Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

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2013 British Grand Prix

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Image ?? Lotus/LAT

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314 comments on Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

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  1. Gabriel (@naylamp) said on 30th June 2013, 15:14

    ~10 laps of great racing – 8
    ~42 laps of tyre debacle – 2
    weighted mean ~ 3

  2. I’ve never had more mixed feeling about a GP.

    First of all, we’ve had an amazing finish and probably the best last 7 laps this season, I can agree with that. However, it was all due to a timely safety car and it can be strongly related to some people nailing the strategy for the last stop (Alonso, Webber) and others making a mess out of it (Raikkonen). Yes, Rosberg, Webber and Alonso deserve all the credit for driving their hearts out and so do Massa and Hamilton, but let’s face it, it was still somewhat-artificial. It wasn’t sheer racing that brought us this ending, it was a just a decent finale determined by an alltogether chaotic race.

    This makes up for 2 points out of the final rating in my book. And on top of that I’m going to give it another 2: 0.5 for the start (particulary Massa’s start), 0.5 for the sustained clinches between Di Resta and Hamilton, which were brilliant to watch, 0.5 for the recovery races we’ve seen all around (Webber, Massa, Hamilton) and 0.5 for the WCC outcome. So 4 overall.

    Apart from what I wrote about right above, I can’t find many positives in this joke of a race in which we had no indication whatsoever about anyone’s real pace (again, but for all the different reasons), in which the tyres ruined way too many potential outcomes and which was downright dangerous even by Touring or NASCAR standards.

    This wasn’t a brilliant movie alltogether. It was a mediocre comedy, but with the ending we all wanted to see. Just like 5 decent minutes out of a 2 hour long movie don’t make it a good one, 7 laps out of 52 don’t make this a good race.

  3. Kim Philby (@philby) said on 30th June 2013, 15:15

    The race itself I would give it an 8
    From that 8 retract 4 points for each of the delaminations that gives us a mere 4…
    Yet, I still gave it a 10, a Vettel retirement suffices for that.

  4. Tomsk (@tomsk) said on 30th June 2013, 15:16

    Good to see these cars being raced for once, but the last safety car went on too long, and looked like a false NASCAR move to create a close finish.

    Not pleasant to see drivers (and fans?) being showered with bits of rubber and metal belts. Or fighting for control of their 3-wheeled cars. But nobody died, and spare a thought for the family of the Lamborghini GT racer who lost his life this morning.

  5. Breno (@austus) said on 30th June 2013, 15:16

    It was a good race if you ignore the punctures. Brilliant driving after the last SC too.

  6. caci99 (@caci99) said on 30th June 2013, 15:17

    It’s the first time I’ve been harsh, but today was not a race. Never been a fan ot these tires, since last year, but today was really too much. Rated the race a 3. In a day when we saw great drives and battles from many drivers, but to be vanished by the ridiculous situotian with tires. Such a shame.

  7. tvm (@) said on 30th June 2013, 15:17

    Nikki Lauda on RTL

    Doesn’t want to hear the rubbish about kerbs, all tracks has kerbs, its rubbish.

    Can hardly follow him, speaks fast and quite a bit ****** it would seem.

  8. Colossal Squid (@colossal-squid) said on 30th June 2013, 15:18

    9. A fantastic, dramatic race that was due to, and also almost paradoxically marred by the dangerous tyre issues throughout the Grand Prix. It was enthralling to watch but I can say honestly I hope such a race is never repeated, there are only so many catastrophic tyre failures that F1 can have before someone is injured or worse.

  9. EstF1 (@estf1) said on 30th June 2013, 15:20

    Rated 9, would’ve been 10 if Lotus hadn’t messe their tactics up again. Kimi must be going to Red Bull next year.

  10. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 30th June 2013, 15:21

    6. Great fighting but the failures were ludicrous.
    Great drives from Hamilton, Webber, Massa. Lucky win for Rosberg, but he was there to take it, so good drive from him too.

  11. Hatebreeder (@hatebreeder) said on 30th June 2013, 15:22

    5. Perfectly good race ruined by tyres.

  12. What a tragic GP. I though there was going to be a riot after Lewis got that puncture. I can’t understand why the race direction chose to release that last sc, I think it was pretty unfair but It helped the show a bit, even if that left was only 5 laps to the end of the race.
    Punctures and sc blew the race for me just not a fan of “lucky racing” 5/10
    The championship is on life support but at least it ain’t dead yet.

  13. Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 30th June 2013, 15:23

    The racing wasn’t actually bad, the last few laps were great. The second DRS zone was too much. I said last year that the DRS on Wellington straight was almost perfect, there was no need to put another zone.

    I don’t think we can overlook the problem with the tyres. 5 punctures are not acceptable. It’s embarassing for the sport. Terrible, terrible day for Formula 1.

  14. Ryan (@ryanisjones) said on 30th June 2013, 15:24

    Would have given this race a 9. It had everything you could want really, and the overtakes were immense. However all the Pirelli drama and Vettel getting a DNF has forced me to reconsider. I gave it a 10.

  15. Gave it a solid 9. Sure the tyre issues were farcical but had a solid finish in the last 8 laps. Alonso is the Driver of the weekend for me, but I think Webber could be contesting him too. Great race towards the end, good drama, overall a deserving 9. Shame about Kimi and Vettel though. They both drove bravely.

    • Rockie said on 30th June 2013, 21:47

      What a joke Alonso was hopeless in the race and was lucky to have benefited from the SC driver of the weekend with Massa out performing him only a blow out for Massa spared Alonsos blushes this weekend

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