F1 cars will be “two to three seconds slower” in 2014

2014 F1 season

Sergio Perez, McLaren, Silverstone, 2013FIA race director Charlie Whiting expects F1 cars to lap more slowly next year despite having slightly more power.

“I think lap times will probably be two to three seconds slower than they are currently,” Whiting told the JA on F1 podcast.

Formula One engines will be downsized from the current V8 units next year: “We’ve got the new power train coming: a 1.6-litre V6 with all sorts of energy saving and energy converting devices which will, I think, bring the power to a little over what we have right now.”

“But it’s very, very complex and the torque management will be very complicated.”

“I think the efficiency is the key thing,” he added. “Just to be absolutely clear, though, you won’t see cars running out of fuel because there’s no limit on the amount of fuel a team can put in the car. There’s a limit to how much they can use during the race.”

“There are significant changes to the wing designs in order to reduce the drag,” said Whiting. “The drag is the thing that had to be reduced to make the fuel consumption work and as you know the cornerstone for this new power unit is only using 100 kilos of fuel for the race.”

“And there’s also a fuel flow limit which will be verified and check by the FIA fuel flow meter which all cars will fit inside their fuel tanks.”

Whiting also pointed out that the new penalty points system being introduced next year could mean drivers facing race bans in one season due to infractions committed the previous year:

“Drivers will be awarded points, or penalised, depending on the severity of the incident. The table we have at the moment drivers are given one, two or three points depending on the severity of the incident concerned. If they accumulate 12 points in a 12-month period they will lose their licence for one race. And this will be a 12-month period so if you get three points in June, say, they will last until the following June, then they’ll come off your licence.”

2014 F1 season

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149 comments on F1 cars will be “two to three seconds slower” in 2014

  1. Hairs (@hairs) said on 3rd July 2013, 20:25

    My understanding is that McLaren are taking this as a personal challenge, and aim to beat the 2-3 second reduction target by at least a second, year-on-year.

    Their hope is that by the time the stupid decision to switch engine suppliers one year into a new formula pans out, they’ll be 6-7 seconds off the pace.

  2. LJ said on 4th July 2013, 0:29

    I’m personally expecting race pace to be similar because of fuel efficiency leading to less fuel weight, although I bet quali pace will be slower on most tracks. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the new cars would be faster around tracks like Monaco, Singapore and Hungary.

    I do wonder if we are going to return to another era of engine failures before the regulations get locked down again. It just may be that this stops drivers like Vettel from just winning race after race with very few failures.

  3. stert said on 4th July 2013, 2:46

    so f1 is now greener than a carbon lie. so why no talk of hydrogen fuel cell , because never give a sucker a break. what has happened to f1 I’ll tell you money money money, bugger the racing greed greed greed. thank God for btcc an moto gp

  4. McBride (@mcbride) said on 4th July 2013, 4:13

    The fuel thing is interesting and all but, seriously *** in regards to the demerit points carrying over into the next season… Thats ridiculous… I get that they don’t want drivers to be reckless at the end of the season if they had point sto spare and all but the system is silly and should have been thought out better.

    Crazy thought: what if the number of demerits that a driver has at the end of the season is subtracted from his/her championship points? or number of demerit points at last race = # of places received as a grid penalty at last race? both ideas sound crazy, but not more crazy than having penalties carry over between seasons…

    What happens if a driver switches teams? I could see a situation where a driver gets passed over by a major team because they would be excluded from the first race of the season…

    They sure like to complicate the simple things and over simplify the critical things…

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th July 2013, 8:23


      What if the number of demerits that a driver has at the end of the season is subtracted from his/her championship points?

      I don’t think you could make that work in a fair way because the value of a point can vary from driver to driver. A one-point penalty might make no difference to Vettel or Alonso at the end of the year but could move a midfield driver up or down one or more places in the championship.

      And of course it would open up the possibility of drivers having negative points scores, which might be undesirable.

      I could see a situation where a driver gets passed over by a major team because they would be excluded from the first race of the season.

      Well then they shouldn’t break the rules. It is supposed to be a disincentive, after all.

      • McBride (@mcbride) said on 5th July 2013, 14:43

        @keithcollantine – Yeah I hear ya that they shouldn’t break the rules. I suppose that I’d be far more in agreement with that line of thinking if the stewards were just a bit more consistent. They’ve certainly been better in recent years, but I feel that they have a ways to go yet…

  5. Dave (@dworsley) said on 4th July 2013, 10:02

    I am surprised if the cars are just 2s slower than currently. I have expected them to be at least 3 seconds slower. Looking forward to seeing the highest top speeds in almost a decade and I hope they will keep the regs fairly stable after 2014 so we can claw back the cornering/braking deficit soon.

  6. Can anyone say to Mr. Newey that the car are already very, very ugly and they can’t get uglier?

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