Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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314 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix”

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  1. 10/10 for Pirelli making the race more interesting by making self-exploding tyres!

  2. I was ready to give it a 3 because of Pirelli, but because of Sebastian Vettel, I gave it a 7. Thrilling finish, one more lap and Webber may have got past Rosberg, still a nail-biting last seven laps. The proverbial is definitely hitting the fan for Pirelli.

  3. Voted 1 simply because I’m not a fan of demolition derby

  4. I gave 1, because of all these tyre failures. It ruined whole race. Drivers were risking their safety and the order wouldve been very different without tyre failures.

  5. Can we not judge the race solely on the final 7-10 laps please? They were phenomenal so the way I’m going to rate it is via the renowned F1 Fanatic balance system.


    – +1 For Hamilton, Alonso, Ricciardo and Webber’s drives
    – +1 Vettel’s retirement bringing the championship some life.
    – +1 The racing and driving in the first and final few laps of the race.
    – +1 The vocal, passionate atmosphere the crowds formed

    – -1 The tyre farce created by Pirelli. That is all to it.

    Making it 8/10 overall personally.

    1. +1 Also for the drivers still pushing and racing despite being warned off the apexes and kerbs by their engineers (on that front, they thoroughly deserve praise) after the absurdity endured in the form of the tyre explosions. My balloons even started exploding also when I was blowing some up just to sedate myself.

  6. It wasn’t enjoyable watching while fearing for the drivers’ safety. Whatever the reason, it’s simply not acceptable to have four high speed tyre failures in one races. Questions have to be asked and solutions have to be found.


    It was a very good race. Fantastic recoveries from Hamilton and Webber, a good win from Rosberg, canny from Alonso and unlucky for Raikkonen. In fact, the driving was genuinely excellent and the last few laps were thrilling. An 8. Would have been a 9 without the tyre farce.

  7. pirelli need to be forced out of f1 now, there crappy tires are killing the sport.

    this race gets 1/10 from me, i want to watch a race & not a series of tyre explosions & drs passes.

    also this race proves mercedes benefited from there illegal test, just makes there ‘penalty’ an even bigger joke!

  8. This is going to probably be very split. For me 9/10 Was a good race to watch for all the good and some of the bad. It was incredibly interesting, even with the disappointment of seeing Hamilton drop, but, what a fantastic finish.

  9. Best race of the season so far. Even before Vettel retired I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

    Good racing all the way through, a great sting in the tail and a little bit of controversy to give Pirelli’s critics something to whine about for another fortnight.


    1. Yes, why do they go on so, those Pirelli critics ?

  10. 7/10 all round nice drive from Mark and Massa…

  11. What a bunch of crock from all these high ratings. Terrible, DISGUSTING tire problems, RIDICULOUS DRS as bad as almost anywhere…

    Oh! Vettel DNF?? 10 ! 10 ! 10 ! 10 !

    The race is a 5 or a 6. Y’all are seriously compromised in the head-space.

    1. The tyres were bad, but I really, really enjoyed watching the race. Don’t assume that because Vettel went out that is the reason I voted and 9, I was enjoying the race before and after the event.

      1. @philereid Maybe you weren’t, but oh there are so many people giving high ratings because of Vettel’s retirement.

      2. @philereid as @guilherme says, maybe you weren’t…

        but if you look at the comments there are oh so many people who specifically said “…because Vettel retired…”

        1. @guilherme @neiana I was specifically writing on behalf of me as it was said that ‘all’ of the high ratings are ‘crock.’ I was just not wanting to be labelled as one of all.
          I agree that a lot of people vote just because Vettel retired, but, it did open up a fantastic ending to the race.

          1. @philereid fair enough. On both accounts.

  12. 5.
    The last 10 laps were amazing. But this tyre stuff is just a parody. We were lucky that it caused no serious accidents.
    It has just gone from bad to worse with Pirelli. All because they aren’t allowed to push through their revised compounds. Hopefully this can give them the green light to do so, because this is becoming increasingly more dangerous.

  13. A 5 for me. There were moments of great driving, but all was overshadowed by tire failures. Sadly, we could have seen a much more competitive race had it not been for the tires failures!
    If Pirelli doesn’t have better tires for the next race, I’ll find something else to do on the weekends.

  14. Pirelli = 0, Last laps = 10. So 5.

  15. Was it a great show? Yes, definitely, with all the nail-biting suspense about who’s tyre is gonna blow out next. Was it a good racing? No way. So, 1/10 for the Pirelli farce, they should be investigated. Give me bullet-proof Bridgestones any day.

    And Nico should have dedicated this win to the FIA International Tribunal that made it all possible.

  16. 1/10 for me – the last laps were good racing but they alone can’t make up for what seemed more like russian roulette. Imagine the tire blowing up while 2 or 3 cars battle for position – that’s just unacceptable.

  17. 2 – Farce, joke, ridiculous, all apply to the majority of the race. The tyre situation was disgraceful, one of the few times I’ve ever considered switching off a Grand Prix part way through. I winced when that debris hit Raikkonen’s helmet, him and Grosjean were very fortunate nothing more serious happened as a result. Added to the farce with spending probably 10 laps behind the safety car and it added up to a truly awful race; I cannot give it anything but a very low rating as I think only Germany 2010 has depressed me more when watching a Grand Prix. The last 7 laps reminded everyone of how great racing around Silverstone can be but cannot make up for what came before.

  18. I honestly can’t believe that anyone would give that race anything over a 5. I don’t care how exciting the last few laps were. An absolutely disgraceful race. Shame on the power$ that be for continuing such an unsafe race.

  19. It was a 1 for me. Absolutely disgusting, Pirelli should get out of F1 before they end up seriously injuring someone. The last few laps were brilliant, and it would’ve been an 8 or 9 if Pirelli had brought some safe tyres.

  20. Joanna Bessey (@bernie-ecclescake)
    30th June 2013, 15:13

    1/10 absolute rubbish.

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