Raikkonen: Lotus made “absolutely the wrong call”

2013 British Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013A disappointed Kimi Raikkonen blamed his team for discouraging him from pitting during the final Safety Car period.

Several drivers who did pit were able to pass Raikkonen in the final laps, pushing him down to fifth by the end of the race.

“We had easily P2,” said Raikkonen. “I asked the team if we should in to change the tyres and they said ‘no’.”

“So absolutely the wrong call. Disappointing but not my fault this time.”

Among those to demote Raikkonen was his close title rival Fernando Alonso. With championship leader Sebastian Vettel retiring, Raikkonen was unable to make the most of a key opportunity to gain ground.

2013 British Grand Prix

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70 comments on Raikkonen: Lotus made “absolutely the wrong call”

  1. Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 30th June 2013, 23:26

    OT for this thread, but anyone else found the “Kimi is faster than you” radio message to Grosjean funny?

    • Antonio Nartea (@tony031r) said on 1st July 2013, 0:39

      @mike-dee: Hear, hear.

      I don’t find the message per se funny as much as I find the complete lack of reaction to it here and on other boards. If it was something that was broadcast to Webber or Massa in favour of Vettel or Alonso, the comments sections would have literally imploded, everywhere. But since it’s Raikkonen (who by the way, is absolutely definitely never in need of team orders because he can handle everything by himself), it’s like it never happened.

      • Jason (@jason12) said on 1st July 2013, 8:05

        Sorry guys but ‘double standards’ are everywhere.

        People’s judgement changes based on ‘who’ is involved, not just ‘what’ happened.

        To make things worse, the stewards are guilty of this as well.

  2. Dane (@n0b0dy100) said on 1st July 2013, 0:14

    Please go to Red Bull Kimi. He belongs in a top team. Lotus make too many mistakes to be real contenders.

  3. anon said on 1st July 2013, 6:30

    There’s no chance he goes to Red Bull. He’s going to be 34 by the start of next season, he’s never been a strong qualifier, isn’t much of a team player and throughout his career has lacked consistency (25 points finishes means you have bulletproof reliability and a fast car)

    • Manished said on 2nd July 2013, 7:41

      i wonder what have you been watching seriously.

      Never a strong qualifier?? The guy that got pole with 10 laps more fuel than his teammate???

      Not consistent?? how can he be when his car often failed to make it into finish?

  4. rudi (@rudi) said on 1st July 2013, 10:51

    Can anybody please tell me why there was need for SC to go out? Was it just because Vettel stopped?

    • Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 1st July 2013, 15:46


      Yes. I first wondered why he didn’t pit, but the pit lane entrance is quite early at Silverstone, and his gearbox failed just moments before he reached the pit entry. So by the time he knew it was terminal, he could not really chose any other place.

      • Jason (@jason12) said on 1st July 2013, 18:04

        Pitting was not going to be possible, but he certainly could have parked in better spot.

        Perhaps he was just too angry, and that was hi little revenge.

        • Mike Dee (@mike-dee) said on 1st July 2013, 18:43


          Not sure. OK, he could have parked a little closer to the wall but that was about it. Better to park on the inside well off the racing line than the outside. And parking at the last turn would have been even more problematic.

  5. Sergey Martyn said on 1st July 2013, 10:58

    “I asked the team if we should in to change the tyres and they said ‘no’.”

    Kimi should say:



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