Pirelli hard tyre, Silverstone, 2013

FIA imposes limits on tyre use to prevent punctures

2013 German Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pirelli hard tyre, Silverstone, 2013The FIA has instructed team to obey limits on tyre pressure and camber angle throughout the German Grand Prix weekend.

It has also ordered teams not to swap the tyres between different sides of the car. The restrictions have been imposed following a request by Pirelli.

Pirelli had requested teams be restricted in how they use the tyres to prevent a repeat of the spate of tyre explosions seen during the British Grand Prix weekend.

The FIA has imposed minimum starting front and rear tyre pressures of 16psi and minimum running pressures of 20psi for front tyres and 19psi for rears. Maximum camber angles of four degrees at the front and 2.5 degrees at the rear have also been stipulated.

“Front and rear tyres must be used on the side of the car for which they were originally designated (no swapping from side-to-side),” an FIA statement added.

“It will be the responsibility of each team to satisfy the FIA technical delegate that their cars comply with the following requirements at all times.”

2013 German Grand Prix

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