Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix

2013 British Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Silverstone, 2013

What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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2013 British Grand Prix

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314 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 British Grand Prix”

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  1. I gave it a 9 for the sheer excitement it produced. I know the tyres exploding was a very dangerous thing for the drivers and at one point I thought the race would be red flagged or even abandoned.

    However nothing can take away from the fact that there were plenty of over taking moves (some of them sheer brilliant) and the great recovery drives by Hamilton, Massa, Webber, Di Riesta.

  2. I’d give the DRIVERS a 10 for this race, and Pirelli a giant *ZERO* for it. So an average of ‘5’.

    Wait, is that why Pirelli has their “P Zero” tires? LOL

  3. David not Coulthard (@)
    30th June 2013, 19:10

    6/10. Yes, delaminations, I suppose, for obvious reasons.

    I loved the closing stages, though, I mean anything after the last safety car, and , being a Vettel fan, not including Vetttel’s retirement.

    I think the race was a combination between last year’s Valencia and Marina Bay Grands Prix. Lewis gave his lead to Vettel by falling from the lead (albeit not retiring this time around), and Vettel then retired. The winner, though, was not Alonso, it was a Tyrrell-driving Rosberg.

    As a small note, The end of the race was similar to when Lewis’ tyres failed in that a Tyrrell was in 1st place, with a Stewart 2nd.

    But still…..tyres.

  4. After attending my thirtieth British GP. I’ve given this one a nine. It probably ranks amongst the top five of those races.
    The race was made more interesting by the whole tyre scenario, by the Safety Car interventions, Vettels retirement, and the two hard charging drives of Hamilton and Webber. Plus credit to Sutil for a decent drive for 3/4 of the race. Much of which saw himbeing tailed by two former Chapions in Alonso and the Ice Man.

  5. Voted 9 but… A BIG BUT, the Tyres must be sorted out… NOW!!!

  6. I can’t call what I watched this afternoon, a race. I’m sorry, as exciting and as interesting as it all was, It was too tesnse for me, knowing the danger round every corner. The only fatal footage I have ever seen of a sports man/woman is Senna’s crash, as it was in the film, I hope to never see a live fatal accident. Today was too close to one if you ask me. I canot blame the Kerbs as they were there last year and as far as i can tell, have not changed. Thank you pirelli for ruining what was set to be a titanic British Gran Prix. It gets a 1 from me.

  7. rate the race? this wan no race. this was a contest not to blow your tires up.
    I give 1 point for this. pathetic British GP

  8. p.s. and I will never buy Pirelli tires for my car.

  9. It’s very easy for kneejerk reactions to races like this. So I had a proper think through before I voted this race a 7.
    Good moments included Hamilton on pole for his home GP, close racing throughout the race, and a finish that meshed together great defensive driving and overtakes both DRS and non-DRS.

    Bad moments included the inevitability of bad press following Massa’s tyre issue (1 car people can tend to pass off, 2 or more like today and it gets tricky), the crowd’s incredibly loud cheer when Vettel broke down (I’m not a fan of any driver inparticular, but to cheer at another person’s misfortune seems a bit harsh) and the potential problems that F1 will face now with tyres. As both Hamilton and Button have said, the evidence is staring them in the face. I just hope the teams (And Pirelli and the FIA) can find a solution which benefits all parties…

  10. Another tainted win for the cheaters, with confirmation that their illegal test clearly solved their tire woes. On top of that the continued tire explosions, poor sportsmanship of the fans in the stands chearing Vettel’s retirement. The only bright spot was Webber recovering to take 2nd after one of his worst starts ever. I give it a 3.

  11. Why all those 9 and 10s ? I’m 100% sure that those who gave the race more than 6 started watching F1 two or three years ago, no way this race was good by any means. The tyres disintegrating dangerously, deserving leaders retired (Vettel) or got issues with tyres (Lewis), SCs were the only source of entertainment. It is a sad statement of the actual status of f1. Even the Merc testgate repercusions have brought a sensation of discomfort when you watch the final result, knowing those two Mercedes shouldn’t be there if they have followed the other teams ethic (RBR or Ferrari are not saints but at least they don’t break the rules so blatantly and/or can’t get away like that when caught). Not sure if this is the worst place F1 have been since the 90s, but it is up there with the 2005 USA Michelin fiasco (specially now with the upgrades Mercedes unfairly got) or “Stepneygate” , I mean everything is so artificial now that is almost impossible to recognize the so called pinnacle of motorsport anymore. At this pace of stupidity and for the rates people are giving to this race, we should expect Bernie’s sprinklers system making its way through the regulations in future years and F1 new lottery system of “guess who got the explosive tire this race”.

    1. Next to the constant insulting of Vettel, what’s the deal with the constant insulting of the people who enjoy a race by those who didn’t enjoy it?

    2. You are 100% wrong then.

  12. 9/10, UNBELIVABLE sprint at the end by Alonso, Rosberg, Hamilton, Webber. The delamination on everybody made me go nervous if it was going to happen on other cars, you never know. Remember Massa’s incident in 2009 where part of Barrichello’s car came off and hit him??? Who knows I don’t want to be behind a car at 190mph and then rubber comes right in my face. What if I am blinded by that??? Kimi’s “near accident” was nearly as his fuel in Brazil 2009, where he got hit with fuel in his eyes with the visor open.
    Overall, I loved how the top 4 did sprint laps at the end… And the battle between Di Resta and Lewis

  13. I gave it a 10, for one main reason: unpredictability.

    Imagine if you will, that the tires were indestructable and everyone was able to make it on one stop. Everyone would have strung out throughout the race and the only thing of any interest would have been Vettel’s gearbox going out.

    But with the drivers puncturing their tires on the curbs, there was no point in the race where any position was safe.

    It was a throwback to the races of the 80’s and 90’s when cars weren’t nearly as reliable as now, and any car had the potential to break at any time.

    Most of the field managed to not damage their tires, so I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Pirelli here. We all know the teams are already going to the edge on their own, and this time some of them went too far over the edge.

  14. 4.

    This is a mess. Not a race.

    Although the battle towards the end is good, I can’t rate this any higher than 5. And the fans’ reaction to Vettel’s retirement makes it -1.

  15. Very very exciting – 10!
    Though it probably should have been red flaged for obvious reasons.

  16. Massa’s tyre blew up!
    I wonder what’s Ferrari’s position on improving the tyres now.

  17. Nobody commenting on Lotus’s “team orders?”. Yep, I got the sarcasm in the radio message to Grossjean: “Kimi is faster than you”, but still it sounded like a TO to me.

    1. I think everyone had different worries before and after that message and let’s face it; Grosjean isn’t F1’s most popular driver, while Kimi is probably top 5 material as far as favorites go.

    2. Nobody cares about team orders when it’s not for the lead.

      1. Nobody cares about team orders when it’s not for the lead.

        Or when the team color is not red

        1. I’m amazed anyone is trying to make that case after Malaysia.

          1. At season’s end we’ll see if the F1F mugs mention team orders

          2. You mean these? They’re still available if you want one.

  18. I don’t think the race would be so good without (tyres + gearbox)..
    but.. a lot of overtake + thrilling finale: 8

  19. Vettel didn’t finish? 10.

  20. In all honesty I have never been so ashamed to be British. Today at Silverstone, the amount of boos aimed at Vettel for inheriting a lead through no fault of his own were awful, and this was not the first time this weekend it happened. Whenever he was just shown on the screens the crowd started to act like ignorant children. The amount of cheers when his gearbox failed almost made me want to leave. I understand the British public may not like Vettel, but it is incredibly unsporting & immature to boo a driver. I’m just glad Vettel is grown up enough, unlike the crowd, to be able to laugh at himself: asking the crowd to boo for him at the after race show so he could video it on his phone.

    After today I am seriously put off ever going back to Silverstone; I’d rather go anywhere else. Shame as I always thought of it as a great British day to take pride in.

    1. Yeah, the low quality of F1 fans (if that’s what they deserve to be called – I have my doubts on that score) is one of the biggest shortcomings to this sport.

      1. There are Facebook pages that were celebrating Vettel’s DNF as if it was a Mars landing and people commenting on those posts with statements regarding Vettel’s health I’m not going to repeat here.

        I’ve said before that Vettel inherited the hatred people had for Schumacher; but back then not as many people managed to make fools out of themselves in front of the entire world..

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