Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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Image ?? Lotus/LAT

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314 comments on Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

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  1. yuya (@john-locke) said on 1st July 2013, 7:59

    Kimi is faster than you

  2. yuya (@john-locke) said on 1st July 2013, 8:00

    Romain , Kimi is faster than you

  3. Girts (@girts) said on 1st July 2013, 8:05


    For sure, the tyre explosions were dangerous and the issue needs to be addressed immediately, even if Silverstone is a circuit that’s particularly demanding for ‘the black gold’ and the problems are less likely to repeat themselves at Nurburgring.

    I don’t think that I need something dangerous to be able to enjoy a race. But I would lie if I said that all the unpredictable events during the race, which made Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg and perhaps also Webber look like the potential winners at different stages, were not exciting. There were also many great comebacks through the field and nice battles, such as the one between Hamilton and di Resta.

  4. Jonathon (@gambisk) said on 1st July 2013, 9:35

    Am I alone in thinking that what F1 should do is make every race a 12 lap sprint? Because that was some of the best racing that I have watched all year.
    After the final safty car the tyres where fresh allowing the drivers to wring everything out of them without worrying about the derogation.
    Everyone had lots of fuel so they could push hard all of the time.
    The pack was very tight making for great battles all the way round the track.
    DRS was disabled on the fist couple of laps letting Alonso and Webber make some fantastic overtakes.
    Vettles car gave up on him….. (only kidding, but it has closed the championship up a bit which is always good)

    Please FIA make every race like the last 10 laps of this one.

  5. f12007v (@f1fan-2000) said on 1st July 2013, 10:32

    It was a great race, but it was really very dangerous. If VET was closer to Hamilton, then he would have crashed into him at almost 300kph. After that, maybe more cars would crash head on into them as HAM was in the lead at that point. Great to see Vetel retire, and ROS winning the race. The final ten laps was just so awesome!

  6. João Leite (@johnmilk) said on 1st July 2013, 12:01

    we had to wait until the 8th race of the season plus 40 laps for the first proper piece of racing, and that last laps are still in my mind, and that is how I’m going to remember the British Grand Prix, therefore 8 out of 10 (and I’m a Vettel and Kimi fan).

    Even in this controversial times in F1, the nation that loves it the most never fails to deliver a good show

  7. Chema Carrasco (@chemakal) said on 1st July 2013, 12:24

    We saw some racing yesterday. Loved it! 9 points

  8. par said on 1st July 2013, 13:24

    It was like watching CARs 2 movie…….
    In that, engine explodes, here Tires…….

  9. William (@william) said on 1st July 2013, 13:28

    I was getting furious at the tyre punctures but I agree with Charlie Whiting that it should of been halted immediately. I think Pirelli is lying here as how can you have 4 punctures or even 3 in about 5 laps. Pirelli should quit now and let Michelin take charge. If there is no tyre is change I believe that the teams won’t race and simply boycott the race. They go and do a secret test with Mercedes to improve the tyres, where is to me it looks like they made it even worst conditions.

  10. Hairs (@hairs) said on 1st July 2013, 23:52

    Bit conflicted about this one.

    One the one hand, the tyre failures were scary in the extreme. On the other hand, the second half of the race was quite a thrill, the guy who looked like he was going to walk the championship (again) had a failure, and there was a lot of genuine overtaking, but that’s still down to tyres that clearly aren’t safe. If we lose the excitement by going back to 2012 tyres, a part of me will be sad. However, it’ll be worth it.

    Hopefully Mercedes are gaining enough speed to put up an actual challenge in the races. Certainly, Ferrari just don’t have the speed and can’t seem to put speed onto the car during the year, Lotus can’t seem to get strategies right, and McLaren appear to be falling asleep at the wheel completely.

  11. PJA (@pja) said on 4th July 2013, 19:21

    I gave it an eight, I thought about marking it down due to all the tyre failures but I decided against it and felt overall all it was an entertaining race.

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