Hamilton and Button demand changes to tyres

2013 British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Silverstone, 2013Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button called for changes to F1 tyres following a spate of failures during the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton was leading the race when his left-rear tyre exploded. “The safety is the biggest issue,” he said. “It’s just unacceptable really.”

Hamilton was involved in a test with Pirelli ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix to try to solve the problems with delaminations which had happened earlier in the season:

“I think we had that tyre test to develop and improve the tyre and stop that from happening. And after the tyre test they didn’t do anything about it.

“And to have four blowouts… it could have happened at high speed, someone could have crashed and I was thinking in the race behind the Safety Car it’s only until someone gets hurt that someone’s going to do something about it.

“But obviously I’m massively disappointed, and it is down to the tyres.”

Hamilton added: “I think it’s a waste of time talking to anyone at the moment, if I’m honest. They can see what happened today, if they don’t react on it then this is everything.”

Button said the problem with the tyres “needs to be sorted out.”

“Happening in a slow speed corner, fair enough that’s pretty bad. But happening at 300kph which is what Checo’s went at, it’s not right and it’s not just for the driver in the car, dangerous, it’s dangerous for all the cars behind.

“First of all he could lose control at that speed but also the cars behind are getting hit with a massive piece of belt of rubber, which has got metal in it. So it’s got to change.”

2013 British Grand Prix

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69 comments on Hamilton and Button demand changes to tyres

  1. Abuelo Paul (@abuello-paul) said on 30th June 2013, 17:03

    “the cars behind are getting hit with a massive piece of belt of rubber, which has got metal in it” wwo how much force does it need to shred steel belting inside rubber so dramatically. Er, maybe they should be looking at the belting too, isn’t that what is supposed to hold it all together.

  2. Tariq Patel (@mdtariqp) said on 30th June 2013, 17:23

    Pirelli had said a couple of months back about using the Kevlar belt instead of the steel belt to solve the tyre durability problem.

    Have they implemented it yet; if not can its implementation resolve the issues with the current tyres or will it lead to some new tyre problems

  3. MarkM (@mpmark) said on 30th June 2013, 17:32

    I think the only viable solution now is to have a vote amongst the teams and go to last years tires, everyone knows those tires and has extensive testing. The tires have to stop being the central part of a weekend storys.

    go to last years tires and be done with it. lets get back to racing!

  4. jihelle (@jihelle) said on 30th June 2013, 19:53

    i don’t remember so much fuss when Mansell’s rear exploded in Adelaide in 1986… but F1 was about racing then and drivers did with what they had. Today’s race was great and about clever driving. that does it for me. and what Perez did in Monaco was way more dangerous to other drivers than his tyre exploding today.

    • Adam Blocker (@blockwall2) said on 30th June 2013, 20:20

      But Mansell’s explosion was just one. One failure is not nearly as bad as FOUR in the SAME race.

      • jihelle (@jihelle) said on 1st July 2013, 7:28

        No. The rear also exploded on Rosberg’s McLaren and Williams was clever enough to stop Piquet before the same could happen. And doing so they lost the title. Geez, I remember it as it were yesterday…

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 1st July 2013, 8:26


      what Perez did in Monaco was way more dangerous to other drivers

      No it wasn’t. We’re talking about drivers having rear tyre explosions with little to no warning at maximum speed. Look how close Alonso, Grosjean, and Raikkonen came to getting hit in the face with large, heavy pieces of rubber and steel at up to 300kph.

      Perez didn’t do anything wrong in Monaco. He tried to pass Raikkonen down the inside, Raikkonen didn’t want to give him any room, they tangled, it was a racing incident. It bears no comparison to what we saw at Silverstone.

  5. ElBasque (@elbasque) said on 30th June 2013, 21:22

    Its like trying to play F1 2010 before they patched it.

  6. bulabog said on 1st July 2013, 1:52

    Didn’t RBR go on and on about this and got branded as whingers?
    ….so they were right to complain after all.

    • Dwight_js said on 1st July 2013, 19:54

      Yup. The hypocrisy of the racing fans on here is pretty staggering. Today they’re calling out Pirelli and the team principals for vetoing the necessary changes because some of their favourite drivers have been affected. They’re criticizing F1 for waiting for a disaster before making changes. But two or three races ago when Vettel called it a safety issue they all shouted “Maybe you should just deal with it, you cry baby!”

      Never underestimate the power of cognitive dissonance.

  7. Glen Morgan said on 2nd July 2013, 21:24

    Can someone say “Bridgestone”.

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