Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

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2013 British Grand Prix

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314 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix”

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  1. A nail-biting race all the way for all good n bad reasons.gave it 9!

    1. Gave it a 9 for the same reasons. Sure the tyre dilamenations were dangerous, but after the second one it was pure nervous tension waiting for the next one to happen.

      Thought Mark drove exceptionally well, as did Hamilton and Vettel respectively.
      Alonso pulled off some great moves and Ricciardo deserved a Top 5 finish. Sutil should’ve been penalized. Most of my points were accrued in tha last 10 laps though.

      1. Don’t forget Massa, he drove a hell of a race as well!

      2. I gave it a 9 as well as it was an exciting race, but not sure if one should use the term dilamenations yet if at all. They exploded, but several are saying it was not due to dilamenations.
        I think it could of been caused be the changes to the curbs, the drains in particular, as well as the debris on the track cutting the tires. But the race definitely had some good racing by several drivers in-between the tire issues.

        1. Actually just read a report that stated that a formal F1 official is saying it was a piece of the kerbing :

    2. A good race for the bad reasons

    3. Great drivers and driving !! Specially Hamilton and Massa but “Pirelli” performance ???
      Need and urgent change of tyres supply!!

    4. I just got to watch the race. Wow! I was actually ****** about the tire failures but then we had a real race, Lewis and Mark, wow! Fracking awesome race.

      If every F1 race was this competitive in the final stages….

    5. Yes it was,but I gave it a 7. It was just so dangerous and crazy! Tyres were exploding everywhere. It’s a great result for the championship. There were some pleasing non-drs racing. Overall a good entertainer but deadly.

      1. @veldaarf1 I’m sorry, good for the championship? So it’s good now that tyres randomly explode for no apparent reason? Please, enlighten me to your way of thinking because it seems incredibly schadenfreude and sadistic…

        1. i’m pretty sure they mean Vettel retiring was good for the championship since Alonso and Raikkonen have closed the gap….

  2. It was going to be a 1 for me until that last ten laps. Now it’s a 2.

    1. definitely some serious negative points but as you say the last few laps before and after the last safety car gave us the F1 we want. Av.5+1 =6 from me.

      1. Yeah, the last few laps had some phenomenal racing, and the Hamilton/DiResta battle was great, but I just can’t get over the tire situation. It’s just dangerous at this point. The fact that no one got hurt is incredibly lucky.

    2. Without the explosions it would have been a ten but watching on knowing a huge accident could happen at any moment wasn’t fun at all. It was uncomfortable viewing for me.

      1. This.

      2. Yup, not my kind of spectacle

      3. I almost couldn’t watch ! Thank god no one was hurt today. 4 blowouts is really bad but when you factor I’m Rosberg and Vettel and any others drivers which cAmerican close then today could have been tragic. Where Perez went Alonso was going to the left and just dropped out in time. A Webber type flip there and your smack into the bridge. F1 was lucky today.

        1. @f190 that’s a very good point on the last part – that could’ve been carnage. I don’t give a damn what they do with the compounds now or who it will benefit but they need to fix these tyres.

      4. @tommyb89 you said it all… +1

    3. I still had to give it a 1. Frankly the race should have been red flagged. 3 explosions and a couple of other defective tires wasn’t safe anymore. They all were extremely lucky that no incident took place in a corner and just on straights resp. that no one was around Massa.

      1. so you gave it a 1 based on tyre safety alone? a ‘terrible’ race? are you blind? I saw a cracking race with some immense wheel to wheel action all the way. 9/10.

        1. @sato113 if you take the laps after the 2nd SC yep you’re right. But the race itself was a lottery – bordering on russian roulette. And I have a hard time to enjoy entertainment if safety is neglected. But could be that I’m a bit oversensitive after last week.

          1. ok but it’s people like you (no offence) who skew these rate the race results every race. giving it a 1 based something but also admitting that some of the race was good. at least a 4 or 5 if you were really appalled by the 4 tyre failures.

        2. It’s also people like you (again, no offence) who skew the results. This race was unsafe. End of.

          9/10 for that race? So, what you’re saying is that that race was close to perfect for you and you want more tyre delaminations? You like the unsafe tyres and want them every weekend? Because that’s what ‘9/10’ says.

          1. Alexander (@)
            30th June 2013, 21:15


          2. @yellowsapphire I don’t know how the race rate is with 9 at 29%. I thought the time of fun at the Roman Colisseum had ended, but see that many people liked this “near miss” race

          3. Clearly that isn’t what people mean. Why would you even say that? The race was very exciting, the tire issues were not ‘planned’ or ‘staged’ it is just what happened.

            Why would you say that when you know that isn’t what people mean?

          4. Using the scale, 1 is terrible and 10 is perfect. Someone rating Silverstone a 9 would indicate that the race, to them, was ‘almost perfect’, little wrong with it. By rating it ‘almost perfect’ one could probably assume, rather correctly I’d imagine, that the individual enjoyed it, enjoyed the excitement the tyres caused.

        3. Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen almost got hit in the head at 190 mph by a chunks of steel belted tire because of a politics. Remember when Felipe Massa was hit in the head by a piece of another car at those speeds? This was unsafe, and there’s no excuse for it.

          1. Exactly. I hate to be cliché but a delamination like that can cause a fatal accident. Now, I am very much aware that all motorsport is dangerous, and fatal accidents can happen at any race.

            This race could never be a ‘9/10’ for me, because a race in which a part of the equipment is malfunctioning to the point where it is dangerous is not a race I can place as “near to perfect”.

            The fact that we didn’t have a big accident is a testament to all the drivers. Despite the safety issue, we had some decent racing, but we should not let that gloss over the fact that this race was incredibly unsafe and dangerous.

          2. +1
            Alonso and Kimi were lucky. It is a very serious issue

      2. I also gave a 1, first time ever, it was very scary and not enjoyable at all.

        I did carry on watching after JEV’s explosion but felt the race should have been red flagged right then. Kimi could have been seriously injured or even killed, was it worth it to carry on? No.

        Luckily there were no injuries. Spoilt what would have been a great race and would probably have got an 8/9 vote from me.

    4. I’ve gone for a 3: the last laps were very engaging and to be honest I care not a jot Vettel retired as it didn’t really affect the race but I’m just angry over these tyre failures – it’s completely ridiculous. I actually wanted them to stop the race after the first 20-odd laps out of remorse for Hamilton (a driver I don’t like) and all the others.

      I am incredibly ****** that teams would block changes having seen this.

      1. @vettel1

        So far you don’t like Hamilton and Ferrari and judging by your name you don’t mind when your favourite driver retires from the lead.

        So why do you watch F1?

        1. When @vettel1 says

          to be honest I care not a jot Vettel retired

          he’s not really being honest.

          1. @juan-fanger no, I absolutely promise you I meant every word of that comment. I care more about the sport than my driver.

            @bobby-balboa I watch F1 because I enjoy seeing the fastest track cars in the world with some of the best drivers in the world racing wheel-to-wheel. When tyres begin exploding the sporting integrity is ruined and I can no longer enjoy watching the race for fear of the same thing happening to any other driver (Vettel included).

            That is why I don’t care that Vettel retired: the same thing could’ve happened to him and potentially it could have resulted in a big accident. That’s not enjoyable to watch.

        2. I think its perfectly fine to love the sport and see a great race, even when the winning is done by a driver you do not like as much. There’s no doubt the best part of the race happened despite (or maybe even because) Vettel dropping out, so its good to acknowledge that in your rating when you are a true fan of the sport. Its not the result, but the way it came about that we rate.

  3. i like to thank the crowd for their cheers before the 2nd SC!

    1. You’re welcome ;)

    2. It was spontaneous. The crowd jus went crazy. I was there and I can tell you that from track side, that race was awesome. Just sick behind a porsche supercup motorhome on the way home now.

      1. Lol stuck, not sick.stupid phone

    3. What’s with all the Vettel hating? Vettel was only 2-3 seconds ahead of Rosberg when he retired, so it’s not like he had a boring 30-second lead. We would have seen some exciting racing towards the end of the race, even if he had not retired. Another German inherited the lead and no Briton got on the podium, so it’s not a matter of nationalities, either. Furthermore, the comments I’ve seen aren’t generically aimed at whoever happened to be the race/championship leader at the time (whose retirement would make the championship race more interesting), they all seem to show hatred towards Vettel in particular.

  4. 9! What a race, I know the tyre situation wasn’t ideal, well far from but made for an exciting race. Wow.

    1. Same man, fight from WEB and ALO at the end was incredible. WEB pass on RAI was best of the season

  5. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    30th June 2013, 14:39

    The laps after the final safety car was how the entire race SHOULD have been. Had the potential, but the tyres were just rubbish.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      30th June 2013, 14:44

      – Webber’s incredible drive at the end.
      – Hamilton and Alonso fighting back
      – The last 10 or so laps were absolutely terrific!

      – The Pirelli people need a serious kick up the backside, because that was a disgrace.
      – 4 “punctures” (more like tyre failures), is just not good enough.

      Pirelli MUST change the construction of them. It’s simply not good enough!

      1. Considering many drivers had cuts in their tyres, how exactly is Pirelli to blame for that? In case the teams were right and something cut them between turn 3 and 5, I don’t think any tyre manufacturer could do much about it. If it turns out the tyres just blew up all by themselves then yes, that would be a real problem that needs to be addressed. These weren’t just the kind of delaminations we saw this season so far, these were old-school blowing up tyres by the looks of it. We’ll see.

        1. Yes exactly, how could I have been so wrong, the tyres are great, I now think Bernies idea of sprinklers is pure genius, only instead of sprinkling water we will have them sprinkle carbonfibre shards, how good will that be.

          1. Lol, yeah and the shortcuts thing sounded great too. maybe create tracks with a “figure eight” configuration for extra tension.

        2. Why weren’t they being cut there last year? The track hasn’t changed.

        3. @bananarama

          Where were the tyre failures last year? Or the year before? Or the year before that?

          Once is an incident, two is a coincidence, three times a pattern. It happened four times (almost five) so I doubt it’s because of the kerbs.

          1. In 2004 Michelin had 4 tyre failures at Spa and said it was not the construction. It is not unique but I agree, structural problems with the tyres do have to be addressed.

        4. @bananarama we didn’t have exploding tyres last year or in many years previous, and to my knowledge we didn’t have any tyre failures akin to these and the kerbs haven’t been changed. It’s pretty ridiculous I think and these tyres simply must be changed now.

      2. After the 3rd puncture I was actually afraid that we were going to see Indy 05 again. Luckily, it turned out to be great, proper and dramatic race.

        1. @dujedcv It stopped being a proper race after Massa’s blowout and the last nail on the coffin was the ridiculous second safety car period.

          I fear we’re edging ever closer to NASCAR-style entertainment…

          1. @guilherme

            Exactly. I fear for the future of F1 if most fans only tune in when a race turns into a lottery.

            I also still don’t understand that 2nd SC. Vettel’s car was nowhere near the racing line and even if someone would have had an incident he would have crashed into Vettel’s. How many times have we seen cars parked on the inside of the track without SC’s being deployed.

          2. @baron-2 I agree with you. I think they sent the SC out because they were afraid of more tyre problems.

    2. Don’t think so! The only action that happened was between fresh tyres and old ones. It was always meant to be.

    3. Exactly. Some of the best racing has been in disabled DRS moments: opening laps of the Bahrain Grand Prix with VET-ROS-ALO and the post-safety car racing today. I don’t know why we need this stupid tool two times per lap at every grand prix; it makes no sense.

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        30th June 2013, 14:49

        Oh I had no problems with the DRS today.

        They probably could have done away with one of them (take your pick), but I couldn’t give a stuff about DRS today.

        The tyres robbed Lewis of a win.

        1. The tires robbed Lewis of a chance to win, not a win outright. Had Vettel’s car not failed and Lews’ tire not “puncture”, I think it would’ve been one hell of a race.

          But all these high ratings for the RBR failing? I rate these ratings a 1.

    4. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      30th June 2013, 14:46

      Gave the race a 6.
      Would have been a 2 or so had the last few laps not been as brilliant as they were.

      1. +1 for that. The first part was ho-hum. Watching Webber hunt down Rosberg was terrific. The safety car caught Alonso in a real bad place- otherwise I think he might have had it.

    5. no way. the entire race would have been more strung out and uninteresting had the SC periods not happened.

  6. The last 10 laps or so completely overshadowed what was a TERRIBLE Grand Prix.

    Pirelli’s failures cannot be overlooked. This is seriously worrying, and really really dangerous.

    Not happy at all. 3 failures in no time, and then a last one in the end. All in fast straights, we’re lucky this isn’t Spa, and the walls are not that close… F1 should react INMEDIATELY.

    1. How long has it been now that some of the top drivers like Webber and Hamilton have been complaining that they can’t push these tyres? People have overlooked the complaints, enjoying the spectacle caused by the careful combination of rapid tyre degradation and DRS to ensure lots of overtaking. But today their fragility has shown the danger lurking behind this approach if Pirelli get it wrong. Lucky it was on one of the most forgiving circuits on the calendar.

      An investigation is needed, but it seems revealing to me that Hamilton – a driver who puts tyres under more stress and uses the kerbs hard – was the first to experience the blow out, just when he was opening up an advantage as race leader. Precisely the kind of (fast) driving the current specifications prevent. And he was followed by Massa, who again was pushing hardest at the start of the race.

      Dismal that drivers first have to nurse tyres to ensure they last, and now have to be careful they don’t explode.

    2. Gave a 7.
      Completely accept the above comments,apart from webber’s and alonso’s late race charge ,it was just tiring watching the tyres.

  7. Most up and down race ever, it had everything.

  8. Traverse (@)
    30th June 2013, 14:40

    R.I.P Pirelli

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      30th June 2013, 14:50


    2. Piyush (@square-route)
      30th June 2013, 15:38

      +4 … one for each tyres

    3. Time for a new supplier in f1.
      Is it possible for 2 suppliers of tyres in 2014?

      1. Traverse (@)
        30th June 2013, 17:22

        We all know what happened the last time there were two different tyre manufacturers! Best to keep it simple and stick to one.
        There’s no doubt that action must be taken to ensure that tyre failures like these today are kept to a bare minimum, else Pirelli should be shown the door…That being said, one could argue that Pirelli have only done what was asked of them, after all, today’s race was made more “explosive” by the tyre blow-outs (even if it is an unacceptable occurrence).

        Still this is the pinnacle of motorsport and seeing tyres disintegrate and the rubber fall away from the wheel like chicken meat falling off the bone (you have to try my patented, world famous fried shoryuken-chicken to get that experience, yummy!!) isn’t something that screams premium or prestige, qualities that F1 is famed for.

    4. I really wonder how is this all F1 thing affecting their road car tyre sales?

      1. I guess badly. An f1 fan may still buy them as they know the reasons and the brief Pirelli were asked to work to. The average person will see later on the news that Pirelli put drivers at risk and had 4 blow outs in one race which also cost a brit driver a home win.

      2. Traverse (@)
        30th June 2013, 16:37

        You’re right, even though their F1 program has nothing to do with their road tyres, mud sticks and subconsciously people may just associate the Pirelli “brand” with the words puncture and failure. It might put some people off.

      3. On one hand, in the future tyre suppliers may be put off providing tyres to F1 in the event they are concerned about bad publicity.

        On the other, how many non-F1 fans would even know about the tyre woes? Just saying that you are the supplier for F1 might be good enough publicity as most people don’t follow the races, and would only think “Hey, that’s the top racing league in the world. I should get those tyres.”

        1. @gregwtravels my guess is most people don’t even know what kind of tyres they have in the first place, let alone care about it. Personally I have no clue, and neither do I care to be honest.

        2. Dont most people just buy the cheapest tyre they can find?

    5. @hellotraverse, you may be right this will mean the exit of Pirelli. The ironic thing is, I thought the performance levels of the tyres was spot on: it allowed the drivers to push and race each, while still awarding drivers to make two or three stops.

      1. Traverse (@)
        30th June 2013, 18:13

        You’re so right! That’s what makes the failures so frustrating. Pirelli are so close to developing the perfect F1 tyre and thus experience for the drivers and fans alike, yet, some how they always find a way to balls it up.

        1. Traverse (@)
          30th June 2013, 18:14


  9. If there hadn’t been the tyre parody, it would have been a fantastic race. Especially the final laps were amazing! Great overtakes, phenomenal drives. But there were the tyres. It was a big joke. It was what we haven’t seen in Indy ’05. I feel awful that this race will be remembered for all the wrong reasons

    1. Yes, well of course the last laps were great, no-one was managing their tyres or planning another pit-stop.

    2. If the hadn’t been for the ‘tyre parody’ as you say, there would be no fantastic race, as all the dramatic changes and sudden safety cars caused for incredible amusement and GREAT racing.
      This was one of the best races I’ve seen in a long while

      1. +1.
        some people just dont get it.

      2. -1
        In the race I saw, the exciting final laps Dimitris refers to were due to a safety car caused by a car stopping on track, not tyres exploding randomly.

        1. good point

  10. I thought it was a stunning race. Pirelli nearly made it into a farce though. Well done to Nico, but Lewis and Mark were DotD.

    1. Mark drove a SUPREME recovery, he looks so good around Silverstone. Ricciardo drove really well and it was unlucky he was on the wrong tyres at the end. I thought the Top 5 or so drove really, really well.

  11. 5 out of 10. Good racing, but the tyre blowouts were a disgrace. I blame the teams though, not Pirelli. F1 shooting itself in the foot again. Pirelli have a solution and the teams won’t let it in. When is this sport going to stop being self governed? It’s holding it back.

  12. 1/10, horrible race with only final 7 laps of actual racing, cheating and unpunished mercedes get away with another win again, way too many punctures not letting anyone push.

  13. There will need to be new tyres very soon!

  14. What a great race, definitely 10

  15. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    30th June 2013, 14:42

    HAM vs The Grumpy Cat was exciting, the cars were always so close. a lot of actions, overtaking, and dramas. but the stupid tyres and 2nd DRS ruined it. all in all, pros weigh equal with down. so I’m giving 5.

  16. Absolutely shambolic.

    However, a stunning race. 9.

  17. Daniel Ricciardo has reason to be **** off with his team. Their slow pit stops cost him at least 2 places and probably 3.

    1. Not bringing him in at the final safety car cost him a potential podium. Look where Hamilton finished. This is where team need to blame themselves and not the driver. It won’t have gone unnoticed by Red Bull how well he did. Qualified 6th too. Must keep it up though as JEV is also very good. Both deserve a bigger future than they’ll ultimately get. Get rid of Massa please.

  18. Gave it a 9, purely on the shock factor spectacle that was the tyres!

    Not the ideal way to go racing I’m sure, but it did set the race up for some very interesting battles in the final laps. For once it’s not Vettel being in the right spot at the right time!!

  19. Very exciting race: 8.

  20. 7/10 should have been a great race without to many tyre failures :(

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