Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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314 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix”

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  1. 8/10 Wasn’t actually that bad of a race and was very exciting. However it was rather too tense at times when the blowouts were occurring.

  2. Voted 2.

    This isn’t what F1 is suppose to be about.

  3. Good race . exploding tires added the drama. Otherwise it would have been a procession.

    Oh wait conspiracy theory. Was this tire drama a total setup to improve the show and the ticket sales ;)

    Just kidding guys…. It was pretty dangerous driving conditions out there. Safety should be No 1 priority

  4. Piyush (@square-route)
    30th June 2013, 15:46

    8/10 …… coz i had my dose of fun,great overtakes n all ……… however nt by any means an ideal race …….
    Question — Had Alonso been hit by that scrap, would Pirelli have been criminally charged or something …… ????

    1. In Italy,? probably yes.

      1. but then Lotus and Ferrari stopped the introduction of New Tire Construction from Pirelli….. So…..

  5. Last laps prove that best racing comes when drivers can push how much they want, no need of crappy tyres to make it interesting

    1. If it wasn’t for the drivers in between Hamilton,Alonso and Webber, there would not have been a single overtake in the last ten laps. They had fresh crappy tyres, the others had worn crappy tyres. Makes no difference…

  6. It would have been a perfect 10 had it not been for the tyres …. 9 for me because of the fantastic last laps

  7. It was a great race but I will vote it 1 just because of the Pirelli tires. I am very frustrated with these tires :(

  8. I’m very conflicted.

    I saw some great racing today, not just the last 7 laps. There was drama outside of the tires as well, Alonso’s release, the Lotus battle, Webber and Alonso fighting back.

    At the same time, the tyre madness was concerning. Usually, I don’t worry about yellows, but at a track like Monaco I usually have a split-second of worry about my favourites. But today, after Massa’s tyre blew, I was worried for the safety of the drivers. I think the fatality claims are a little far-fetched, but I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with every yellow after Massa.

    Still, it’s a rate the race, and I think the race was great. The Pirelli debate will rage on, but the only thing that needs to change is safety. DRS zones need to be shorter and people need to stop booing Vettel.

    An 8, although I worry about the message that sends to Pirelli.

  9. Gave it an 8. The exploding tires and racing at the end made me feel like it was the 80’s again.

    Just wondering, the next time Pirelli comes up with the suggestion that tires should be changed to safer ones, how will the teams vote?

  10. Ron (@rcorporon)
    30th June 2013, 15:57

    Popped tires and what seemed like unending safety cars ruined what could have been the most exciting grand prix of the year.

    7/10 from me.

  11. If you’re a neutral, it had almost everything- even some unwanted bits with the tyres.
    Last 10 laps were gripping.
    8/10- despite obvious disappointment

    Keith, you should have 2 polls? One for rate the race and one for Rate the race (lap 1-40)!!! Bet it’s 2 wildly different results.

    Seb did everything right- had good fortune with Hamilton, then lost it all with bad luck himself… shame as I would’ve like him telling the Silverstone mob to go home!

    1. I think there should be a ‘rate the lap’ feature so we can rate each lap individually as we watch the race.

  12. “8” from me. Sad to see the strategy error from Lotus. Otherwise would have been “9” from me. Potential of Ros+Kimi+Webber+Alonso last lap fighting. Great to see Webber doing well in the race (not leading from start to finish. When we leave aside the safety concerns it was a great race!

    Do you still remember the time when F1 cars couldn’t overtake? Love this new era of F1 with Pirelli!!! Sad to see the tyre problems, hope they resolve it and we still have races like last 3-4 years!

  13. I gave it a 5. We must remember that those last few laps happened because of drivers being out of position due to tyre delaminations, which IMHO, should never have happened.

  14. There aren’t many races that I want to continue for just a few more laps, often the last ten or so are pretty boring. Not this one though, with a couple more laps I’m sure we would have had Webber in the lead and Hamilton into third.
    As it was the race was very entertaining in the mid-field in particular. Pirelli significantly infulenced the outcome of the race in a very unsatisfactory and unfortunate way.
    I’m also a bit critical of the ‘car recovery’ marshalls as well. When Vettel stopped pretty well in front of the pits we had the inevitable Safety Car and it seemed that those marshalls whose job it is to recovery the car were very slow off the mark. As I recall the Safety Car gathered the field and led them past Vettels RBR with no marshall activity there at all. That (second) safety car period lasted about two laps longer than it really needed to as a result.
    Still an excellent race; most enjoyable and I scored it an 8.

  15. Until the second safety car it was a 1, after that, straight up to 9. I don’t hate Vettel but it’s certainly exciting to see him out of the fight for once, and the safety car turned the last few laps into a desperate sprint for the likes of Raikkonen, Alonso, Hamilton and Webber.

    I think it’s pretty clear after this weekend that the tyre issue is no longer a debate between what works best with any given car – it’s an issue of track safety. Surely Pirelli have got to do something as soon as they can now. The argument that drivers should be avoiding the kerbs is totally invalid in my opinion, the tyres need to be able to do their job safely. Five tyre failures over the course of a race weekend isn’t acceptable.

  16. I have no sympathy for the drivers who suffered from exploding tyres.

    Firstly, it has been known that this was a potential problem since Sergio Perez suffered a blow-out in free practice. Pirelli investigated and found the problem originated from running over debris. And thanks to the contact st the start, the track was littered with debris.

    Secondly, Pirelli strongly recommended that the teams make adjustments to counter the problem. It is evident that most teams ignored them for the sake of faster lap times. Red Bull once ignored Pirelli’s recommendations for maximum camber settings at Spa, and then found blistering on the tyres that had the potential to compromise their structure, even after Pirelli told them it would happen.

    Finally – and most importantly – the kerbs are not and never were considered part of the circuit. They are a visual representation of the apex of the corner (which is increasingly important in the age of tarmac run-off areas), designed to help drivers position their car on the approach to the corner. They are also a tactile representation of the apex of the corner, designed with a different texture to the surface of the circuit to give drivers a feeling for where their car is positioned relative to the apex of the corner. But they are not part of the circuit itself. So if drivers are suffering tyre blow-outs because they abuse the kerbs and cut the surface of the tyre – especially after they have been told to avoid doing it – then they only have themselves to blame.

    1. @prisoner-monkeys Blaming the drivers for running over the kerbs is nonsense. They have been allowed to do so for years and even encouraged to by the progressive lowering and smoothing of the kerbs.

      1. They were specifically (and repeatedly) advised not to do it, and they did it anyway. They are not without blame.

    2. Where have you ever seen any racing take place on any circuit (including Silverstone) when every single car has avoided the kerbs because they’re “not considered part of the circuit?” Even after all the race engineers warned the drivers of the risks of tyre failure they all ignored them!! And rightly so – no racing driver would risk losing lap time by avoiding kerbs against a competitor who was gaining time using kerbs perfectly legally…

      1. If they knew if the risks and ignored them, then they have no right to complain when their tyres explode.

  17. It was a very polarising race from my perspective. The first half was ridiculous and almost unwatchable hoping that there wouldn’t be another blowout. On the other hand the last dozen laps or so saw the best racing of the whole season so far. Overall I gave it a 5/10.

  18. kinda surprised to see so many 9’s. yes the last few laps were epic and Mark should be DOTW. but really ? they should have red flagged the race when 3 delaminations occured.
    man i hope Alo retires from next race because of tyre issues and then we can have some real changes.

    A 1 from me.

    1. @mixwell I don’t think Ferrari and Lotus are going to continue their opposition of the new compounds. They prefer having all their drivers at the finish line.

  19. 3 points for Vettel retiring from the race. 2 points for the awesome drives put in by the drivers to overcome the tyre failures. 3 points for the wheel to wheel racing between the drivers at the latter end of the gp. And, 2 points for Rosberg’s and Webbers effort to come back up the field. 9 points overall.

  20. I gave it a 9.
    Enjoyed every minute of it to tell the truth. Hated seeing Webber duff the start again but was on the edge of my seat as he made his way towards the front and ultimately the podium. Nico drove strongly and was in the right place at the right time to capitalise on others misfortunes. He then held it together to win in style. I’m not a Hamilton fan but enjoyed his chase from last. The tyre thing was disappointing and seemed a bit of a lottery. It did however make for a thrilling race although unintentionally. Even Damon’s podium interview was above average for a podium interview.
    Can’t believe I’m saying it but I reckon DOD was Lewis.

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