may put FIA to test (The Times, subscription required)

“Red Bull executives are considering boycotting the young drivers’ test to set up their own private session in a mirror of the Mercedes case. A private test would breach the FIA rule book but Red Bull are said to have told [Bernie] Ecclestone that they would take the risk of a reprimand – the punishment meted out to Mercedes – for the benefit of three days of testing.”

Maldonado says FW35 suits Bottas better (Autosport)

“We have different driving styles, he drives very gently and is very smooth with the car – this is not my way. My way is to put energy into the car and that is how I was very quick last year.”

Pirelli bringing experimental hard tyre to Silverstone again (NBC)

“Pirelli will bring their prototype new hard tyre for teams to use in practice for this weekend?s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.”

New F1 Side Impact System (FIA Institute)

“The current side impact system deploys crushable tube structures attached to the side of the chassis. Although extremely effective during normal impacts, they can break off during oblique impacts due to the extremely high tangential forces that are generated during the first few milliseconds of an impact. So Mellor engaged with the F1 teams to help develop solutions to the problem. Marussia, McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing each stepped forward.”

‘British GP win the ultimate’ (Sky)

Lewis Hamilton: “Silverstone is just one of the greatest races of the year because it is your home grand prix, where you grew up and have all your home fans, it’s definitely by far the ultimate race of the year and when you win here it’s almost like winning the championship.”

Rookie diary – Caterham?s Giedo van der Garde (F1)

“In terms of my transition to F1, I wouldn?t say I?m pleased as there?s still a lot more to come, from me and the car, but so far I?m happy with how I?m adapting to the step up to F1. I think if I hadn?t had the time with the team last year it would all be a lot more challenging, but I spent enough time with the team at races and the factory in 2012 to have had an idea of what was to come, and I think that?s made the transition to F1 easier than it may have been coming in cold.”

Rookie Max Chilton eyes a Silver lining at British GP (The Sun)

“My absolute goal for Marussia this year is to get the first point for the team. It would be fantastic to achieve that.”


Comment of the day

Rule-bending ain’t what it used to be, says William Katz:

It?s undeniable that the history of Formula 1 is one of those who push the boundaries of the regulations. It?s just a shame that this regulation pushing was more of a courtroom drama and less of an on-track development.

It?s one thing to build a car that can dump it?s liquid-cooled brake reservoirs, it?s entirely another to scamper off in to the shadows to run a tire test. I?m fine with the former, the latter is uninteresting.
William Katz (@Hwkii)

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However we can wish a happy birthday to Patrick Tambay, who is 64 today.

After driving for Surtees and Theodore in 1977, Tambay had the misfortune to join McLaren as they were heading into their late-seventies decline. He scored a handful of points in 1978 but the following season was a disaster.

Following a year away Tambay endured a difficult 1981 with Theodore and Ligier. That might have been it for him in F1 but the following year he was called up by Ferrari to replace Gilles Villeneuve aftter he was killed.

Tambay spent a year and a half with the team, winning twice, but was unable to recapture the high with Renault or Haas and retired at the end of 1986.

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