Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013

Driver penalty points system among new 2014 rules

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Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2013The FIA has ratified a plan to introduce a penalty points system in F1 from next year.

Drivers will accrue penalty points for a range of transgressions and if they accumulate at least 12 they will be banned from one race.

Depending on the severity of the offence committed, drivers will be given one, two or three penalty points. These will remain on their license for 12 months.

The FIA also announced “the procedure for a driver to be given the chance to give back any advantage he may have gained by leaving the track has been adopted”.

The FIA has introduced two rules changes aimed at improving safety in the pit lane. The speed limit will be reduced to 80kph at races where it is currently 100kph (it is 60kph in Melbourne, Monaco and Singapore). And team’s pit crews will be required to wear head protection.

An extra set of tyres will be allocated for drivers to use during the first 30 minutes of first practice only.

Several rules changes have been implemented to account for the forthcoming change in engine regulations. Drivers may only use five complete power units during a season and will have to start from the pits if they use an extra one. Engine suppliers may provide units to up to four teams.

A maximum fuel allowance of 100kg per race will be imposed. A further 5kg has been added to the minimum weight limit. The FIA previously planned to raise this to 685kg, meaning next year’s cars must now weigh at least 690kg.

The FIA also ruled that “no manufacturer will be allowed to homologate more than one power unit during the homologation period from 2014-2020. Changes to the homologated unit will continue to be permitted for installation, reliability or cost saving reasons.”

Among the other changes to the technical rules are provisions to ensure teams use low noses, for impact protection, that are not ‘stepped’.

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