Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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314 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix”

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  1. ~10 laps of great racing – 8
    ~42 laps of tyre debacle – 2
    weighted mean ~ 3

  2. I’ve never had more mixed feeling about a GP.

    First of all, we’ve had an amazing finish and probably the best last 7 laps this season, I can agree with that. However, it was all due to a timely safety car and it can be strongly related to some people nailing the strategy for the last stop (Alonso, Webber) and others making a mess out of it (Raikkonen). Yes, Rosberg, Webber and Alonso deserve all the credit for driving their hearts out and so do Massa and Hamilton, but let’s face it, it was still somewhat-artificial. It wasn’t sheer racing that brought us this ending, it was a just a decent finale determined by an alltogether chaotic race.

    This makes up for 2 points out of the final rating in my book. And on top of that I’m going to give it another 2: 0.5 for the start (particulary Massa’s start), 0.5 for the sustained clinches between Di Resta and Hamilton, which were brilliant to watch, 0.5 for the recovery races we’ve seen all around (Webber, Massa, Hamilton) and 0.5 for the WCC outcome. So 4 overall.

    Apart from what I wrote about right above, I can’t find many positives in this joke of a race in which we had no indication whatsoever about anyone’s real pace (again, but for all the different reasons), in which the tyres ruined way too many potential outcomes and which was downright dangerous even by Touring or NASCAR standards.

    This wasn’t a brilliant movie alltogether. It was a mediocre comedy, but with the ending we all wanted to see. Just like 5 decent minutes out of a 2 hour long movie don’t make it a good one, 7 laps out of 52 don’t make this a good race.

  3. The race itself I would give it an 8
    From that 8 retract 4 points for each of the delaminations that gives us a mere 4…
    Yet, I still gave it a 10, a Vettel retirement suffices for that.

  4. Good to see these cars being raced for once, but the last safety car went on too long, and looked like a false NASCAR move to create a close finish.

    Not pleasant to see drivers (and fans?) being showered with bits of rubber and metal belts. Or fighting for control of their 3-wheeled cars. But nobody died, and spare a thought for the family of the Lamborghini GT racer who lost his life this morning.

    1. Good to see these cars being raced for once

      @tomsk: There was much more racing going on in Canada than it was here.

  5. It was a good race if you ignore the punctures. Brilliant driving after the last SC too.

  6. It’s the first time I’ve been harsh, but today was not a race. Never been a fan ot these tires, since last year, but today was really too much. Rated the race a 3. In a day when we saw great drives and battles from many drivers, but to be vanished by the ridiculous situotian with tires. Such a shame.

  7. Nikki Lauda on RTL

    Doesn’t want to hear the rubbish about kerbs, all tracks has kerbs, its rubbish.

    Can hardly follow him, speaks fast and quite a bit ****** it would seem.

  8. 9. A fantastic, dramatic race that was due to, and also almost paradoxically marred by the dangerous tyre issues throughout the Grand Prix. It was enthralling to watch but I can say honestly I hope such a race is never repeated, there are only so many catastrophic tyre failures that F1 can have before someone is injured or worse.

  9. Rated 9, would’ve been 10 if Lotus hadn’t messe their tactics up again. Kimi must be going to Red Bull next year.

  10. 6. Great fighting but the failures were ludicrous.
    Great drives from Hamilton, Webber, Massa. Lucky win for Rosberg, but he was there to take it, so good drive from him too.

  11. 5. Perfectly good race ruined by tyres.

  12. What a tragic GP. I though there was going to be a riot after Lewis got that puncture. I can’t understand why the race direction chose to release that last sc, I think it was pretty unfair but It helped the show a bit, even if that left was only 5 laps to the end of the race.
    Punctures and sc blew the race for me just not a fan of “lucky racing” 5/10
    The championship is on life support but at least it ain’t dead yet.

  13. 3.
    The racing wasn’t actually bad, the last few laps were great. The second DRS zone was too much. I said last year that the DRS on Wellington straight was almost perfect, there was no need to put another zone.

    I don’t think we can overlook the problem with the tyres. 5 punctures are not acceptable. It’s embarassing for the sport. Terrible, terrible day for Formula 1.

  14. Ryan (@ryanisjones)
    30th June 2013, 15:24

    Would have given this race a 9. It had everything you could want really, and the overtakes were immense. However all the Pirelli drama and Vettel getting a DNF has forced me to reconsider. I gave it a 10.

  15. Gave it a solid 9. Sure the tyre issues were farcical but had a solid finish in the last 8 laps. Alonso is the Driver of the weekend for me, but I think Webber could be contesting him too. Great race towards the end, good drama, overall a deserving 9. Shame about Kimi and Vettel though. They both drove bravely.

    1. What a joke Alonso was hopeless in the race and was lucky to have benefited from the SC driver of the weekend with Massa out performing him only a blow out for Massa spared Alonsos blushes this weekend

      1. Agree, and the speed of that Ferrari in the straight line/DRS zones was not funny. Alonso didn’t have to work too hard to overtake.

  16. It was a outstanding race in terms of the actual racing. But the tires were a real letdown, Pirelli made it a disgrace to Formula One. I will have zero tolerance if this keeps happening in Germany, then F1 need to look after a new tire supplier. However if Pirelli can prove that this will not happen again, then maybe they still have a shot at F1.

  17. The last part was great, but it is very easy to give a rating based on how good the end was and totally forget the rest as if it doesn’t matter. Yes I am satisfied with the result with respect to how it opens up the standings a bit more. Yes the tyre issues were intriguing as we were sat wondering when the next one would happen. But it had a negative impact on the majority of the race. Correct me if I’m wrong but if it wasn’t for the safety car after the last puncture, the race may not have had such an exciting conclusion.

    We’ve put up with the whole ‘look after your tyres’ stuff for a while now, but I’m not watching a race where drivers are told to avoid using the kerbs or pushing the limits of the circuit as far as they can. Some ignored the calls but there was too much caution throughout.

    This isn’t really 100% Pirelli’s fault. They’ve come up with a potential solution and the teams are far too concerned about their championship position to think about the change’s impact on the actual sport. Why should they govern what happens anyway? Pirelli have suggested some alterations, the FIA should say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and that should be the end of it.

    The end of the race was an easy 9-9.5/10 but the rest was too cautious for the race as a whole to warrant more than a 6.

  18. 2/10

    This is probably the best racing I’ve seen in a while. Overtakes into Vale, the loop and Copse were mega. Fair racing, clean fights, brave stuff all around.

    However, I couldn’t enjoy any of that. I literally had to walk away from the telly a few times just to catch my breath again. The constant fear when the cars were going down Hangar straight came to a point it became unbearable.

    Last week poor Allan Simonsen was killed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans after his car suddenly and unexpectedly veered into the barriers. Just this morning Andrea Mame was killed at Paul Ricard. This isn’t a joke, this sport kills people. Apart from the Pirellis being too weak, the FIA should have red flagged this at the time they released the safety car for the first time: if it wasn’t for Hamilton’s, Vergne’s or Perez’ cat-like reflexes, their cars could have hit the wall in the same way that Aston Martin hit the barrier at Tertre Rouge last week.

    This is a disgrace. I came very close to switching off the TV. Driver safety should be taken seriously.

    1. @andae23: Perhaps the most reasonable comment I’ve read so far.

    2. COTD

    3. Very good comment. I felt much the same @andae23.

      I do intend to vote differently on the race though, let me explain why:
      – Huge respect for all the guys out on track (that is both drivers and marshalls) to go on with this race after all what happened
      – I see this race as a very important turning point in the sport by now. Combined with the Pirelli/Mercedes test+Tribunal and the lack of a Concorde agreement (not allowing Marussia in is surely against EU competition law) and Todt now taking charge of affairs (finally getting into action?) I see this as a good chance to move the sport on and make a new solid foundation for the coming years.

      1. I see this race as a very important turning point in the sport by now.

        @bascb I can actually see that happening. The mess around the tyres has come to a point that even drivers are complaining this has gone too far – certainly next year the aim will be to have less degrading tyre. Unfortunately, spectators seemed to love the horror show that was the British GP, which is quite disturbing to be honest. But indeed, things are starting to look prosperous for the first time in quite a while.

        The thing that made me give it a 2/10 was just the fear that I felt during the GP. During the ‘killer years’, say 1970-1975, driver fatalities were common, arguably the chance of a driver getting killed in a GP in those days were higher than they were during the 2013 British GP. But the difference is that in 1970, a driver put his faith in his mechanics that they had delivered him a good car that wouldn’t break down at high speed. Last Sunday it became apparent that the tyres were not safe – but they still continued, knowing it was Russian roulette, as MW accurately points out.

        Of course, huge respect for the drivers and marshalls for just continuing with what they were supposed to do, but the FIA should have acted. It was agony to watch, which made me stop appreciating the racing at the end. Perhaps if I had recorded it and watched it back knowing no drivers were injured, it could have been quite entertaining. But anyway, that’s my reasoning.

  19. This gotta be the best race of the season so far:

    1. Mercedes are racing… such a great thing to see.
    2. Lewis’s fightback in the final stages. He will be my driver of the race weekend for me.
    3. Nail biting finish

  20. A really ******* up race, gave it a 7 because of the tire failures, first time i’m ****** off at Pirelli actually. The last 7 laps were incredible though, after the safety car got back in all the drivers were on their limits, nice race overall but Pirelli now has more pressure than ever to change their tires if they want to stay in the sport.

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