Jules Bianchi, Marussia, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

Marussia have “made a massive step forward”

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Jules Bianchi, Marussia, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013In the round-up: Marussia believe they have made huge progress this year.


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Marussia ask for ‘level playing field’ on Formula One prize money (The Guardian)

Graeme Lowdon: “Outside of Mercedes we have probably made the biggest step forward in sheer pace. We have made a massive step forward. People can see we are doing a good job on extremely limited resources. We have a suitably obscene amount of money to go motor racing with but nowhere near the levels of the other teams.”

Lewis: ‘Any driver, any place’ (Sky)

“I would go up against any driver. Any time, any place. Any team. Whoever it is, that’s not a worry for me, I would have happily been Sebastian [Vettel’s] team-mate. He has a great car, so it would have been a great experience.”

Hamilton says test ban ‘sucks’ (Autosport)

“That [the ban] does suck a little bit because that test is quite an important test for the year – it’s the only test really. It’s important because we had a lot planned, upgrades and stuff, that we were hoping to test on those three days.”

Bernie Ecclestone : ‘I am not sure what happiness is’ (The Times, subscription required)

“I am not sure what happiness is. What do those feelings mean? I have experienced satisfaction when I have planned something and it has come off. But happiness? I am not so sure.”

McLaren trial upgrades ahead of Silverstone race (F1)

Managing director Jonathan Neale: “The only issue with our car is we lack downforce and that is what we are trying to create at the moment. We’ve got a range of upgrades for the weekend but we’re not there just testing parts, but testing some fundamental understanding issues as well.”

Stefano Domenicali: “We would like to always start from pole…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“The aim is to at least be consistently on the top two rows. Obviously, we would like to always start from pole, which would make everything much easier and that would be even more the case when you consider our car?s potential in the race itself.”

Claire Williams: How rude to ask when I’ll get pregnant (The Telegraph)

“We at Williams have a skills shortage so if girls are coming up to the right level why on earth wouldn’t we recruit from the pool where 50% of society is female?”

Q&A with Jean-Pierre Menrath (Renault)

“In terms of design, the modern simulation tools didn?t exist back then [in the 1980s], nor did all the computer systems and software used to design the engines more effectively and track their performance more accurately. There was no telemetry, no data acquisition. For the record, the driver could alter the booster pressure. Our ‘telltale’ was a dial with a needle that was stuck pointing up. So, at the end of the day, the level of monitoring was somewhat limited. Nowadays, engine technology is a lot more effective. We?re very close to the complex systems used in aerospace.”

The ??nightmare?? of aerodynamic correlation (GoCar)

“While correlating the factory-based models (CFD and/or tunnel) with track, a ‘common language’ has to be established. Otherwise the exercise would risk becoming a sort of guessing game and quite often a cause of painful confrontation… In other words, similar conditions have to be ensured if at all possible, and the un-removable differences need to be recognized and known in terms of effects, for them to be taken into account very, very carefully.”

A never ending tradition (Ferrari)

Pat Fry: “We?ve got a few upgrades coming through for this weekend and so we have to ensure we are well prepared to run them.”

Narain Karthikeyan: “Auto GP is a great championship” (Auto GP)

“I wanted to continue racing in a powerful and extremely competitive single-seater championship and thus Auto GP was a logical choice in this context.”


Comment of the day

Over 70% of F1 Fanatic readers consider Mercedes’ test ban too lenient but Andy isn’t one of them:

Compared to a tyre test, this is a fully-fledged test where you can do anything you want to. Pirelli would have never allowed Mercedes to bolt on never-raced updates; that would have contaminated the data. At the Young Drivers Test on the other hand they can do that, with tyres that are known by now.

I also see the eagerness to downplay the input of a “young driver”. Most teams actually do not run a young driver, but a driver who has extensive experience in both other racing series and the in-house simulator. Rest assured: they know perfectly how to drive, operate and set up an F1 car! Therefore, the quality of their input will be only slightly behind that of a regular F1 driver (so much for Helmut Marko?s comments).

Even beside that, the teams run a huge amount of sensors, racks and flow-vis paint. Even completely without any input of the driver they will be able to gather huge amounts of data.

Mercedes drove with until-now never used tyres, will most likely not have been able to test any updates and were limited to 1000km. You can do an additional 500-750km on the same three days if you want to.
Andy (@Turbof1)

What’#s your view on Mercedes’ test ban? Have your say here:

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On this day in F1

We mentioned a French F1 driver of the eighties here yesterday so let’s make it two and a row and wish a happy 58th birthday to Philippe Streiff!

Streiff scored a podium finish in his sixth start in the inaugural Australian Grand Prix of 1985, having taken over from Andrea de Cesaris at Ligier. That third place was the peak of his achievements in F1 though he did claim four ‘class wins’ in the Jim Clark Cup for non-turbo competitors in 1987.

For 1988 he rejoined AGS, who he had raced for in Formula Two. But during pre-season testing in 1989 he suffered a major crash at the Jacarepagua circuit in Brazil. A spinal cord injury left Streiff with paralysis.

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