Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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314 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix”

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  1. Even in this fairly safe era of Formula 1 the drivers put their life on the line every time they get in the car. It is a calculated risk based on many factors of which tires are normally one of the factors. Today we witnessed something beyond the usual accepted risk for tires and yet the race continued anyway. It is not without the realm of possibility that a death or serious injury could have taken place. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see the race red flagged for safety reasons, but it continued and there were more as yet unexplained tire explosions. For a sport to have made such huge strides in safety over the years, this would seem to be unacceptable. Formula 1 as a sport and all the drivers were lucky today that nobody was killed or injured. Is that how we wish to proceed? Luck?

    I thought the racing today was quite good, everything considered. Many good stories with drivers coming back after adversity. Hamilton or Vettel may have won without their respective issues. I’m rating this race a 5 only because F1 escaped without hurting anyone. I would rate it a zero, but the drivers who continued to compete under these conditions deserve recognition for doing their job. Now, let Pirelli, the teams, the FIA and Formula 1 do their job and fix this problem before somebody does get hurt. Injury and death do not appeal to real racing fans. There is already too much of that in everyday life. F1 should be fun.

    (stepping off the soapbox now)

    1. Formula 1 as a sport and all the drivers were lucky today that nobody was killed or injured. Is that how we wish to proceed? Luck?

      That’s basically how it worked from 1950 to 1994. Of course, we don’t want to go back to that.

      1. So true.

  2. A 9 for me but I’m confilicted about giving it because of the tyres flying off. We really need new ones.

  3. This race would have been quite exciting in its own right with several drivers having to recoup placings. Webber was doing well, Di Resta moving nicely up the listings and tyre stops, strategies and fuel loads would have made a great race. The tyre situation during the early stages almost ruined the British GP. No doubt. Top drivers suffering sudden blowouts, safety cars slowing down the pack and causing bunching. All put the drivers on edge, and messages from the wall didn’t help.
    I may be wrong on this next point, please feel free to correct politely.
    With Goodyear when a tyre picked up a puncture, or started to de laminate, the tyre just deflated then began to shred during the slow in lap. The only time I remember seeing one actually explode was Mansell in Australia, costing him the world championship that year. I think Pirelli have a serious problem with the bonding compound. If a tyre shreds in seconds when it gets a small cut or nick it is potentially lethal.

  4. Another DNF from Vettel would be great, as the Merc resolves it’s race pace.

    1. F1fanNL (@)
      30th June 2013, 16:42


      Yeah, that’s the only way the others can even have a chance of winning the title. That says it all really.

  5. F1fanNL (@)
    30th June 2013, 16:41

    It was dissappointing to see the British ‘fans’ reduce themselves to soccer fans in terms of sportsmanship. It seems the only thing these ‘fans’ are capable of now is cheering when a competitor fails.

    It was terrible to see 4 tyres blow up on different parts of the track

    It was typical to see Vettel lose yet another victory through no fault of his own with Alonso taking full advantage of it. I was rather surprised though in how Alonso admitted he was extremely lucky today. None of his usual “I drove 120%” bullcrap.

    As for the last and so called ‘redeeming’ part of the race, I don’t enjoy seeing guys on completely fresh tyres overtaking others on old tyres… Those are simple drive-by’s. I most definitely won’t call that amazing driving. Webber and Alonso wouldn’t have been close to the podium without the 2 SC’s. But if that’s what the rest of the so called fans want then who am I to judge…

    A well deserved 1 for this ridiculous lotery.

    1. I’m biased of course but it was disappointing that fans in the UK are so keen to cheers when a foreigner retires rather than cheers for their guys getting good results… but Seb is champion because unlike us, he just ignores it and wins the next one- it’s probably the biggest compliment- they boo him because they know he’s the best and when he’s out it gives everyone else a chance

  6. Pretty standard race for the most part 5/10,

    The last 10 laps and SC was 8/10.

  7. It’s a shame most here can only enjoy f1 if it’s turned into a lottery.

    I actually enjoyed it quite a lot before Vettel retired. Not because Vettel was winning (because Rosberg was just 2 seconds behind) but because Sutil was in a good spot. Ricciardo was having a tremendous race and the fighting was even and fair. Then Vettel dropped away and caused a SC, some responded and some didn’t and the last 7 laps were with a couple of cars in an entirely different league as opposed to the rest.

    8 for the first part of the race, 1 for the last part of the race. 4.5 average. -1 for the tyres = 3.5 so 4 for me.

    1. Ryan (@ryanisjones)
      30th June 2013, 23:04

      It’s a shame most here can only enjoy f1 if it’s turned into a lottery. […] I actually enjoyed it quite a lot before Vettel retired.

      It had turned into a lottery from the point Lewis got a de-lamination on lap 8 (the unfair reason Vettel was winning in the first place). Vettel retired on lap 42 and his retirement had nothing to do with the tyres. Thus if you enjoyed the race up to Vettel’s retirement, it meant you enjoyed the race whilst it was a “lottery” and stopped enjoying it when Vettel wasn’t winning. It’s cool to be a Vettel supporter, but a 1 for the last part of the race? Are you joking? Alonso and Webber’s charge plus Hamilton vs Di Resta? That is some extreme Vettel bias you got going on there.

      1. How was Webber and Alonso charge interesting, apart of seeing if they can catch Rosberg. There was not contest from the cars they were passing.

  8. 10/10. fantastic racing right through, wheel to wheel action and added drama from the tyres. Brilliant stuff

  9. I think people who are just thoughtlessly shouting that tires must be changed ASAP don’t actually realize that what we saw today was in fact a result of changing tires without properly testing them first. If Pirelli had 3 day test with all 12 teams in the warm temperatures, they would have discovered this thing in the test, after running pretty much just couple of dozen of laps. And if this kind of thing wouldn’t appear in testing, that would mean that teams are intentionally going over the border with the way they are setting up their tires for quali and race.

  10. 2013 season is becoming a mess…tyres…politics…

    I’m a fan since 1974 and this year is one of the worst seasons…

  11. Kostas K. (@charlie2alpha)
    30th June 2013, 17:25

    4 dangerous tyre failures, all because of the stupidity of certain teams and people. That was NOT funny. 5, and that’s a lot.

  12. F1 in its current form is a disgrace. It’s not about “the show” anymore, it’s a bout safety. Tyres blowing at over 250km/h it’s just wrong and dangerous for the one driving the car and for the ones behind him.

  13. When four cars tyres exploding makes a race exciting there is a problem – as in that was most exciting element and that should have got it red-flagged as it was random, stupidly dangerous and nothing do with racing. I gave it a six because there was some good racing but it was too overshadowed by the exploding tyres which I guess are “exciting” from one sense are not why I watch F1, if I needed that sort of “excitement” I’d watch people smashing into each other on ovals in NASCAR for no reason……

  14. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
    30th June 2013, 17:42

    Thought it was funny that the British fans cheered when Vettel broke down.

    Great win Rosberg, looks like Mercedes have sorted out their tyre troubles and could challenge for the championship. Great drives by Webber (pretty tense last few laps), Hamilton and Alonso, oh and Riccardo.

    If I were Paul Hembrey during that GP I would have been looking for the back exit.

    1. British sportsmanship – a contradiction in terms.

    2. “Thought it was funny that the British fans cheered when Vettel broke down.”
      I don’t understand why it is funny … Rather depressing and disappointing.

      1. The same way the Spanish fans boo Hamilton, and some of the British boo Alonso? The British are more sympathetic to Webber. A shame he didn’t win today.

  15. I’m going to have to give it a ‘4’, not because I disliked the result, or because my favourite driver retired… but because I cannot justify rating any race that had such safety concerns highly.

    Sure, we had some good racing. The last few laps were amazing, but I can’t let that override the immense safety concerns re the tyres. We could have had a nasty accident today, thankfully we didn’t, but I don’t see that as a reason to rate the race highly.

    As a fan I don’t want to spend most of the race concerned about the drivers’ safety, and that is why I cannot give it anything higher than a ‘4’, regardless of the last few laps.

  16. Despite the issues with the tyres, the race today featured some of the best racing all season. The racing in-between the safety car intervals was pretty intense, especially at the end with Mark Webber “It’s gonna happen”. I’m sure almost every F1 fan wanted to see Mark Webber win today, I personally did.

    I also rated the race highly because of the quick and impressive reactions we saw in response to the tyre blowouts, especially to Kimi and Fernando for keeping level heads and focused on the race, despite major incidents unfolding in front of them.

    Finally, I think it’s also worth applauding the marshals today who worked extremely hard clearing the debris and keeping the race safe for the drivers, spectators and their colleagues too.

  17. Given the way people are rating this race, I predict that Pirelli will be tasked by the FIA with making tyes which explode more often from now on.

  18. Started with 5 points
    -4 for the exploding tyres
    +1 for Vettel retiring
    +3 for the overtaking
    So I’m ledt with 5 points, but (and a great big but this one) when do the exploding tyres become a safety issue?
    We could easily be sitting here this evening mourning a race driver due to tyre failure.
    Are we going to see the field pull into the pits after the warm-up lap because the teams decide that it is too dangerous to race?
    For what is supposed to be the pinnacle of motoring technology the situation has became silly and Pirelli are rapidly becoming a laughing stock.

  19. This is not racing as it should be. DRS and inferior exploding tyres are not what I am looking for in grand prix racing. If F1 continues like this, I wont be following it for much longer.

  20. jim (@jimvettel)
    30th June 2013, 18:17

    Unfortunate the best driver on the grid had a gearbox issue. Handed it on a plate to the other drivers. As regards the tyres, Next thing you will see is f1 cars with a spare tyres on the back with a toolbox. F1 is one step away from turning into the WRC or Dakar rally. Perhaps the cars should have tracks just like a tank.

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