Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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314 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix”

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  1. if it wren’t for the creepy tyres, 8, but for that, just a 6

  2. Tyres were a complete joke.
    DRS was all too often overpowered.


  3. 10/10 for me, unpredictable race with the drama of the tyres, brilliant wheel to wheel racing and an intense finish. First time I’ve been shouting at my TV screen in a while :D

  4. Let’s see…

    5 starting rate
    +1 for an exciting start
    -2 for each tyre delamination
    -2 for an safety car that shouldn’t have been needed (there’s no gate to pass a car through the pit-wall?!)
    +10 for an exciting finish

    Yup, 1, seems about right.

    1. 5+1(start) -2(Hamilton)-2(Massa)-2(Vergne)-2(Perez) -2(saftey car) +10(finish) = 6 ;-)
      Am I wrong? :-D

      1. @gdewilde Oh my, completely forgot about my “5 starting rate”… Still, I guess people will get the point that I wasn’t pleased with this race at all! :P

        1. Just factor in the damaged tyres for Alonso, Rosberg and Vettel that did not blow up because they happened to do a pitstop soon enough and we are back at 0. I certainly get your point.

    2. The tyre failures were more good than bad for the race as a spectacle.
      I am reading a lot of comments saying that the last 10 laps were brilliant but all the tyre failures were bad. They were bad for the drivers involved but for the spectator they glued my eyes to the screen.

      It is almost like these people fail to realise that the last 10 laps eventuated the way they did because of the tyre failures (and Vettel retiring of course).

      You can’t say that “Vettel would have retired anyways and the last laps would have been the same”

      No… the order and conditions of the cars/tyres were the way they were due to everything leading up to that point.

      Butterfly effect guys, butterfly effect. A butterfly flapping it’s wings in Korea may cause a Tornado in Oklahoma.

      Hamilton/Massa/Vergne losing a tyre caused a safety car which caused Vettel to cruise around in 1st/2nd gear for a few laps. You could argue that these laps in those gears caused stresses on the gear box that would not have happened had the tyres not failed. Vettels gearbox may not have given up if the race had happened another way.

      My point is – Tyre failures, gear box failures, safety cars and orders to stay off the kerbs are a means to and ends.

      The ends being a race.

      In this case the race was super exciting. So I gave it a 9

  5. entertaining as it was, it shows how mercedes benefitted from their secret test… undeserved victory!
    tyres have gone too far now, but let’s wait and see what caused the delaminations (kerb or bad tyres)

    1. Val Whiteway (@)
      30th June 2013, 15:51

      Why are none of the commentators picking up on the fact that Mercedes have blasted ahead on tyre management after their secret testing? Seem so obvious to me. Congrats to Nico but no one is questioning about how much they have improved since their solo 1000km testing. Brawn says no advantage but that is now sounding like a mockery of common sense!

      1. Considering that their tire was the first to blow and Rosberg was almost the second to go, it looks to me like they won here largely out of luck. The safety cars and their car position at the time of their deployments meant that their true tire wear was masked a bit. Had they been racing all of those laps, I think that they would have dropped back. Not as far as in Spain perhaps, but I don’t think that they would have won it.

  6. The final 10 laps were great, the tyre failures were ****

  7. The race itself was actually quite good, lots of overtaking and a great finish. But there can be no argument that Pirelli turned the British Grand Prix and F1 as a whole into a complete farce today. They have created tyres that are unable to cope with the loading of one of the finest race tracks on the calendar; they are not fit for purpose.

    1. Wait till we get some HOT races.

  8. gave it only a 6 because sadly the delminations were pathetic 6 over one weekend, 1 in practice, 1 in GP2 and 4 during one GP but the end of the race was great so much action but one questions
    Was Perez’s tyre a fresh tyre that had a puncture?

  9. Gonna try to rate the race, not the tyres/kerbs/whatever

    9/10 – The best race of the season by far, very dramatic and memorable, and most importantly the racing was phenomenal (the whole race, not only the last six laps)! As a Kimi fan the last part of the race hurt but that’s too bad

    It depends on your view whether you think if Pirelli made it possible or if it would have been better if the tyres would have lasted for a longer time. The last six laps for one were all about differences between the compounds.

  10. 10 out of 10, didn’t watch race but followed text only and all I can say is totally nail biting stuff from beginning to end, well done to all driver superb race…. Now that’s what I call F1 racing at it’s best. Great fighting, clean passing even if DRS is used, action all the way too the last lap.

  11. a 10 ??? you have to be kidding, most like a 4.

  12. 9/10 – A fantastic race, enjoyed almost every minute of it. I took a point off for the tyre issues. Although it made it interesting and exciting, it’s not how excitement should be dealt

  13. This is not how a Formula 1 Grand Prix should be. It was frightening at times. But to say it wasn’t exciting? It definitely was, unfortunately at the beginning the only question in my mind was who was going to suffer the next puncture.
    I hoped that with all the mess and the chaos an underdog won, and Sutil was indeed in a podium position for most of the race.
    For once, though, I was glad to see the drivers hit by misfortune work their way back up to the front, because it felt wrong when a third of the drivers had a blown tyre.

  14. 8.

    Tyres shocking but racing amongst chaos good with good result

    Why does webber always have a problem off the start when he’s on the same row with vettel…hmmmm

  15. wonder what helped mercedes solve there tyre wear problems.

  16. Kimi im sure will be fuming at Lotus’ extremely stupid decision not to dive right into the pits for fresh rubber. from 2nd to 5th. I really hopes this makes him decide to switch teams.

    Boullier says he will try and convince Kimi to stay, but with this kinda absurd reckless call not to pit their guy and it has cost him massive points to Vettel and Fernando

    1. Same for Ricciardo. Cost him badly, not to mention pitting a few laps later for the second stops that lost him another few places.

    2. I too am fuming over that decision. Raikkonen would have been out with Webber and I think 2nd was certain, at worst 3rd if he’d come in. It wasn’t a difficult call, but Lotus showed today their small team mentality with the conservative approach, making the same call as the midfield teams Toro Rosso and Force India. It is not a coincidence that the teams who made the brave call to pit are the top three teams in the constructors. Ok it could have backfired, but it could also have won them the race.

      1. “free pitstop”. ntn to lose, everything to gain. and I believe Kimi could of held off Webber for 2nd position with fresh rubber. Kimi has already given his word to RBR to sign with them, just gonna wait till his contract and season end to put pen to paper

  17. Danksa (@danieljaksa)
    30th June 2013, 14:57

    Too many tyre issues! Maybe more secret testing is needed

  18. I voted #1. I can’t help but think that we were on the verge of seeing a driver fatality today. The race then became an indy styled race with a couple of safety car deployments, at least 4 tyres delaminating. This meant that the winner can’t say that he was the best out there, but he will be known as the lucky driver.

    Alonso was so lucky today behind Sergio Perez, and Kimi was littered by debris from Jean Eric Vergne.

    1. @dragoll

      I can’t help but think that we were on the verge of seeing a driver fatality today.

      Is there any situation in particular you’re talking about?

      Punctures have always happened, just because there were many of them today doesn’t mean they have suddenly become any more dangerous as separate events.

      1. Is there any situation in particular you’re talking about?

        @tmekt: Raikkonen behind Massa and Vettel behind Rosberg were mild but Raikkonen behind Vergne and Alonso behind Perez were downright scary scenes.

        Raikkonen almost got hit in the head there by that huge chunk of rubber and if Perez would have lifted more suddenly there was no way Alonso wouldn’t have climbed his rear wing.

        I don’t agree with people referring to a potential fatality here, but today was dangerous, there’s no doubt about that. And after what happened at Le Mans last week and during Blancpain today, it’s reasonable for people to be a bit more pessimistic in relation to motorsports for a while and I can understand that.

        1. I don’t agree with people referring to a potential fatality here

          @tony021r I was watching Le Mans last week and when the no 95 Aston Martin crashed it looked like just another accident. I actually had forgotten about it that evening, but when I came home at 11 o’clock at night it turned out that crashed had been fatal. What I’m trying to say is it takes just a little bit of bad luck to turn an ordinary accident into a fatal one.

          1. What I’m trying to say is it takes just a little bit of bad luck to turn an ordinary accident into a fatal one.

            @andae23: I absolutely agree and under no circumstances what happened in today’s race was ok. I’ve already said it, it was far too dangerous even by extremely dangerous competitions standards.

            But what happened with Simonsen and Mame is a different affair and it doesn’t really translate into the same kind of risk while running F1 cars. The materials are different, the reactions you get from the car are different, the reaction speeds are different, the tracks are different and the drivers are of a different breed.

            I didn’t see Mame’s crash but Simonsen’s…that was everything that could have gone wrong, going wrong. Even though the crash didn’t look all that bad, it was. Crashing head-on in a GT car (especially at Tertre Rouge) is probably one of the worst case scenarios at Le Mans. And to be honest, Tracy Krohn was unbelievably lucky he hit the tyre wall with the back of his Ferrari, a couple of days earlier, otherwise that would have been a very serious incident as well.

            So I can understand why people are scared this could happen in any competition now but the truth is none of the situations we saw at Silverstone today could have possibly led to a fatality.

            However, that doesn’t make the whole issue less serious. Motorsport is dangerous by definition and it can all go wrong in a split second in ideal racing conditions, nevermind when one of your tyres blows out suddenly at racing speed.

          2. none of the situations we saw at Silverstone today could have possibly led to a fatality

            By this, I mean the exact situations Hamilton, Vergne, Massa and Perez found themselves in. We could have had other much worse scenarios happening…

          3. @tony031r Thanks for explaining.

      2. Is there any situation in particular you’re talking about?

        @tmekt I talk about Jean Eric Vergne who was extremely lucky not to go off at Stowe at top speed. We saw 3 tyre delaminations on the straight and in the entry to Stowe. Just remember, it was at Stowe that M. Schumacher broke his leg, and its purely down to a speed factor at that point of the track.

        I feel like everyone is just blaise about the situation, from reading the responses on here, which is nice, but the fact still remains the situation was dangerous above the normal levels of safety we’ve come to expect from Formula 1.

  19. For the last 10 laps – 9. For ~6 tire issues – 1. Since safety comes first gave a solid 3.

  20. Andre Costa
    30th June 2013, 15:00

    It’s simply incredible Pirelli’s irresponsability. How FIA (and I include Bernie’s guilty) can continue authorizing Pirelli making paper tires, letting Drivers, track controllers and even the public in risk all the time? It’s time to FOM review their concepts.

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