Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Silverstone, 2013

Horner wary of threat from Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Silverstone, 2013In the round-up: Red Bull team principal is not underestimating the threat from Mercedes who have moved up to second in the championship.


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Horner: Merc contenders now (Sky)

“They’re a good team, they’ve got a quick car, they’ve got good drivers. They’re for sure going to be a contender between now and the end of the year, as are Ferrari, as are Lotus.”

Q&A with Mercedes? Toto Wolff (F1)

“Silverstone just was [a good race for Mercedes], despite not being a typical English Sunday afternoon, and I am looking forward to a typical Eifel weekend in Germany. Beyond that Spa is our next best bet.”

Mercedes improvement linked to illegal test, say rivals (ESPN)

Eric Boullier: “Two wins out of the three races after they tested, so the conclusion is easy. It is just facts. Two races won out of the three.”

Domenicali says Ferrari not fooled by Formula One podium finish (AutoWeek)

“We need to understand in these two or three days at home why, because there is something, I would say, bigger than little details that caused us not to be as we normally are here in Silverstone, better in terms of pace, and better at qualifying, everything.”

FIA to send observers to F1 test (Autosport)

“These observers will check the running programmes of every team to ensure any car development work is only done by the ‘young’ drivers who will still be present at the test.”

Teams pulling together, for now (The Telegraph)

“It is expected that the latest Concorde Agreement, the commercial pact which binds the sport together, will be signed off this week after years of haggling. Do not bet on it. The spirit of cooperation seen yesterday is unlikely to last for long.”

Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, Silverstone, 2013Esteban Gutierrez word of advice for future athletes (Esteban Gutierrez)

“You have to be open to face each and every challenge you find, from making contacts, closing agreements that will help fund your career, keep close to your surroundings, including family, get your gear, make good races, have a good relationship with your rivals, know how to lose and win gracefully, control your emotions, keep your head cool.”

From the archive, 2 July 1903: The Gordon Bennett motor race in Ireland (The Guardian)

“By the terms under which the Gordon-Bennett Cup race is held every part of the competing cars has to be made in the country which they represent. Now the tyres they have had made in Germany for the Mercedes cars have hardly proved satisfactory. This occasionally happens with the best of makes, as cyclists know well.”

Vettel the villain (MotorSport)

“The cheers and jeers of the British crowd upon his retirement at Silverstone were wholly inappropriate.”

Lap it up! (The Sun)

It’s encouraging to see many responses to this article criticise its stance that the potentially dangerous tyre failures seen in Sunday’s race were good for Formula One. Particularly in the light of the recent deaths of Allen Simonsen and Andrea Mame in other racing categories.


Comment of the day

@CapeFear takes issue with Paul Hembery’s statement yesterday:

“What happened at Silverstone was completely unexpected and it was the first time that anything like this has ever occurred in more than a century of Pirelli in motorsport,” said motorsport director Paul Hembery.

Oh really, Paul?

Nine Pirelli failures in a Ferrari race, all left-rear failures too. I went to that race and it was a joke of a race, I got my money back! I guess these sharp kerbs seem to come around when convenient.

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On this day in F1

Alain Prost won his home race 25 years ago today after springing a brilliant pass on McLaren team mate Ayrton Senna in the Beausset double right-hander at Paul Ricard in the French Grand Prix.

Behind the fifth McLaren one-two in seven races Michele Alboreto finished a distant third for Ferrari, almost a minute behind.

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