Mercedes punishment “doesn’t fit the crime” – Horner

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Christian Horner, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2013In the round-up: Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says the FIA’s punishment for Mercedes is “inadequate”.


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Horner unhappy at Mercedes sanction (Sporting Life)

“The most important thing is to achieve clarity from the FIA because they’ve deemed it illegal to test, but the sanction for doing that test doesn’t, in our opinion, fit the crime.”

Hamilton: Mercedes gains remarkable (Autosport)

“The car is great this year. The guys have done a remarkable job with what they have done here. To turn a car that was that bad, to now being a very competitive car, is just remarkable.”

Lewis Hamilton has all this talent but it’s been squandered and lost, says Damon Hill (The Evening Standard)

“I don?t want to say Lewis is naive but he has a lot to learn. He genuinely wants to pursue his career in his own way. But the sport that he?s in is a very Machiavellian place.”

Mansell defends Hamilton record (BBC)

“I won my world championship when I was 39, so because of the longevity of a race car driver, with all the safety they have, coupled with the commitment and the desire he has, Hamilton can win it again.”

Kimi Raikkonen on Red Bull radar while clouds gather over Mark Webber (The Guardian)

Christian Horner: “Kimi would have to be an option, if he were to be available. We’re in the fortunate position that there are an awful lot of people who would like to drive a Red Bull racing car.”

Team won’t block Di Resta move (Sky)

Deputy team principal Bob Fernley: “Paul is contracted to us anyway for next season, so the question is whether somebody else comes in, so it won’t be our decision.”

F1 to power ahead in 2014, says Whiting (FIA)

“Efficiency is the key thing. You won?t see cars run out of fuel ?ǣ there?s no limit to the amount of fuel a team can put in a car but there is a limit to how much they can use in a race. It is a significant change to the efficiency of the car.”

British Grand Prix Betting: Back a British winner this weekend (Unibet)

My British Grand Prix preview for Unibet.


Comment of the day

Are there too many articles and too much discussion about the shortage of women in Formula One?

I doubt very much [Claire Williams and Susie Wolff] are ringing up the press saying “please come and interview me about being a woman in F1″.

Whether you like it or not, there are so few women in F1 that they are role models and pathfinders, it wont change until there are so many women that it is the norm rather than the exception.

Of course you could always take the approach of not reading the article, after all you do have a choice.

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Happy 28th birthday to Nico Rosberg!

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87 comments on Mercedes punishment “doesn’t fit the crime” – Horner

  1. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 27th June 2013, 9:57

    Deputy team principal Bob Fernley: “Paul is contracted to us anyway for next season, so the question is whether somebody else comes in, so it won’t be our decision.”

    I can’t help but wonder if Force India are trying to offload di Resta by talking him up. He’s made the mistakes of seriously under-performing, believing his own hype, and trying way too hard to avoid treading on any toes because he’s afraid it will rob him of the chance at the drive with a top team that he feels he deserves despite having shown nothing to suggest he is worthy of it.

  2. Hairs (@hairs) said on 27th June 2013, 10:43

    Force India are hopefully doing their utmost to get a backup plan in, because the top teams are all champing at the bit to employ an average-ish driver with few sponsors, a wooden personality, and a tendency to spend all his free time making derogatory remarks about his employer.

    Sorry bbc/sky, I fell “off message” there for a bit on this massively over pr’d driver. Must have fallen asleep… listening to Paul’s tedious droning cliche’d voice.

  3. Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 27th June 2013, 11:04

    I fully agree with Christian Horner but I think it is time they (red bull) start accepting the rulling of the tribunal. Lobying for new tyres that they must certainly won’t get for instance.

  4. coefficient (@coefficient) said on 27th June 2013, 12:33

    Quesiton for Lewis Hamilton:

    Hip Hop or Pit Stop, which is it to be?

  5. AbeyG (@1abe) said on 27th June 2013, 14:36

    I am fed up of fans whining about a Team Principal who they think is whining about a lenient punishment given to a rival for having an unfair sporting advantage in a high profile event!! Now I am fed up of myself whining about fans whining about a Team Principal who they think is whining about a lenient punishment …..

  6. karter22 (@karter22) said on 27th June 2013, 15:42

    Just for this one time, I will agree with Horner completely.

  7. Jon Sandor (@jonsan) said on 27th June 2013, 19:37

    It’s a bit silly that Hamilton is being perceived as something of a failure, but then, maybe it’s inevitable given the hysteria which surrounded his first two years in F1.

    LH is currently one of the all time best drivers in F1 in terms of qualifying, podiums, and wins. He’s just unlucky to be active in the same period as Vettel and Alonso, two other very exceptional drivers. But by the time he retires I expect Lewis will be in the top half-dozen of all time in terms of wins, podiums, and poles. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  8. Joe Papp (@joepa) said on 27th June 2013, 20:45

    Horner should shut-up.

    I can’t wait for the next time RBR are caught doing something illegal or unsporting! Payback is a biiiiaaaatch!

  9. Anele (@anele-mbethe) said on 28th June 2013, 0:54

    Horner can’t win here if he said I’ve already answered the question he’ll be called robotic , he answers truthfully he’s whining. There’s no denying the punishment is weak but like all F1 scandal we’ll move on when the next one comes

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